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Dani has her first sexual experience with her dad.

"You are not going to get release just yet. We still have the whole night to play. You are not allowed to orgasm unless I say so, do you understand." I nodded, but deep down all I wanted to do was cum and cum hard.

George continued to place the vibrator on my pussy, but just before I reached orgasm he would remove it. It was driving me crazy. I was trying everything I could to push myself over the edge, but there was not much I could do tied down so tightly.

I had lost track of time when George started pinching and playing with my nipples and sucking them. A part of me knew what was coming, but in my desperately horny state it was only when he put the clamps on that I really knew what was going on and the pain felt even more intense.

He then continued intermittently vibrating my pussy, stopping just before I came. Each time he did this I felt an even larger orgasm building and each time I felt an even greater sense of loss and frustration when he stopped.

I had been tied down for a long time when I felt the blindfold being removed. "You want to cum really badly, don't you? I can tell from the virtual river flowing from your pussy." I nodded vigorously. It was all I wanted in that moment. "Now, I don't want to make you cum with the vibrator, I would like to fuck you until you cum, but I will only do that with your permission."

I was so focussed on how badly I wanted to cum that it took me quite a while before I realized what he had said. 'What, he wants to fuck me? No, not that! Not like this!'

I shook my head violently and tried to tell him why through the gag, but only meaningless gurgles could be heard. He understood what I was trying to do though and removed the gag. I began speaking the second I felt the gag leave my mouth. "Please don't, I'm still a virgin!" I had been playing with self-bondage for a while and had driven myself to multiple orgasms, but had never penetrated myself vaginally with anything, not even a finger, for fear of tearing my hymen.

The look of shock on George's face was a dead giveaway that this was the last thing he was expecting. "You're a virgin?" I nodded feebly. "I wasn't expecting that at all. I just assumed you weren't since I was sure someone had to have caught you before or at least slept with you to get you interested therein."

"No. You were the first to ever catch me in the act and I got curious all on my own."

"This changes things a bit. I was wanting to fuck your brains out once you've been denied orgasm for a long time, but taking your virginity in that manner is not my idea of fun." He was quiet for a moment as he thought of a new way to finish this evening. "Oh well, guess I'll just have to do something else. I'm going to leave your gag off. I want to hear you beg." As he said this he turned the vibrator back on and placed it back on my pussy.

Fear had displaced my horniness a bit and it took a little longer for me to reach the edge this time round, but just as before George removed the vibrator just as I neared the edge. He repeated this again for about three more times before I could not help but beg him to allow me to cum each time.

This seemed to be just what he was waiting for based on the smile that formed on his lips, but he did not give me any relief. Eventually I was shouting at early the top of my lungs as I begged him to allow me to cum.

I was truly desperate for release by now and a thought slipped into my mind that he was trying to force me to beg to be fucked, so I decided to change tack and tell him that he could take my virginity if he would just let me cum. His reply to this was simply "That is not my intention with this."

It eventually reached the point where I was nearly on the edge of orgasm with even the slightest touch from the vibrator. It was at that point in time which George turned on the vibrating nipple clamps attached to my nipples and held the vibrator firmly to my clit.

It was the most intense and

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