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Career obsessed woman arrives in tribal heartland.

"Yes, there are rooms like that, but there is a charge per hour as well as a sanitation charge." She looked around. "But if you would like I could personally show you our line up of toys and sexual aids." This woman seemed to be very interested in them.

Shannon turned her head and looked at Lydia almost in one of those should we looks.

"Sure we would love to take you up on that offer." Lydia said.

"Wonderful, if you could help me understand your current relationship, I could help you two out better." Elisa said.

Shannon blushed a little but it was noticed by Elisa almost immediately.

"Let me guess, you two are fairly new together?" Elisa asked.

Lydia smiled. "Yes, we have about a day and some."

"I see, so what in particular are you looking for? As you can see we have pretty much anything you would need here and much more." Elisa said.

"To be honest Elisa, we really don't know what to do or what to get." Lydia looked around and stepped closer to Elisa. "You seem like a knowledgeable woman, perhaps you could assist us in discovering a greater sexual potential?"

"I would love to assist but I'm working right now. If you would like I could set you up with one of our rooms then visit with you when I take my break which should be in about 15 minutes." Elisa said.

"That would be great, so how does this work? Are the toys actually in the room or do we sign them out?" Shannon asked.

"No, our full line of toys are in the rooms. Other then color they function the same as the ones in these packages."

"What do you do after someone uses the room?" Lydia asked this time.

"We do a full thorough cleaning of the room and we sterilize all the toys and other paraphernalia that might have been used."

"So everything is sterilized" Lydia asked.

"Yes, everything."

"This is definitely a high class establishment." Shannon smiled.

"Yes it is, and due to that people come back and buy things that they could buy at any other establishments of the type. Customer service and happiness is number one."

"Well in that case, please show us to a room." Lydia smiled.

Elisa motioned them to follow her to a door then through a relatively large passage with several rooms on both sides of the hall. Many of them had a green backlit sign indicating that it is occupied. They came up to room 14. Elisa opened the door and revealed a room that was dark purple with a metallic purple border along the top of the room under lights traveling the entire perimeter.

The room was probably 14 feet by 20 feet with an 8 foot ceiling. Left of the door against the far wall was a bed about 2 feet high on the floor. The sheets were a light purple silk and the blanket cover was a lighter purple then the walls but darker then the sheets contrasting nicely. The headboard was padded with the same purple as the walls and bordered with the same color as the silk sheets.

On the wall right of the door was a screen about 75 inches wide and around 42 tall inset into the wall. Also inset was a data-card reader that is commonly used for media and movies. Across the room was a set of glassed cabinets with several toys, other paraphernalia and bondage gear.

On a closer look the bed had padded loops positioned in the four corners of the bed with two additional loops in the center at either end of the bed. Each side of the bed had a hardwood end-table stained to match in perfect contrast with the rest of the room. Inset in each of the tables was sensa-glass, which in these days are similar to a universal remote but completely resistant to liquids and sealed. The glass panel can be programmed to control anything the owner wishes such as a channel changer or switch panel typically the panel is programmed with a menu due to how many possible things it could control. In this case the panels are linked to each other so what happens on one happens on the other at the same time.

Lydia walked over the right side of the bed and looked at the panel, which was backlit in a light red, and glanced at the

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