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Miss Victoria continues tutoring Sherrie in strapon practice.

Still holding the backs of her hands planted firmly above her head against the wall, I begin to rhythmically suck her swollen nipple through the material of her shirt, now wet from my mouth. I let my teeth graze gently across the sides of her nipple as it passes back and forth between my sucking lips and I hear her begin to pant above me, squirming back and forth as she tries to escape my hold, to free her poor tingling nipple.

"You like it don't you?" I whisper.

"No!" she pants, still squirming even though I've already let go of her nipple. She's trying so hard to fight. I can see it in her face. Her forehead wrinkled into a deep frown as she tries to push back the warm redness in her cheeks. Slowly I let go of her with my left and bring it down to her waist. With all her struggling she doesn't even notice as both her hands remain flat against the wall above her head. My left hand moves to the button of her shorts and quickly my fingers have them undone. They are loose-fitting denim and easily fall past her lovely hips and down her soft smooth thighs, landing in a puddle at her feet. "P-please don't...please." she whispers, her voice cracking slightly.

"Don't what, sweety?" I ask in a sly tone as my fingertips play along the elastic waistband of her gray cotton undies.

"Please...this is wrong....we shouldn't be doing this." My fingertips curl inside the elastic waistband and begin to slide back and forth, my knuckles gliding across the delicate skin below her navel. She sighs out loud and I feel her body shiver softly against me. The goosebumps ripple across her soft belly.

Slowly I bring my fingers back out and slide them slowly downward over the front of her undies. She is shaking now, her breaths are short and heavy. My fingers move lower, gently brushing over the grey cotton. She closes her legs tightly. "No...please stop...don' can't..." I lean close to her, still feeling her poor nipples pressing hard against my throbbing tips, and slowly run my tongue along her bottom lip. An accidental sigh.

"Yes I can, sweety," I whisper, my left knee pushing firmly between her shaking thighs and forcing her left leg outward, opening her to my hand. She gasps again, almost grunting. Oh the rush I feel as she half-heartedly tries to pry herself free. It's like soft electricity tingling up and down my spine, slamming deeply into the warm wetness between my legs. Then I hear a squeaking whimper as my fingertips move between her legs and I begin to softly scratch my fingernails against the thin cotton covering her vagina. She shivers heavily as I continue to scratch there.

And then I feel the wetness on my fingertips. She's mine. I press a bit more with my nails and I can feel the wetness growing in her undies as it pulses from her tingling vagina. I cup my hand between her legs and squeeze gently as she moans out loud. My hand squeezes again and she grunts softly, her bottom lip hanging weakly. Slowly my fingertips move to the side and gently curl into the leg of her undies and I feel the soft crinkly hairs between her legs. My fingertips slide easily in her sticky wetness, gliding back and forth between the puffy lips of her vagina. She gasps and moans heavily and her head falls back against the wall with a dull thud. Her attempts to squirm her way free of my grasp have become weaker, her willpower trickling easily out of her, just as the sticky lust of her vagina continues to soak into her undies.

But it's not good enough. I knew I could do this, tease and torment her, tempt her body alive. But it's not quite good enough. Yes, her struggling only makes me hotter. The fact that she has tried to fight off her feelings this whole time causes a deep heavy throb in my own aching vagina. I can feel the wetness pumping out of me, completely gooey with desire. But I can't just do it like this. I need to know.

My middle finger suddenly slides down between the smooth swollen lips of her pulsing vagina and I push hard up inside her, burying my finger to the last kn

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