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Husband's most humiliating day since being auctioned off.

The waiter smiled, came back about 5 minutes later with our drinks and handed Rick a half a dozen joints. Rick paid and we lit up.

Joints and alcohol make me feel relaxed and ready for anything that might happen.

"Rick asked me if I was comfortable enough to stay and party." I said "YES!"

I could see guys looking me over, one was licking his lips and came over, asked if he could join us. I said yes. He ordered a drink for himself and another round for us. Between the liquor and the joint I was feeling real good. The guy's name is Mark and he started asking Rick a lot of questions , wanting to know why we came. Rick said "we like to party."

He kept staring at my boobs and could see my nipples were hard, pushing against the material of my dress. Rick just laid back against the seat smoking his joint, eyes closed. I knew he was telling me to do whatever I want. Mark put his hand on my knee, I did not move. He slowly moved his hand up my leg, pulling my legs apart. I was getting wet and breathing hard. He finally got his fingers inside my panties and started to play with the lips of my cunt. He pushed a couple fingers into my pussy and looked into my eyes, and smiled. I was ready to explode already. I slid down on my seat and my dress rode up my thighs. I exploded. Mark removed his fingers and put them in his mouth, licking one finger at the time, tasting my juices. He moved closer to me, put his arm around my neck and put a hand in the top of the dress, grabbed one of my tits and stated to squeeze my nipple hard. He pushed the strap over my shoulder and took out one tit. I looked at Rick. He just sat there with his eyes closed sipping his drink. Mark bent down and took a nipple in his mouth and was biting it lightly. I was coming again. He felt it too, spread my legs and quickly pushed 3 fingers into my cunt. I came and started to scream but held back. Mark looked at me and said.

"l Lets go downstairs it's more comfortable."

I asked what was downstairs, he just smiled and said.

"You'll see, you will enjoy it."

I said to Rick "he wants me to go downstairs."

I had no idea what was downstairs and I did not want to go without Rick.

"OK babe I'll go with you."

Mark led the way, it was dark. I noticed that when we started to go down a couple of the guys got off their stools and followed us down.

Downstairs was like small living room with a couch, a couple easy chairs, a bar and very, very little light. I realized what my friend had told me. I was in for it. I sat on the couch and Mark lit another joint for me and got me another drink.

Rick sat in one of the chairs with a big smile on his face. He knew.

One of the other 2 guys, sat next me, said his name is Jim. The other guy went to sit in the other chair. After I finished my joint and my drink, Mark stated to kiss me deep with a fat tongue that almost reached the back of my throat.

I was told that the size of the tongue gives you a good idea how big the cock is. Mark started to undress me. He pealed off my dress, thong and shoes but left my black stockings on. Jim sitting on the other side of me, spread my legs, puts some cream on my clit, went down and began to eat my pussy by sticking his tongue as far as he could, running it in and out and then running it to the back and lick my asshole. The cream is a warming cream that makes you climax much harder.

I came and shook uncontrollably.

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