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Housesitter finds Leslie's videotapes.

That night something else felt so natural---their lips coming together. He had expected nothing from her. Yes, he wanted to hold her, but as hard as it may have been for her to believe, he knew he would not make love to her that night---if ever. The feelings he had for her went far deeper than desire for a physical relationship. From the moment their eyes had met in the classroom, there had been an unexplainable connection. The first time they touched in the hallway was his first hint that maybe, just maybe the feelings were mutual. There was one thing he knew for sure---he wanted to know her, to be her friend, to enjoy the evolution of a special friendship that seemed so rare these days. In his mind he knew he would do nothing to damage their evolving friendship.

A shiver ran through him as he remembered their first passionate kiss. Passionate kisses had seemed to enflame deeper desires in both of them. His kisses had moved hesitantly over her ears and down her neck. She felt so perfect in his embrace. He was overcome with desire to touch---to kiss every inch of her beautiful body, yet a fear of her reaction had held him back. The first touch of her breast was still a mystery to him; he only remembered sensing no resistance as he pulled her top up from her waist. Like so much they experienced that night, the vision of her black bra and the beautiful breast it covered was an image that would bring back smiles forever. In the dim light of the small bedside lamp he had exposed her breast. Her nipples had been as hard as precious stones. Like a work of art, he had wanted to stare at her body and consume it, all at the same time. He knew that any moment she could stop him, yet the desire to kiss and explore every inch of her body remained. He wanted to explore, to savor so slowly, but time was not on their side. The hour was late.

His mind had raced ahead as his kisses had traveled down the center of her sensuously flat tummy. For a moment he stopped at the waist of her slacks---but only for a moment. Something told him she wanted to feel his exploration as much as he wanted to explore. Carefully he had unbuttoned her slacks, wondering if or when she might stop him. When his kisses reached the soft, silky curls of her womanhood he was delirious with desire to give her pleasure with his kisses. He had wondered if she trusted him to do that, and only that. He knew from conversation that they were not treading on pleasures she had not shared with another man since her marriage fourteen years before. He was torn to stop and proceed, all at the same time.

He had taken a deep breath and committed to himself that he could stop short of taking their relationship from that of an evolving friendship to a passionate friendship. He wanted so much to taste her sweet nectar---and to give her pleasure in the most tender and intimate of ways.

He slipped her slacks over her hips, and stopped for a moment to admire her beautiful body before slipping her panties down to follow her slacks to their place at the foot of the bed. Again, he had stopped to admire her beautiful petite body. The fact that they were sharing such an intimate experience had sent a shiver of pleasure through him. As he had stared at her, he had thought of standing and removing his clothes before proceeding. It was not so much that he had wanted to make love to her that evening; he simply wanted to be near her---to feel their bodies touch, flesh to flesh, in another passionate embrace. Something---a promise he had made himself---made him think better of it. The last thing he wanted was to cross the line and leave her with regrets of their very special final evening together. Tonight he would give her pleasure, an intimate, unselfish pleasure. If they were to ever cross the imaginary line of intimacy it would be a conscience decision rather than one made in the heat of passion.

He slipped toward the end of the bed and lay with his head between her open legs.

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