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Keith meets Ginny, who is an exhibitionist.

Our accommodation was about 15 min. walk from the centre of Hersonnissos in an 18 - 30 complex for the Irish.

We arrived at the accommodation at about 5.15 am and I had to collect the keys to the apartment from the bar. It was still half full of people at that time of the morning.

The next day Diane and I decided to just chill out and sit by the pool, which was full of young people. When we ventured into the pool we chatted with some of the young men, and women and had a really good day.

In the evening we went into Hersonnissos for a meal. Diane was wearing a very short, red mini skirt and cream top and I wore a purple halter neck mini dress. We really enjoyed our meal and headed back to the complex for a few drinks. We sat at a couple of stools at the bar and within five minutes we had been hit on by a couple of the lads from the pool. They turned out to be great fun and it wasn't long before Diane was necking with Sean, a dark haired, good looking lad from Dublin. His friend, James who had paid me a lot of attention in the afternoon asked me if I'd like to go back to his apartment for some Southern Comfort to give our friends some privacy (in a packed bar!!).

I took the bait and accepted. James is about 5'10" tall, extremely good looking with fair hair and piercing blue eyes. Oh yes and he was 22. We walked up to his room with his arm around me, I was very aware of his hand feeling my breast.

I've yet to see the Southern Comfort , as soon as we entered the room we kissed like crazy. My nipples were on stalks and I was really horny. James had his hands everywhere and I responded by putting my hand down his pants. He was very hard.

James had my dress off in seconds and I stood naked except for my thong. He took my hand and led me to his bed and we lay next to one another, kissing and touching. I took the lead and gently bit his left ear and then blew into it. He went wild when my tongue began to explore his ear. I moved down to his neck, kissing then biting and then sucking gently. I then went to his nipples and bit each one in turn. James still had his trousers on and kissing my way down to his belt, undid it and released his cock.

His cock was not especially long, about 7.5ins, but he was quite thick and he certainly knew what to do with it. I did not tease James, I took him straight into my mouth whilst gently squeezing his balls. I sucked him really hard, my head bobbing up and down like a piston. There was no way he could hold back for long and he shot his cream into my mouth. He tasted lovely and I cleaned him up with my tongue. Now it was my turn.

James rolled me onto my back and pulled off my thong. He placed my thighs over his shoulders and went to work on my cunt. His tongue lapped me from all angles and I came in no time. Then he found my clit and he began sucking on it and nibbling it gently. I screamed in pleasure and I really dug my nails into his head. He ate me for about half an hour and his face was soaking from my love juices. All the while he ate me, James also went to work on my tits.

He squeezed them and pulled on my nipples, which were extremely hard. James then moved up my body kissing me all over, pausing at my breasts before feasting on them. I was gagging to be fucked and my hips bucked involuntarily as I felt his ramrod cock. He moved up and kissed my neck before finding my hungry mouth. His cock was now at the gates of my cunt.

I wrapped my legs around him and he thrust into me. My nails raked his back (I tend to do this when in the throes of passion) and this boy had real staying power. He pounded my pussy and I moaned with pleasure. He came inside me after nearly an hour. We were soaked in sweat and we lay in each others arms for a while recovering. I really did feel fucked.

We had a shower together and I sucked him off, my hands kneading his tight arse. I swallowed everything he could produce, and that was a lot.

James then pulled me up and kissed me for an age, his hands wandering all over my body.

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