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Lovers long-separated find one another again.

He, in turn, did his part and drove his tongue deep inside her passage and licked up the juices that she fed him.

When she calmed down, he got up and rubbed the head of his thick organ up and down her wet slit before thrusting it inside to her groans of pleasure.

"Fuck her good, bro. She loves cock and has a very talented pussy." William told his brother.

Sam looked at him and smiled as she sleepily told him how much she loved watching Toni suck his cock.

"Don't worry honey, you'll be seeing lots of that in the coming years along with some other things that might even excite you even more." he replied.

She wondered what he meant but she was too dreamy and too much lost in the pleasures that her brother in law's thick penis was giving her to give it much thought. Frank's organ was doing wonderful things to her as it was thicker than any she had ever had before and was stretching her cunt like it had never been stretched before.

"How do you like Frank's cock?" William asked her as Toni bobbed her head up and down on his erection.

"Love it!" she answered. "It's so thick it's making me feel fantastic." she answered.

She was meeting Frank's strokes with her hips and as she watched her husband's facial expressions as he was being sucked, he suddenly cried out and held Toni's head in his hands as his penis erupted and sent spurts of hot cum into her waiting mouth. Sam loved watching him cum in her mouth and threw her legs around Frank's waist as she experienced another mind blowing orgasm.

After Toni sucked every drop of cum from his balls, she lifted her head and looked at Sam,

"You're a very lucky girl. I've loved the taste of your husband's cum since the first time I sucked him off and only wish I could have it more often. You can have it any time you like!"

Sam smiled and told her that she would have her over more often so that he could feed her and Toni told her that she should make sure to taste Frank's juices as they had a different flavor but were also delicious. William suggested that Frank fuck her until he was close to cumming and then feed her his cum so that she could taste and compare it now.

He agreed and kept stroking for a while before pulling out and straddling her chest. She opened her mouth wide to take his crown into her mouth and tasted her own juices as she sucked the thick cock head. Frank told her to get ready as he was about to cum so she wrapped her lips around his crown and waited for his explosion. A moment later, he cried out in ecstasy and shot load after load into her hungry mouth. She tasted the first load which landed directly on her tongue, and found it to be a little salty but good so she concentrated on sucking his balls dry and enjoyed the experience immensely.

"Well, what do you think?" Toni asked her.

She told her that it was a little salty but was delicious and that she had enjoyed every drop that he fed her. William added that he was glad she enjoyed it as she was going to be fed more quite often. Frank rested a few minutes and then he and Toni gathered up their clothing and said goodnight.

William took her in his arms and they kissed and held each other close. She still felt slightly groggy but was enjoying everything that had happened so far. He poured them some more champagne and as they lay there relaxing, the door opened and a middle aged couple walked in and stood by the bed looking down at them with broad smiles on their faces.

They were a little portly but she liked their faces and was surprised when they started to undress. William had introduced them as Uncle Phil and Aunt Sara and she watched as Sara removed her bra and her full, large breasts spilled out and covered her chest. She saw Uncle Phil step out of his shorts and when he turned to face her, she looked at his erect penis which was nice and thick with a beautifully sculpted crown and deep slit in the tip.
He walked over to the bed and got up on his knees and brushed the head over her lips.

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