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After fucking my sister at a frat party we continue with mom.

When I emerged, you were there. Standing with your back to me, looking at items tossed carelessly on the dresser. You reached out and tentatively touched my hairbrush.

"I don't have nits you know. It's ok to touch it, it doesn't bite."

You whirled and faced me, furious it seemed, at being caught in such an intimate gesture, one that implied something else.

"We can't..." your voice trailed off.

I smiled and sat on the bed. You looked at me, speechless again. I opened my legs and patted the covers.

"Come sit with me. Please. It's not anything, it's just sitting."

You sighed and perched on the edge of the bed. I reached out and lightly touched your shoulder and when you didn't pull away; I moved out further and pulled you towards me.

I wrapped my arms around you and held you, feeling your body close to mine. The heat of your skin, the smell of your hair, the soft weight of your breasts on my arm, I wanted to consume you. I rested my lips against the softness of your neck but didn't kiss you. Another of those small sighs escaped your lips and I smiled.

I took one arm from around your waist and rested my hand on your leg. You didn't move so I kissed your neck and slid my hand up to your thigh, resting it on the edge of your shorts.

Your head tilted back and you leaned back into me opening your legs. My hand trembled as I moved it down your thigh, I could feel the heat emanating from your cunt and I wanted you.

I put my other hand up your shirt and held your breast tightly pinching the nipple making your wince in pain and desire. You pressed yourself to me and I felt the curve of your back against my breasts. I kissed your neck hard, wanting to taste you, wanting to feel you, wanting you to feel the desire I felt for you.

You moaned then, and I move my hand to your crotch, pressing your cunt beneath your shorts. Involuntarily it seemed, your legs widened to allow all my fingers room to touch you. I held you in my hand and felt the heat within you; your body betrayed you with its desire. I pinched your nipple again and your cunt thrusted into my hand.

You kissed me then. With a force that shocked me. You drew my tongue into your mouth and tried to swallow it, make it part of you. I held your breast tightly and pressed my other hand into your crotch. You pulled away from me and your face was a mixture of desire and desperation.

"Please... now... please..."

I nodded and without moving from the bed, together we pulled your shorts down so that they rested around your ankles. You weren't wearing underpants and I smiled. You kissed me again and although I wanted to move my hand to your face, to hold your head and stroke your hair, I caressed the top of your cunt, brushing the hairs there instead.

You pressed your groin against my hand and gently I slid my finger across your cunt lips, feeling you wet with desire and sweat. You moaned then, and with my index finger I softly brushed your clit, making you moan again. I pulled away from you and kissed your neck, biting you softly. Your hands rubbed my arms and legs urging me to feel you.

I slid my finger the length of your slit and gently started flicking your clit. Each time I did your body would jerk and your hand reached for the breast not in my possession. I could feel my own body wet with desire and I held you close to me as I touched you.

Your nails slid up my arm as I pressed a finger into you. You said you didn't like this, but your body pressed against me, urging it deeper and I obliged. My thumb flicked against your clit and my mouth was clamped at your neck. You moaned and grabbed for my hand, pressing it to you, wanting me to take you, to feel you, to make you scream with pleasure.

Your body pressed hard against me, biting your neck, squeezing your breast, I fucked you with my hand.

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