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Starry is punished for playing around.

If I win, I get to whip your naked ass right there on that table. Once for the game and once for each ball on the table. What do you think, Honey, you ready to get your ass whipped?"

Honey stood and looked at Jacqui for a while and then said, "Two hundred and you're on."

Jacqui laughed. "OK, we double the bet - two hundred against two swats. Rack 'em."

I doubt that any game of billiards in any tournament, anywhere in the world, for any amount of money, had ever held the attention of the audience like that game. Honey broke and sank three solids. Jacqui sank two stripes, but left Honey a really bad shot. She managed to get one, but couldn't set for another. Jacqui then sank four in a row, but blew the fifth for no apparent reason. Honey easily sank her fifth and sixth balls and tried to line up on her last ball when it became apparent that Jacqui's mistake had actually saved her the game. Honey couldn't get a decent shot because she was blocked by Jacqui's ball. She made a great attempt with a three bank, come from behind shot, but the ball just didn't fall. Jacqui popped both remaining stripes and lined up on the 8 ball.

"You ready to get your ass whipped, Honey?" she asked as she dropped the 8 in a side pocket.

Honey was totally wide-eyed and gasping for breath. Evidently it hadn't occurred to her that she might lose. She never had before.

"You're not going to go south on your bet are you, Honey?"

"Another game," stammered Honey. "We shoot another game. House rules are that all bets ride to the next game as long as you keep playing."

"Hmm, what do you think guys?" She paused and watched Honey gasping for breath, "Those are the house rules... But this was a special game, so I could claim the house rues don't apply."

Honey groaned. Jacqui continued, "But I'll agree to abide by the house rules for the game if she will. If Honey antes up in the cup, I will accept her challenge. But we double the bet again - four hundred per ball against four swats. And, Honey, in case you didn't notice, the ante is one hundred."

"I don't have that kind of money on me," whined Honey.

Jacqui smiled, or was it a leer, and replied, "That's OK. I'll give you one hundred dollars credit for those lace panties. Just drop them in the cup and we're ready to rack."

Honey hesitated and looked around like a trapped bunny rabbit in a den of wolves. "It's either that," continued Jacqui, "or drop you drawers and lean over the table for four swats with that fancy leather paddle of yours."

Almost crying, Honey reached down and removed her panties and put them in the trophy.

To say that we were even more glued to this game would be the greatest understatement of all time. Even showing her ass to the whole room every time she shot, Honey was still a much better player than Jacqui. Honey never seemed to make a mistake while Jacqui made error after error. Somehow, however, Jacqui's blown shots always seemed to end up just in the wrong place for Honey to make the most of her next shot.

It looked like Honey had it with two of Jacqui's balls still on the table, but once again, both of Jacqui's balls were in just the wrong spot and Honey couldn't sink the 8. That made it Jacqui's turn. Both of her shots were really weak, but the balls just managed to go down. She left herself a terrible final shot. The cue was slightly in the side pocket and it would take at least one bank to sink the 8. Somehow she did it, though, and the 8 ball wobbled slowly into the corner pocket."

Honey just stood at the end of the table with her mouth open. "That's four more swats you've got coming, Honey, unless you want to ante up for another game."

"What would I have to ante with?" asked Honey.

"Your clothing - all of it. Play naked or pay the bet. Your choice."

"A thousand," whispered Honey.

"Ten swats," replied Jacqui.

Honey didn't say anything, but slipped her blouse over he

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