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A couple discovers new sides of themselves in the shower.

Soon, you had tugged my panty edge all the way into my crack, along the entire length, and had hiked the waste band up in the front and the back, so that the fabric running along my slit was quite tight. I was gasping and panting, trying to wiggle tighter against the fabric - desperate to rub my aching pussy against the only solid contact it had. "That's a good little slut. God that looks amazing, you wiggling your little cunt against your panties - trying to get off already? I'm not nearly finished with you..." There was a sharp sting as your hand made contact with my full ass cheek to punctuate your point, and I stilled my gyrating hips.

"If you come before I get my cock in your ass, there will be more where that came from. Lay still." I almost wanted to resume wiggling against my panties to test you - to see if I could earn another swat, but every atom in my body wanted your cock in me NOW, so did not prolong the wait by disobeying.

"Hold these panties in place, right where I have them - nice and tight in your crack. You move them one millimeter and I won't fuck you at all. I'll tie you up and make you sit right here like this all night with a wet aching, un-fucked pussy." I obeyed, though it took a lot of self-control. I wanted to pull the panties even tighter and go to town - I could come very quickly this way, I knew it. With my arms down, occupied with the business of my underwear, I had no way to take the weight off my neck, shoulders and face. It was the perfect way to ensure that my ass stayed solidly up and pushed out. I moaned in the delight of it! It felt like my entire universe was in my ass and pussy, and it was there, up in the air, on display for you - just waiting for any attention, and probing or stroking or fucking you were willing to give.

You stepped back to admire your handy-work. It made quite an appealing view: my full-bottomed panties bunched into a single cord, pulled very taut and running the full length of my slit, splitting my ass cheeks and pussy, pushing my cunt lips to either side and trapping my clit tightly in the front. You couldn't bear to look for long. In moments, you were back behind me, and you began teasing me with your fingers.

With my undies compacted to a small strip down my slit, you had some slight access to my oozing pussy, and you kept dipping your fingers into the the slick wet honey and then running them up and down my whole crack. You would dip two fingers just BARELY into my pussy, and then slide them down the fabric toward my clit. You'd flick them over my clit a few times, and then you'd slide them back up til you were outside my puckered little asshole. You'd slip your finger in under the tight fabric, and press just a little, forcing my ass open the tiniest bit - never enough to penetrate, only enough to threaten. And all the while, your other hand worked my nipples and breasts, alternating between one and the other.

You were driving me absolutely wild, and you knew it. I was so wet that I'd coated my entire crack (with the aid of your fingers distributing it strategically). My legs had spread wider, my back had arched further. I had pushed my ass up and out as far as I thought possible, trying to press into your touch. I was whimpering and moaning, and when your fingers dipped into my cunt, or pressed against my asshole, I pressed back on you harder, in a kind of rhythmic begging with my hips, trying to encourage you to give me more. I desperately needed something MORE from you - your fingers, your cock, both, ANYTHING...

You owned me. You knew exactly what you were doing to me, and you fucking LOVED it!

"What is it, beautiful? You are squirming terribly. Is there something I can do for you?" By now you were teasing my pussy with just the top quarter of one finger, and still playing with my ass hole with another - making slow circles around the opening, pressing teasingly every once in a while.

"Please," I panted, "I need you. Please..."

"That's not really the way a dirty little whore would asked to be fucked, beautiful.

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