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So many men and just not enough time.

The other man moves behind and starts to caress her firm ass with one hand and gently squeezes her breast with other...........

Natalie was now on tenterhooks. She could not remember the last time she had been this hot. The level of arousal was bordering on agony. She was desperate for release. Almost involuntarily her hand went to her breast. She slipped a button and then one more allowing her hand to slide under her dress and onto her breast. She bit her lip to suppress the moan as her hand caressed the warm soft flesh and came in contact with her nipple. .......

The hand on her butt slid down between her cheeks and under to find her now boiling pussy. She shudders as his hand makes contact with the smooth shaven lips and slides up to find her clit. Now she is rotating her ass in response to the stimulation and increased her activity on the cock in her mouth, which is now sliding, down her throat. ....

Natalie's other hand slipped two more buttons at her waist allowing her hand to slide in to touch her aching cunt. Her touch is almost like an electric shock as she comes in contact with her protruding clit. Vaguely she realises that she only has two buttons left holding her dress together and that surely if Jeff now looks at her he will realise what she is doing but she past caring. She now wants to be fucked and fucked hard. She is about to tell Jeff to pull over at the next lay-by when she realises that Jeff has stopped talking momentarily. His focus was on overtaking the large truck in front off them, which is why he probably hadn't noticed what she had been doing.

Natalie's next action was almost automatic; the sight of the truck, her arousal just triggered her actions. She quickly undid the remaining buttons and holding the dress together straightened in her seat. She flipped the seat lever tilting herself back to a leaning position. Jeff still concentrating started to overtake.

Is it clear ahead she asked? Yeah said Jeff I can see for miles. As they drew alongside Natalie's eyes searched for the cab and the driver. Suddenly there he was! Their eyes locked and he smiled as he looked down. She smiled back and slipped the dress open displaying her beautiful naked body to the grizzly driver. His eyes bulged but without missing a beat increased the speed of his truck ensuring he stayed level with the overtaking car.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Jeff as he realised what was happening. Involuntarily he backed off the accelerator as he stammered w what are you doing honey. Natalie looked at him and smiled, this is for you darling so if it's still clear ahead and you want to you can pull alongside for a while.

Jeff was lost for words, wwhat, why, hhow. He knew what she meant, what she was doing, but he didn't understand. She was against all this kind of thing but here she was, his beautiful wife naked beside him and offering, no willing to flash a trucker. Another of his long held fantasies. You better be quick honey she smiled or you'll have to pull back over. Suddenly he regained his composure, checked the road ahead and eased the car back up along side the truck. Fortunately they were on a long straight section of relatively quiet highway. As they drew level with the prime mover Natalie shrugged her arms out of the dress and wriggled it from under her butt. She threw it in the back and lay back waiting to see the driver.

As they drew alongside he tooted the air horn in acknowledgement.

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