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A teenage girl is blackmailed by her dirty uncle.

Chris right hand sought out Paula's stiff 6" cock and jerked him off as he fucked him. "Oh that's it play with my clit," Paula moaned.

Paula came twice before Chris came a third time. Chris felt Paula's cum shoot through the stuff rod and land on the bed sheets. Chris then placed both hands on Paula's tits and held them firmly as he drilled Paula's ass until he came again. The two of them then lay in bed perspiring and breathing hard from their sexual marathon. Paula checked the time and realized that they had been having sex for almost two hours. Paula suggested a shower and they showered together.

Chris could not keep his hands off of Paula's shapely body and he loved washing Paula's tits and ass. Chris got hard again and he had to fuck Paula one more time. He slipped his soapy cock into Paula's ass again and they fucked until Chris ejaculated one more time. Then they finished their shower and got dressed. Chris left the house and jogged back to the campus but not before he and Paula agreed to meet the following Saturday. Paula had crossed the line but he was thrilled that he did and he loved being with Chris. Paula wondered if he could get Chris to bring Benji with him in the future as Paula would love to have someone to suck his cock and to fuck. Paula however was smart enough not to rush things.


That same Saturday morning Rick was telling Andy about his mother. They had gone to breakfast together and then back in their dorm\m room Rick broke the news. At first Andy didn't believe him, then he was furious and then he listened intently while Rick described everything in detail. Andy listened intently and he was in shock as Rick told him about Nora. Andy was surprised by his mother's promiscuous and the things she was willing to do. Rick lied to Andy when he told him that Nora had a secret desire to have sex with two men at the same time.

"Really she wants to have group sex?" asked Andy in disbelief.

"Yes she does I can think of no better partners than you and me," Rick told him.

"Fuck my own mother! No way I couldn't do that," Andy blurted out.

"Sure you could. You like fucking Millie and she an older woman. If I had a mom like yours I would try to fuck her," Rick avowed.

"I don't know, my Mom?" Andy questioned.

"She loves it and she wants it. I say we do it," Rick affirmed.

Rick smiled as it had gone better than he had planned. Rick then laid out the time and place for them to spring their surprise on Nora. The trap was set. Nora of course knew nothing of Rick's devious plan. "We will do it this Saturday in her hotel room when she is back in town," Rick explained.

"How do you know that she is coming back to town?" Andy asked.

"Because she wants me to fuck her again and I told her to be here next weekend," Rick snapped.

"I still don't know Rick, it's my mom," Andy whimpered.

"Oh stop being such a baby. Listen, go talk to Millie about it and if she doesn't agree then we'll call it off," Rick suggested but Rick already knew Millie's position on it and she would encourage Andy to go through with it.

"Okay, I'll check with Millie," Andy said excitedly as it now gave him an excuse to drop in on the school nurse without being invited.

Andy left the dorm room and headed for Millie's apartment. On the long walk over to her place he tried to picture his mom and Rick in bed together. Andy knew that Rick was a good lover and that he liked to fuck as many women as he could but he was still surprised that his mother had fucked Rick. Andy thought about his mom and he agreed that she was an attractive woman and then he thought that it might be enjoyable after all.


After Chris went jogging, Benji headed to Art's and Ronnie's dorm room.

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