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The introduction ceremony.

Drake's tortured cock dribbled lubrication which was more plentiful than it had ever been, as he suffered the ecstasy of denial; the squirming motion having the plug nurse his prostate, making him release his masculine offerings without the pleasure of the orgasm his imprisoned cock sought so earnestly.

Irma sighed wistfully in total satisfaction as she slipped down to lay with her prize, pulling the sheets over their bodies. She said no more as she drifted off to sleep, allowing Drake to seek the solace of his own fitful slumber, left to ponder the consequences of his weakness, and what tomorrow would bring. The plug, cage, and bondage, bringing the promise of lurid dreams when his excitement was eventually cloaked in a darkness eclipsing that enforced by the hood.

Drake had awoken to the sweetly perfumed atmosphere, to be released from the hood only, and led sternly by Irma to the wet room where he was soaped and showered by the redhead in matriarchal fashion, he still gagged and cuffed. This would be the only time she allowed him this service; she had experienced males attempt escape the morning after capture, and needed assess his demeanour. She grinned with satisfaction as he snorted and spluttered throughout his minor ordeal, the motherly aspect quickly left behind as she then had him kneel and watch her attend the magnificent curves of her own body, Drake's arousal soon having his restricted erection hard in the ringed trap as he watched the dominant woman's flesh glisten and ripple in the warm water. She turned and smiled as she watched his awe-struck excitement while she soaped her full breasts, already confident that Drake did not show the merest element of any remorse toward his position.

'You'll please me today with your obedience, and in future you'll be allowed to perform the duty of washing your Mistress before each day's service to her. I find that being allowed to touch my flesh so freely on just that one occasion at the start of the day brings a humbling connection to a slave for his Mistress; feeling the shape of the woman that owns you, and cleansing her in readiness for the day to come, will have you know your place as you worship the body that's driven your desire to submit to its superiority.' She smiled softly as she expressed that undoubted superiority as he knelt and stared up at her lush figure.

'You'll enjoy that service to me, won't you?' She laughed as Drake nodded his head enthusiastically and strained in the cuffs, eager to humble himself in the duty at that very moment.

Irma kept him bound and spoon fed him as she sat naked on a chair, confident that he would not chance escape, but enjoying seeing him humbled in bondage and kneeling at the table. She enjoyed watching his eyes flit from the spooned offerings to her naked form as she sat cross-legged, dominant and in total control of him. He was then allowed from the cuffs to help dress her, Irma delighting in sitting at her dressing table and directing him with the cane to where the required items were kept, allowing him to become familiar with another service to his Mistress. Drake's submissive anticipation grew with each command from the stern redhead, his bent cock hard as he surveyed the contents of her pantie draw; a black satin high waisted pair demanded of him, she stood proud as he knelt and she stepped into them, and he eagerly slipped them up her soft thighs as she brandished the cane; the concealing of her mature cunt in the black satin enhancing her dominance, making him murmur pitifully through the gag in excitement. She grinned with satisfaction as his fingers released the elasticated waist to hold the hips and softly bulging belly so tantalisingly, and tapped the ball which stopped his speech and made him drool, with her cane.

'I know how you'd love to confirm your adoration vocally, but you'll remain silent till we arrive at my friend's.

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