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A wild ride on a star fleet vessel.

The girls didn't have to say much to each other, but no talking was necessary. They stood in the shower as Linda's large bathtub filled. They kissed with an unending tender passion. Linda couldn't help blurting the obvious "You're so soft. So beautiful. So sexy."

Which caused Theresa to giggle. "I'm a girl, silly. Girls are soft. I'm just like you. Which means you're also soft. And I look like you. Exactly like you. You're so beautiful, so sexy. When I see you and realize that we're identical and you're beautiful and sexy, well, well, then I realize that I too.... must be beautiful. And sexy."

"Maybe you should explore what it really means to make love with someone as gorgeous as you are?"

A smiling Linda gently pushed Theresa down into the tub, pushed her legs apart, kissed her body dozens of times all over, and rubbed her large swollen clit. Tweaking Theresa's nipples, Linda decided to treat Theresa's nipples the exact same way she liked her nipples to be played with. Circular motions, soft caresses followed by firmer caresses, then sucking each nipple in-and-out, more and more firmly. From Theresa's reactions it was clear that she loved what Linda was doing. A coincidence? Or were their nipples wired to their brains in the same way? Then Linda rubbed on Theresa's clit -- first back and forth, and then circles. And found that their clits not only looked identical, they reacted the same.

Linda worked Theresa as close to the edge as possible, but then looked up and told Theresa that she was beautiful. This caused a break in the momentum. And gave Linda an excuse to start over.

By the third time Linda played with Theresa's nipples and clit in the ways that Linda most enjoyed, Theresa was going crazy with lust. Linda then crawled up Theresa's body, looked her in the eyes, and then bent and kissed her hardened nipples passionately. Theresa grew increasingly desperate, and ever closer to exploding. "Please, Linda. I've never felt like this. Nothing even close. Please!"

Was this because Linda was essentially Theresa's clone? Because Linda was effectively masturbating "herself" and knew just how to please "herself"? Or were they soulmates who matched the other perfectly, each instinctively knowing what the other wanted, how the other liked it?

Linda placed her pussy on Theresa's, both under the tub's waterline. Linda whispered, "I think I'm falling in love with you," and tribbed Theresa as if her life depended on it. As if they were lovers who knew exactly what the other wanted and had done it dozens of times. Linda rode her fast and furiously, kissing her hungrily as their pussies also kissed. If their pussies hadn't been under water surely the sparks would have caught the room on fire!

Theresa reached for Linda's nipples and pulled on them in exactly the way she loved for her nipples to be pulled. This moved Linda to an even higher level of abandon, and Linda's face contorted with the same crazed expression Theresa had. Theresa briefly opened her eyes and peeked at Linda's wild beauty, which turned her on even more as she realized that she too must look just as sexy. Theresa dripped like a faucet as Linda shoved her hips and pussy against hers as each girl had the most intense orgasm of her life.

The longest. The most wonderful. The most life changing orgasm ever. One that drained each girl.

Recovering, Linda looked down into Theresa's eyes while Theresa repeated the "I think I'm falling in love with you" phrase that Linda had whispered earlier. Each girl again decided they were looking into a mirror, and that their minds might well be just as identical as their bodies. Each also knew that an exciting chapter in their lives was just beginning.

The remainder of the night was a sexual journey, with Theresa and Linda taking turns going down on each other, moving from room to room, a torrid 69 in many places, and far too many orgasms to count.

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