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Cherise knew this wasn't your average movie theater.

Instead, she lightly kissed the bottle, restoring its plastic seal, and gently placed it into the tiny college boy fridge.

Mom vowed: "Sweetheart, this is the last month, no WEEK that you will be serving time. You will be freed by next week, I swear!" We kissed, passionately, already no longer mother and son, but something more. She related her plans to free me, together with the public defender's office and the wonderful "Innocence Project" that had freed so many others wrongly accused.

Sure enough, by the next month, I was released with apologies. The state offered $500,000 for wrongful imprisonment, which I gladly accepted. This was just a fraction of the 'payback' that I sought, the payback that mom and I plotted that fateful meeting in the trailer.

I arrived home and he was there. He looked upon this day with dread, knowing that I had complete power over him. Little did he know that I also had sheer muscle power over him too (he hadn't seen me in ages.) So, when he rushed to see me, anxious to re-establish his 'man of the house' thing that had landed me (wrongly) in prison, he was stopped dead in his tracks. I wore an old-fashioned t-shirt, and he could clearly see my mile wide shoulders and my arms, larger than any he had ever seen including those bodybuilders on TV.

He literally got on his knees, blubbering that I shouldn't hurt him, that he just made a mistake, that if I wanted to hit someone, I should hit my mom who did nothing to save me at the time. His offering of my mom as 'punching bag' really ticked me off (and mom too.)

Mom said: "Grab a hold of him, honey, I want him to see something." I grabbed him and held him in a viselike grip.

Mom went to the desk in her room, then wiggled to the kitchen, her heavy breasts bouncing and bouncing. She carried something from both rooms. She presented the secret calendar she kept in the desk, showing him that today was her peak fertility day.

She then 'put on a mini show'. From the fridge, she had gotten, yes, that same quart bottle of seed that she had extracted that fateful day in the trailer. Mom then proceeded to open her skirt, revealing these hot pink, crotchless panties. She took a big funnel from the fridge, warming it briefly in her hands. She then proceeded to recline on the couch before us. He watched in goggle eyed amazement as she placed the funnel inside the lips of her fertile vagina, pushing it downward a little, thereupon she poured every drop of that quart bottle down into the dark fertile depths of her womb. He watched in horror as millions upon millions of my young potent sperm were emptied into mom's waiting, very receptive, and oh so very fertile vagina. On and on she poured, filling herself up. Once the potent liquid had been absorbed or flowed deeper inside her reproductive system, she poured more and more until it was gone. Then, as he stared, she put a couch pillow under her pert behind. We all waited in silence for 30 minutes, letting my guys have the best crack of impregnation.

Mom finally got up. She went up to him, an intimidated wimp who now cowered before us, knowing that at any time we could have him busted for conspiracy in re my incarceration. Mom almost spat as she said: "That was almost a quart of Jimmy's precious seed. The three of us will work at getting me pregnant, which is only fair. You will get to watch as your legally married wife is seeded again and again, the intent to make up for lost time. It's almost perfect justice; the children that I wanted, that you didn't want-but actually could not make. The family that Jimmy should've had, one made impossible by his false imprisonment. It is so neat and tidy, that we can correct both wrongs with one right. So, Jimmy is going to breed me for the next three days, right before your eyes. Plus, I told him, ordered him, to give you a 'taste' of what life was like in 'the joint' for him."

I tied him to a living room upright chair, and then gave him a moderate jab.

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