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Things get more out of control.

That was why she had selected such a low value target as Lieutenant Zane Rogers. The amount of intelligence that the man had to offer was not worth the attention of trained specialist like Anya and Natasha. But he would prove a perfect test subject for her little experiment.

If it were still just an experiment, she would call it a success, walk away and record her observation carefully in her notebook. But it was not just an experiment, not anymore, not to her. She stepped forward, "Then do it," she whispered. If this was too be her only chance to taste passion, to be that thing that all woman want most, a sex goddess, then so be it. She wanted to know what it felt like. With this man.

She watched as his Adam's apple moved up an down convulsively in his throat. She felt his fingers in hers tighten until it was almost painful, "Are you sure, Kate? I swear, somehow I'll find a way to walk away. To court you. To do this thing right. I don't want to screw this up."

Her vision blurred at his words. If only he knew the truth. None of what he felt for her was genuine. It was all the drugs. His body's evolutionary response to the need to spread his seed, to impregnate the fertile of mates. That was what the earlier study had shown, unconsciously men selected the most fertile women as the most attractive. She had just manipulated that Darwinian adaptation for her own purposes, for her country's. But this man would never know that.

She pressed her fingers to his lips, "I'm sure, Zane. Please."

He studied her face for a long moment, then he nodded, "My apartment is right over there. If you are sure, Kate."

She smiled and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth, "Yes, please."

This time he did not hesitate, his fingers squeezed hers reassuringly as he drug her up the path and stairs to the second floor apartment he shared with his friends. He fumbled with the key. She smiled, wondering the last time this man had fumbled with anything. Then the door swung open and he stared up at her. She saw uncertainty in his face or perhaps that was simply her projecting her own emotions onto this man.

She stepped inside. The sunlight spilled through the sliding glass doors to the patio, illuminating the living room. She turned and he was right behind her. "My bedroom is," he began.

Her hands brushed over the tanned muscles of his bare chest, "Too far," she whispered as they trailed across his taut abdominals. She gloried in the quick intake of breath that told of his reaction to her new found boldness. Her fingers found the waistband of his swim trunks. They trailed along the edge as she stared into his eyes, baby blue took on new meaning to the young scientist. She found the drawstring that secured them about his waist and pulled. Her hand slipped inside them to cup his hard cock, her first.

"God woman," he hissed through clinched teeth. "Do that again and I won't even make it inside of you before I come." He gathered her small hands in one of his large ones as he pushed her back towards the leather sofa against the far room, "We'll make it to my room for round two," he promised.

She felt the cool leather against the back of her knees as she toppled backwards. The comfortable softness cushioned her fall, she landed with arms spread wide against it. She looked up as he pushed the cotton material down his strong thighs. He stepped out of its dampness as he stared down at her. She swallowed when she noticed him fisting his hard cock. Her eye grew large, in desire and a bit of trepidation. His cock was not meant for first timers. But she was not about to let that stop her now.

"Please," she whimpered as she met his gaze.

"You are still overdressed, sweetheart," he stared down at her. "Take off your top. I want to suck those sweet titties."

Kate's fingers were trembling now as she arched up to untie the string at her neck. She let the tiny triangles of white almost translucent material fall slowly down her stomach. She blushed, knowing that they were to small.

He knelt on the floor between her legs as he used one hand

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