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A new society.

Men will be guessing, is she or isn't she? Let them suffer, OK.'

Jane needed to know one last thing before she left. 'Aunt Mabel, this is a real cheek, and I wouldn't ask anyone else this. I really want to know what knickers you are wearing at this moment. Will you please show me?'

'I thought you would never ask,' replied Mabel and stood up. She lifted her skirt right up. 'Oh they are lovely, I have never seen Golden Knic......' Jane stopped in confusion, she had thought that Mabel was wearing Golden Knickers.

When she focused however she realised that they weren't knickers that she was seeing; but thick golden pubic hairs. So thick and dense that she didn't look naked. Jane had seen women wearing thongs that revealed more to the eye than Mabels pubes.

'You are so lucky Aunt Mabel, I would die for such hair as yours. It looks just like spun gold, and it is so thick it looks like you are wearing knickers even when your not.'

Mabel dropped her skirt and hugged Jane, she was very pleased with her. Jane would make a great substitute for her when she had to leave the village and John. Jane kissed her goodnight, and clutching her gifts left for home.

John watched Jane leave, he saw Mabel stand thinking for a few minutes before starting to undress. She only had to remove her tee shirt and skirt to be completely naked. John was puzzled, what was she doing? To his further astonishment, she then bent over the table with her naked bottom to the window.

'Come on John, I haven't got all day you know,' she said clearly and wiggled her bum. He went red in the face; she must have known he was there all the time. He decided to teach her a lesson, and opening the patio doors walked straight up behind her with his cock out and thrust it straight up her waiting cunt.

'You deserve a good fucking for that May, and I'm the man to give it to you,' he growled. Holding her tightly by the shoulders, he commenced to give her the good fucking she deserved. Mabel was already wet from the situation with Jane, and was soon moaning and groaning as John's cock rammed into her again and again.

He was insatiable and full of energy tonight. Seeing Jane naked had really turned him on, and it was only the fact that he was almost coming earlier that saved Mabel from a marathon fuck. As soon as he felt her cunt juices flowing over his cock, he shot his cum deep into her cunt.

Afterwards she lay flat on the table with him lying on top of her, both spent. She could feel his cock shrinking inside her cunt, until it slipped out. 'You are squashing my tits against the table,' she complained. He took a deep breath, and lifted himself off her.

Standing behind her he had a good view of her golden cunt. His cock had been teased so much that evening, that he had ejaculated almost twice as much cum into May as usual. He watched in fascination as it dripped out from between her open cunt lips, and ran slowly down the inside of her legs.

He couldn't resist the temptation that her naked bottom presented to him. He smacked her hard on her bum, and watched as she straightened up with a squeal of outrage. She had a red handprint on one of her bum cheeks. 'Ow that hurt you young bugger, what was that for?'

'I don't really know,' he admitted, 'you are far to clever for me to catch you out. I just know that you are up to no good, and deserve a good spanking.' She squealed; and ran naked into her bedroom, he quickly followed. Catching her around the waist he lifted her right up in the air, before sitting on the bed and placing her face down across his lap.

He started to spank her bottom firmly, one slap on each cheek. Soon each of her bum cheeks became red and glowed with heat. After initially struggling, she finally surrendered to her punishment. She just lay on his lap, with only the occasional moan to indicate her discomfort.

Once he considered that she had been well spanked, he lent over her little red bottom and started to kiss it better.

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