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Amelia and Garrison fool around while camping.

"Shit......, "Sandra pants, trying to get her breath back, "I peed a little."

Her eyes lit up as I help her back onto her feet, her heels clacking on the kitchen floor while she tries to compose herself. Her tongue sticking out eagerly and she smiles at me when she sees my hand before her face. The musky and salty cum aroma of a freshly fucked pussy, the strong but sexy and horny smell of pure sex that comes from my hand seems to drive Sandra wild. Grabbing my wrist with her right hand, Sandra pushes her face into my hand, slowly and seductively licking our combined juices off my fingers that have just been buried deep in her hot pussy. Her tongue starts to lick my palm first, sucking all of the sticky mixture into her waiting mouth. Her luscious lips move over my fingers and start to clean the wetness from them. Licking each finger, sucking on them till they clean, like there is no tomorrow. I grab back between her legs, pushing my index finger into the sticky mess that is still dripping from her pussy. Sandra, my sexy cum loving slut, takes care of that, wraps her lips around and sucks my finger clean, lapping up greedily what's in front of her.

"If we had 10 more minutes I would take care of that." Sandra smiles while we embrace in a big hug. While my raging hard on pokes her groin, we both burst out laughing.

"I bet you would but I guess you have to wait till tonight." I smirk.

"You mean you have to wait...," i hear Sandra reply on my way to the bathroom, then "Shit!" And all of a sudden there is an almighty racket in the kitchen.

"You ok?" I shout, turning round to see what's going on.

Sandra is hanging over the kitchen sink, her thong still around her ankles. "I forgot about these......," she smiles at me. Stepping out of them she grabs and throws them towards me.... "and I need another shower, I can feel your mess running down my thigh."

"Really....? Do you know what would turn me on even more and would keep you on edge all day?" I step toward her, picking up her thong, I take her hands into mine and start kissing her neck. I held her close to me, pulling her hands up, keeping her distracted with small kisses, I guide them to her spaghetti straps of her nighty and push them over her shoulders. I can feel her body shudder with excitement and I let go of her hands. Her nighty drops down over her breasts. I place our hands on the side of her hips and the nighty slips down on the floor. Standing in front of me is the most beautiful women, dressed only in lace tops, thigh high black stockings and 5inch black stilettos.

"What would that be?" comes the question.

"Wait and going to love it." I teasingly reply.

I can feel my erection growing back to a raging hard on. Leaning down I cup her perk tits with both hands, kissing in between them. Her nipples rose as I let my tongue dance over them, I can feel them twitch in my mouth and on my tongue as I go from kissing one to licking the other. Licking, sucking on her nipples has Sandra moaning and panting for breath once again within a few seconds.

"Ohhhh yes, suck on my nipples....... ,that's so nice." Sandra moans.

My hands slid over her hard nubs of each breast, taking my time to slowly rub and pinch them between my thumbs and forefingers.

"Yes babe hmmmm." She smiles.

Her eyes are closed again, inhaling short breath of air, working her nipples with my mouth and fingers has her wanting more, with growing excitement I can feel her hands grab hold of my throbbing cook, pressed between us and pointing at her belly, I can feel her hot breath on my chest as Sandra's slim and sexy fingers, with her sexy manicured nails start stroking my shaft but I have other ideas.

Her hands feels so good on my cook, her fingers of her right hand move further south and squeeze my balls, while her left hand keeps happily stroking my shaft up and down.

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