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The research on dommes and their female clients continues

"Now I want you to look at a phony photograph David made, to send to Katherine along with this letter."

"Oh... God!" said Becky, in disgust.

"Now... Becky... I'm a smart woman. And I know something about obsessed men. They can be quite dangerous. You cannot wish a man's obsession away. It won't go away, and it needs some kind of outlet. Otherwise, it will build and build, and eventually end up as stalking, at the very least. But possibly as rape, or murder.

"I knew the only thing I could do to help my friend in her situation, was to get David to transfer his obsession with her... onto me. So... as you saw in the video, we worked together. And that's what we did. Now David is obsessed with his Goddess Callie, and that is the beginning of the explanation as to why you could not get gas with your credit card this morning."

Becky replied, "You're saying that that credit card really does have a 20 thousand dollar balance... it really is maxed out... because of YOU?"


"And you have the nerve to sit here at my dining room table, across from me, and eat my food, and tell me this?"

"Oh. Speaking of food. You'll notice there is a plate for David as well, but he does not have a seat at the table. Becky... be a good girl for me, and go get a large bowl from the kitchen, and bring it in here."

Becky scoffed. I heard nothing for a long moment, then I heard Becky, in a steely voice, say, "Get it yourself."

I could hear Mandy take another bite of her food. I heard her chew and swallow. I heard her take a sip of wine, and swallow. Then I heard her say, "Becky. Go to the kitchen. Get a large bowl. Bring it in here. Put the bowl on the table. Then sit back down."

From my hands and knees, on the floor, I could see under the table, and watched Becky's foot thump up and down, silently, in nervous anger. It seemed like a full minute passed, and then Becky's foot stopped. I saw her push back her chair, and rise, to walk around behind me, into the kitchen.

When she came back in, she plopped the bowl onto the table, where it clattered a little before coming to rest. She angrily re-seated herself. "There! There's your bowl!"

"Good girl," came Mandy's calm reply.

"Ugh. You may not know this ... *miss* ... but David and I have three children. The *youngest* is our daughter. And she is probably older than you! So I am NOT taking orders from a girl younger than my daughter!"

In actuality, our daughter was 23, and Mandy was probably 25 at the time. But Mandy was not baited into discussing such details with my wife. Rather, she simply replied, "Becky. Here is David's plate. Be a good girl, and cut up his meat, and then dump the whole plate into the bowl. He is going to eat from the bowl like a dog."

"Since you're determined to steal my husband, YOU cut up his food, you little ... "

"Ahhhhhh... Be careful. I suppose it'd be all right if you said 'little goddess', but I doubt that's what you were thinking. Now. Let's lose the attitude, my dear. Cut up his food, so he can eat it like a dog. Wouldn't you like to see that, anyway? Your husband eating like the dog he is?"

"I am not playing your little ga-"

"Becky," Mandy snapped, firmly but calmly. "Hush. Stop talking back to me. Cut up... his food."

Above me I could hear that Becky was sliding my plate across the table, to start cutting up my portion of pork chop. Then Mandy said, "Now David. I'm about to give you a command, and you may speak in reply to it. After that, I want you to be silent again. Crawl into the living room and get those credit card statements that are in there. Bring them back here on your back."

"Yes, Goddess Callie."

As I crawled away, I heard Becky scoff, and begin scraping the fork and knife on the plate, in angry cutting motion. "You disgust me, David, you DISGUST ME! I DO wanna see you eat like a dog, YOU LYING BASTARD!!"

"That's the spirit," said Mandy.

When I returned, Mandy had Becky place the bowl on the floor in front of me, and I began eating the mixed-up mess.

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