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One was in for his brother, the other, for the money...right?

I felt her ring closing tightly around my shaft behind my swollen tip and her sheath caressing it as it slid deeper and deeper until my cock was buried to the hilt inside the hot wet confines of her cunt. I had Lisa release her ankles and I guided her legs onto my shoulders now that I had fully penetrated her.

She was so tight that my cock head forcing her sheath to expand to accommodate it made her push Molly off her mouth as she moaned loudly. As I held it still allowing her cunt to adjust to its girth I looked down at Lisa her face hidden between Molly's thighs her pert young tits with raspberry red nipples standing erect as I then let my eyes wander over Molly's ass to her head buried between Laura's thighs, what an erotic sight it was seeing her head moving as she licked Laura's cunt. Laura herself was looking directly at me; she smiled and then gave a moan of pleasure as Molly's tongue touched some sensitive part of her cunt.

I pulled my cock slowly back down and once more my cock sent those sexually arousing sensations coursing through me as her tight sheath caressed it once more. As my tip was about to come out of her fuck hole I rammed it into her hard my hips slamming against her ass cheeks. She grunted and moaned into Molly's cunt at the forceful re-entry of my cock into the depths of her body once more but managed to keep on licking and sucking, no doubt enjoying the double pleasure of eating cunt and being fucked at the same time.

Laura was moaning and gasping from time to time as she looked into my eyes as I reamed her younger sisters cunt.

"That's it Bob fuck the little bitch hard, then fill her cunt with your hot load of cum,"

she called out to me.

The room was filled with the liquid sounds and aroma of sexual arousal Laura moaning from time to time and me grunting at times as I rammed Lisa's cunt hard.

My cock was now at full erection and as I rammed it into the depths of Lisa's young cunt I felt it pushing into the opening of her cervix, she uttered loud moans into Molly's cunt as I took my pleasure from her and took her higher towards orgasm

Suddenly I saw Lisa's hands move and push Molly's ass up as she cried out her pleasure as she came. I felt her sheath tighten around my invading tool and then it was rippling along the length of my cock as it began to milk me. I could hold back no longer and felt my cum surging along my shaft, I cried out my pleasure as my cock sent spurt of spurt of cum deep inside her cunt.

Hearing me cry out Laura told Molly to lie on her back on the bed while Laura herself got off the bed and came around to me as I withdrew my cock from Lisa's cunt."

"Climb on the bed and straddle Molly and give her your cum covered cock to clean," she ordered me.

I did as asked and lowered my cock down to Molly's mouth, which opened and took my cock inside and she licked and sucked it clean. I then got off the bed as Laura told Molly to stay as she was. She then made Lisa squat over Molly's face and ordered Molly to open her mouth and catch the cum as it began to leak out Lisa's cunt, as the flow slowed she told Lisa to pull her cunt open, as Lisa complied more cum started its journey to Molly's mouth and soon a long string of cum was hanging down until it broke free and fell into Molly's mouth.

Laura came and stood beside me once more taking hold of my hand and as she squeezed it she said, "Doesn't that look erotic Bob, see what a cum loving cunt your wife really is. I must say though that she is a great cunt licker as well."

As soon as no more cum dripped down into Molly's mouth Laura told Lisa to sit her cunt on Molly's mouth and ordered Molly to lick and clean the rest of my cum from Lisa's cunt.

After a while of watching Molly cleaning Lisa's cunt Laura said that it was getting late so she and Lisa had better shower and go home. Lisa and Laura had a quick shower and before leaving both girls said that they had both enjoyed the evening.

"See you tomorrow, but we won't be able to stay after work as it is our grandmothers birthday," L

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