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Both girls learn more about each other and about Josh.

As Lis braced herself by grabbing Al's thighs for support she now knew what airtight meant. She felt like the central cog in some sort of lewd machine with the black men heaving against her in a perverted rhythm.

They had each staked out a piece of her body. Chuck was pushing up into Lis from below and occasionally sucked on her nipples as they dangled just above his face. Tyrone's huge prong was slicing in and out of her rectum and Al had grabbed Lis' ears and was fully enjoying her ability to deep throat a well endowed man, an ability that had been developed to an expert level while working as a professional slut. All three men were heavily muscled and each was as physically powerful as anyone Lis had ever been with so she was held in place securely. Still she was able to tilt her head slightly and take in the scene as it played out on a closet door mirror. The writhing pile of bodies was so libidinous and she was its anchor, the center of the three black men's sexual attention. This was the penultimate use of a woman as a slut. Lis couldn't help showing her excitement. She grabbed Al's ass, digging her nails into the roundness of his muscular buttocks and pulled him to her until her nose was buried in his pubic hairs and his hard penis all the way down her throat. Meanwhile she began moving her hips up and down satisfying the other two black men's need for friction.

"Aw yea! We own this slut now! She's performing like a real whore!" Al announced triumphantly.

"He's right you know." Tyrone breathed into her ear as he fucked her ass. He had climbed all the way on top of Lis so that he was draped on her back. "You're just another prim and proper country club girl that tried a black man on for size and now you can't get enough. Well my dear we're going to give you all the big, black manhood you can handle tonight."

Lis knew everything the black stud had said was true. She was now screaming, absolutely screaming in ecstasy. The only thing keeping the entire city from hearing her primal response to the sexual assault was the thick hard prong lodged deep down her throat. Lis had never dared to even fantasize about such a sexual experience and it was making the blonde whore dizzy. The sex had simply turned into violent lust between the four participants. Not even being in X's bed was this exciting.

Although Al's penis was fully embedded down her throat, Lis was still able to apply suction and lave her long tongue back and forth along the underside of the black shaft. Her efforts soon bore fruit as Al let out a high pitched sigh and began thrusting against her. The fluid was warm and the first gush slide right down to her stomach because the penis was so far down her throat. As the second spurt came forth Lis gagged and forced about half of the black man's manhood out of her mouth. She tasted the salty sperm as the rest of his load spurt into her mouth. Lis swallowed it down. The black man released his grip on her head and let the rest of his softening cock slide from between her lips, just as a final load of sperm escaped from the penis. The final ejaculate surprised Lis and her head rocked back as it splashed against her face and left a shiny sheen on one of her cheeks.

Lis recovered and wiped the white seed off her face and returned to the task at hand. She had two more black men to finish off. She let the men pound into her, one from beneath her and the other lying on her back with his cock buried deep in her rectum. She could feel the oversized cocks digging into her insides. They seemed to be sliding against each other with only a membrane separating her anal and vaginal cavities. Lis had never felt so filled.

The orgasms began cascading through Lis' body like rain falling on a roof.

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