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Going to donate blood changed my life.

She would do anything he asked her to do; she didn't care what it was, just as long as it made him happy. Tracy turned around and faced her son, his hands sliding back to her hips.

She put her hands on his face and pulled his lips to hers and the two embraced in a passionate kiss, their tongues danced and played inside his mouth. His hands slid down over her round ass and gently massaged her cheeks while they embraced as lovers. Tracy broke their kiss then dropped to her knees and the hard kitchen floor, ignoring the pain on her knees as they pressed against the hardwood floor. Reese was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs that he had slipped on after and shower and Tracy quickly pulled them down to the floor and swallowed his hard penis. She didn't even stop to look at it, not caring how big it was nor how it looked, just plunged as much of it's hardness as deep into her mouth as she could get it. She didn't go slow, just sucked like a vacuum on her son's cock wanting to taste his hot cum as soon as she could.

She didn't have to wait long, her son had never experienced such a feeling and he was soon thrusting his cock into his mother's mouth as she sucked, she felt him tighten his muscles and thrust into her mouth one final time as his cock exploded into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could to make sure none of her son's hot sperm escaped her hungry mouth as he filled it. Tracy released her son after sucking his penis dry of it's cum; she took a hold of his penis and noticed it was still as hard as before.

Neither spoke as Tracy stood, still holding her son's penis, and embraced him with another passionate kiss. Tracy broke this kiss sooner and turned around and bent over the counter and wiggled her ass in front of her son. Reese didn't need anymore than that and lifted his mother's dress up to her hips, pushed her cotton panties to the side and slowly slid his cock inside his mother.

Tracy gasped as her son slid his penis as far as he could back into the pussy that he had used to enter the world long before. She was so happy to have her son so close to her, she had loved his father long ago and at the time thought that having the man she loved deep inside her vagina was the best it got, but she now found she was wrong, having her loving son inside her was far better. Reese hadn't even started to thrust yet and Tracy was already in awe of the pleasure that surged through her body, emanating from her pussy.

Reese savored the feel of his mother's canal, the warmth and wetness, and marveled at the tightness of it as it hadn't been filled since his father was there so long before. Her muscles contracted, pulling at his cock, as if it was trying to pull him back into the womb he came from. He glided his hands across the roundness of her ass cheeks, feeling the soft skin and gently squeezing every now and then to feel the pillow like fat.

"Mom you feel amazing." Reese said as he leaned over her to hold her close and massage her large breasts through her dress. He noticed that tears began to run down her gentle face.

"Mom, are you ok? We can stop if you want." Reese was concerned.

"No baby, I'm ok." Tracy said in a shaky voice. "It's just, how can something that's supposed to be bad feel so incredibly good? My god we haven't even started and already you've surpassed any pleasure I've felt before."

They stood still for a few moments, each adjusting to the new pleasures they were feeling.

"Make love to me Reese. Make me yours. I want to be your lover, your slave even, anything to make you happy son. Fuck me all you want, fill me with your incestuous sperm until I'm overflowing! I'll do whatever you want as long as you stay with me."

Reese wasn't convinced that she was ok, but he didn't know what to do about it except for what she told him to do.

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