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I was living in a dream where all my sexual desires seemed to appear before me as if laid out on buffet, but I really had no idea what was to come. One evening I had told her I needed to work late on a project, something that would happen from time to time, and she told me no problem. That day, she rang me just to ask that I call her when I was heading home.

It was dark at 8:30 PM as I was walking from the office to my car when I called Jane. She was slurring her words a little as she giggled into the phone. I asked her if she had been drinking, and she said most definitely, asking me to stop and pick up some more beer before I got home and to please make sure it was cold. Then she said something unusual, asking me to drive in the back of our apartment building and to call her back once I was parked. I was a little confused, but I stopped and picked up a 12 pack, parking behind the building and then rang Jane. Jane said that she could see my car, but that I should back into the parking space and then look for our apartment window.

Now I was curious, and after turning around, I could see Jane holding our cordless phone and waving from a large window in what was our living room, but she seemed out of place as she must have been standing on something as I could see most of her body and she would actually have to bend over a bit to look out at me (I later learned that she was standing on our large coffee table that she had pushed under the window. I was still on the phone with her, when she told me to start the cd that was in my car's radio, open a beer and enjoy the show, but stay on the line so that she could hear the music. I started to get where this was going, but looked around and didn't think that Jane would go through with it. Yet, as the music started, Jane dropped the robe that she was wearing and danced before the window in nothing but a small black bra, a tiny black g-string, with a garter belt and stockings. My cock immediately went rock hard as I chugged a beer and opened another.

As my private little dancer's song ended, Jane grabbed the phone and asked me what I thought. "Stunning" was all that I could say as I finished my second beer in about 4 minutes, then I asked her why she stopped. From what must have been 50 yards away, I could see her head rock seductively to the side as she asked me what I wanted her to do next. All I said was "lose the bra and g-string, and I'll start the song again." Right then and there, there was little shift in our relationship. Jane responded by asking me if I really wanted her to do it, and saying that a lot of skin was one thing, but naked was another. I don't know where it came from, but from somewhere deep in my subconscious I said, "You and I both know that you're a bad girl, and now you're going to do as I say, or my bad girl just may get a spanking."

Jane disappeared from the window, and just when I thought that I had gone too far, she appeared again, I started the music and stared wide eyed as she began dancing and gyrating in all her glory. I sat transfixed as if in a dream chugging another beer and watching my naked wife spinning and dancing in our well lit living room as I sat in my car across our apartment's parking lot. Occasionally, I would see her sneaking a peek out the window with what even seemed to me from where I sat was a nervous look of half embarrassment and half excitement... and with each glance my cock just got harder.

All at once, the music stopped and with one last glance out the window Jane jumped down out of my sight.

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