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He watches Margie take on two men.


"You too Darrin, take care and tell your boys I said hello."

"Okay, I'll do that. Peace."

"Now how do you know that, that, thug?" Thomas said.

"You have no right to pass judgment on him Thomas." I said.

"Come on, he had hood written all over him."

"Thomas do you have something against people who live in the hood, or people you consider thugs?"

"No I don't, but I don't make a point to be around them."

"You what, lets drop it, because you're upsetting me."

"Fine with me, consider it dropped."

By the time our week was over Thomas had gotten under my skin with his comments. It's one thing to want to have a better life, but it's another to put down someone, because they don't fit your style of people. He reminded me of my parents, maybe that's why they got along so well. We headed back to Long Island, back to the grind of the city and the job. The whole drive home I couldn't get Darrin out of my mind. Seeing his huge muscles and knowing he had a nice size muscle between his legs, kept me wet most of the trip.

A month after we got back to Long Island I got a call from my mother. One of my old drinking buddies was getting married in two weeks and she was trying to get a hold of me to send me an invitation. I couldn't believe she was getting married, of all the people I use to hang out with Mindy was the least likely to get married. Most of the people at school thought she was a lesbian because she was never with a guy, even when we were hanging with our boy friends; she never was with a guy. I hadn't talk to her since I left for college. I told my mother it was cool to give her my number and address.

Mindy called me three days later, we talk about the good old days and some of the lame shit we use to do. It was nice to hear he voice again and to know she was happy. But she was still the same old Mindy. Buck wild and running free. She said getting married was a spare of the moment thing. They had originally planned to get married the following year, but they were sitting around one day and just decide to do it to get it over with.

Fortunately for me she was getting married on a Saturday, which made flying easier for me. But I had to go alone. Thomas was working on big case and he was putting in 14 hours days. Part of me was glad he wasn't going, yet part of me was sad. But one thing was certain, I couldn't help but to think about Darrin. I tried to convince myself that it was a dumb thing to do, but my juices felt otherwise.

I arrived in Lawton late Friday night. My mother picked me up from the airport. She gave me a message to meet Tamara at her home at 9:00pm. At the time it was 8:15pm. I drove my mother home and headed over to Mindy's.

When I got there some of her friends and her were heading out the door. They were headed to a club for her bachelorette party. So I joined them, thinking what the hell, you only get married once. We went to the Winchester Club; it was a club with male dancers. Mindy and her friends were like kids in a candy store. They were the loudest and the most flamboyant. We all sat at the front of the stage. I was watching the dancers and having a good time when this one dancer came out in a Zorro mask and dressed in all black. He was dancing with his cape wrapped around him to conceal his cock. Towards the end of the song he spun around and opened his cape and revealed his cock. He was wearing a g-string and his cock was in a white sleeve. It was big, thick and hard. We all liked him, we tipped him like crazy and he rubbed that cock all over our faces and let us hold it. We had to pry it from Mindy's grip. She wanted some of that big cock.

As the night went on the girls got into it like mad women. I was getting exhausted, plus I had some cock two days before I came down. After 2 hours I was ready to get out of there. I let Mindy know I was going to be heading out. She thanked me for coming and said she would see me the next day.

On my way out I was stopped by the mask man (Zorro) He grabbed my hand and put it on his cock and

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