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Tara is outed by her boss.

Would she actually entertain a man behind my back? And on our honeymoon?

After a few more minutes of conversation, Kay and her new friend stood from the bench and began to walk back to the hotel entrance. My mind was filled with visions of him taking her back to his hotel room and fucking her over and over again while they secretly laughed at me.

Still naked, I sat on the bed and wondered what I should do. I guessed that the black guy was a hotel employee. Should I call the manager and report him? Have him fired? But as far as the management were concerned he had just been talking to her - no crime in that - it was only me, I reasoned, that knew how much of a slut my wife was!

As the thoughts kept spinning through my head I heard the door to our suite open. My heart almost leapt for joy - She hadn't gone back to his room with him after all! In my excitement to leap from the bed and greet my wife, I had forgotten that I was still naked and suddenly found myself looking directly at Kay and the black guy as they closed the door behind them.

"I see you haven't been wasting your time, then?" Kay smiled at me and indicated my semi-hard penis as it swung in front of me.

I found myself suddenly lost for words. It wasn't everyday that a tall, black man stood in your bedroom while you were stark naked.

"This is Adam," my wife continued casually, "I've brought him up here to fuck the living daylights out of me! He's my wedding present to both of us!"

"I...er...saw you....the window.....I thought....." My eyes lowered again as I realised the mistake that I had made.

"Oh, Harry!" Kay admonished me. "You didn't think.....? You know I would never go behind your back. I've planned Adam's little visit for a while. Don't you want to see me get naked and fucked hard by a big black guy?"

I smiled, trying to quickly regain my composure while all the time my heart was beating like a bass drum. I could feel the room suddenly become warmer and couldn't help my cock stiffening another notch. My state of further excitement didn't go unnoticed.

"Guess you like to watch your wife get drilled, huh?" Drawled Adam. "Well sit you down, man and watch Adam as he goes to work!"

In my heart I was delighted. The one thing that I had never seen was Kay getting laid by a black man. I followed Adam's suggestion and sat on the edge of the bed in anticipation.

Kay and Adam lost no time in losing the few clothes that they had on and were both soon as naked as me. I watched Adam's large black hands as they covered my wife's pert breasts as they embraced, his dark skin contrasting wildly with her creamy tit-flesh.

Kay groaned as her lover's fingers curled around her pointed nipple. I watched her close her eyes as the waves of pleasure lapped over her aroused body. The nipple swelled and seemed to redden under his expert touch and his other hand slipped down her body searching out the moist folds of her trimmed pussy. She gasped out loud as his long fingers entered her most private area and I used my hand to rub some of the pre-cum around my cock head that had leaked out.

With enviable precision Adam worked his magical fingers inside my wife's cunt as he played simultaneously with her hard nipples. They were both on the sofa kissing and fondling and when Kay's hand disappeared between his legs and gripped his long black shaft, I myself, gasped at the sheer size of his cock

I timed my masturbation with Kay's hand as she rubbed the enormous phallus. I could hear her breathing deeply now and knew that she was close to orgasm. In one swift movement Adam dropped to his knees on the floor and virtually wrenched her legs open. His head dipped and I could hear the soft slurping noises as he tongued her clitoris. The extra sensations quickly put Kay over the edge and she howled out with her eyes tightly shut as she climaxed hard.

My own cock was throbbing and twitching as Adam finally released my wife's cunt from his oral embrace.

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