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They have sex for the first time.

"And well, we thought you might as well make a few bucks with your lovely and too-rare talent, so..."

I nodded at the envelope. He looked in again, his fingers flicking through the bills.

"$400?" he asked, astonished.

"Wow, really?" I laughed. "I told her three hundred for full service, $150 for just your tongue, but she's a big tipper, I guess! Hey, not bad for less than an hour's...well, can't call this work, now, can we?"

He smiled at me and pulled out $100, trying to hand it to me. I demurred.

"No, no, no, Mrs. Schuster and I told you we don't want to be paid back, Timmy," I said, holding up my hand. "Honestly, you earned it, it's yours..."

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"I'm sure, I'm sure, honey," I smiled. "It's all yours."

He shyly pocketed the stack of twenties, saying, "Well...if you say so...but it seems an awful lot..."

"Well, you do offer an awful lot," I laughed, hugging him and sucking his long tongue into my mouth. "An awful, awful, awfully GOOD lot!"

We broke the kiss and I walked him toward the door.

"There's more with that came from, son, a lot more," I said. "This is just the beginning. Mrs. Schuster and I will, uh, arrange more 'work' for you, if that's all right."

"Yeah, yeah, I guess so, just seems a little...I dunno,, but weird," he smiled weakly. "I wish I could repay you..."

"You do," I laughed, tapping his lips and pointing to his mouth, "every time you open that and give us what's inside!"

I watched him go, then went back inside and picked up my phone.

"Hey baby," I said as Linda answered. "Well, Timmy's first gig went well!"

"Meredith?" she asked. "No shit, she didn't mind paying?"

"Hell no, in fact she paid more," I laughed. "I told her the going rate, which I made up, $150 for oral, $300 for full service. Timmy gave it all to her and she gave HIM 400 bucks!"

"Holy shit, really?" Linda laughed. "That's great! See, I TOLD you that kid has a goldmine in his mouth!"

"Yeah, he sure does," I said. "He seems cool with the idea, too. I told him we can arrange as much 'work' as he can handle."

"Who's next, who you gonna call?"

"Honestly, I don't think we'll have to, you know how fast word travels in this town," I laughed.

"Oh, fuck yes, especially Meredith, that girl's got a big mouth...and ass...damn, she's so sexy...did you get in on any of it?"

"Honestly, do you think I'd do something like that?" I said in mock indignation. "Of course I did!"

We laughed, chatting a bit more, plotting, when my phone chirped. I looked at it, and recognized the number of another friend, Susanna Davis.

"Wow, that was fast, Susanna's calling," I told Linda.

"The landscape lady, that one?" she asked. "Yeah, I can see that, she never dates, she's always exhausted from working at what, 68?"

"Gotta run, Linda, duty calls," I laughed, switching off calls. "Hey, Susanna, how are you?"

"Good, good, Veronica, just busy as hell, you know, it's the season for landscaping and I'm flat out busy," she said.

"What can I do for you?"

"Well...," she said slowly, "uh..Meredith just walked by a house I'm working at, stopped to chat..."


"And...well, you know...she told me about your little friend..or not so little friend, Timmy is it?"

"Yes, yes, Timmy," I laughed. "And you want some of that do you?"

"Oh God, yes, I could use a break," she laughed. "I'm thinking of tomorrow maybe, lunchtime?"

"Sure, he doesn't go into work for his real job until later, that would be perfect," I said. "Where?"

"Same house I saw Meredith at, down on Beach Road, you know it?" she said. "Big house, the Jenkins own it, they're out of town for a bit. I can't get in, but there's a shed out back that I figure will be just right for...well, for this!"

"Sure will," I said. "OK, see you at noon...for lunch..HIS lunch! That's what you want right, just oral?"

I couldn't believe I was discussing setting up Timmy eating her pussy like ordering from a menu.

"Yeah, that's all, haven't had that in.

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