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Two aging lovers coping with the inevitable.

However, she had walked in on Drew hooking up with another girl, and was more annoyed with everyone than I was.

"Come on J, lets leave! This is so whack, I don't want to be here anymore can we please leave?" Begged my cousin Rebecca as I found myself finally realizing the buzz that had come over me. I had around 8 beers and a couple of shots and was feeling alright. I probably wouldn't be able to drive.

"I can't Rebecca, I've been dr-dr-drinking," was all I managed to stutter out, obviously impaired.

"Fine, I'll drive us home, I'm sober," was Rebecca's reply. I reluctantly handed her the keys, knowing too well all my friends would give me shit for letting a girl drive my precious truck. It was a charcoal colored F-150 with large tires, I had the truck raised up a little with a nice sound system I always played the latest country music on. My buddies always tried to drive it, but to no avail. Letting Rebecca drive was embarrassing not only to me, but to my jealous buddies as well.

Leaving the party was a challenge as I frantically searched for a girl I wanted to beg to come home with me, to my surprise none of them were what I wanted. They all had baggage and I wasn't ready to deal with any of it tonight, I just wanted a fuck. The alcohol had obviously hit me as I was becoming loud and a little horny as we left the party. The rain was still going when we walked down the driveway.

As I watched Rebecca climb in the truck I couldn't help but notice how awesome her long legs and tight ass looked as she stretched to get in, now I knew I was drunk. Checking out my own cousin's ass, I was grossed out (but still curious as to what that ass looked like out of her jeans).

We headed back home, both of us complaining about our nights. It was still early, but there weren't any other parties going on besides Drew's (and we both certainly didn't want to be there). We talked about continuing to drink back at home, but realized since we had company our parents would probably still be awake drinking themselves. We decided to park out in the woods on my ranch and finish off the Jack Daniels I had saved in my truck for nights like these. As we sang our favorite songs and drank the strong whiskey we both became very drunk and our conversation strayed off.

We talked about all the people we had gotten with, and described those sexual encounters. It would have been extremely awkward talking about sex with my cousin, especially seeing how hot she was, but the alcohol numbed my senses and loosened both our lips as we continued to talk. We drifted off into conversation and before we knew it, it was 2 in the morning. We had better get home and get some sleep, and reluctantly we drove the short distance home and climbed into our beds.

I heard no sounds when I got home, and lay there awake desperate to relieve both my cock and myself of all the sexual tension we had suffered lately. From being deprived of pussy for a couple of weeks, and being teased by such erotic conversation with my cousin, I was ready to blow a load. My Aunt Rae was likely in the room next to me sleeping, with Rebecca in the guest house. Even though Rebecca was probably the only one awake to hear me, she was far. However, I was scared at being heard by my light sleeping Aunt. My sexual desire got the best of me as I hammered away at my thick 9 inch dick as fast as I could. Thinking about walking in on my aunt was what got me off, and I couldn't get it out of my head. After cleaning up, I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It was almost 3 in the morning, but I heard sound coming from the living room. After having a drink I decided to go and investigate.

Nothing could have prepared me for what my eyes saw, but by golly it was worth all the shock in the world.

I saw it all from the side and I will describe to you now what I saw from left to right:

My father was standing on his knees and thrusting his thick 10 inch dick deep in and out furiously hard of my Aunt Rae.

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