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Erica tries to have her cake and eat it too...

Where Todd had taken me was called the Theater for a reason. The mirror was actually a window from the other side, and on the other side were four rows of theater seats, each row being higher than the one in front of it. People could go in the back room through a door in a closet and watch what was going on in the bedroom area."

"'So everyone was watching me get fucked by all those guys?' 'Yes. We usually assign a pledge to arrange for a hooker to come over for our parties. Do you know anyone that we can get to do that on Saturday? It's good money.' I was even more pissed at Todd now. He was supposed to get a hooker, and instead he tricked me into being the party whore. 'I don't know any hookers and I wouldn't do that to another girl. Why don't I do it?' I totally surprised myself when I said that, I had never willfully done anything of the sort.' 'You can't, you are supposed to be my girlfriend.' 'But I get to fuck anyone I want. And I'll do it for free.' He threw up his hands in disgust and left me standing there. But when Saturday night came around, he and I were at the party together."

"Don told everyone that I liked to circulate and meet new people, so no one thought it strange that I chatted up some of the cute guys. I found one that I liked, and told him to meet me upstairs, and told him how to get to the theater bedroom. Then I walked alone up the back staircase so that no one saw us go up together. Don was in the kitchen, and I winked at him as I walked by him and went up the stairs."

"Since I now knew there were horny young guys, and girls, behind the mirror, I walked into the room, wrapped my arms around the guy's neck, and waved behind my back at the mirror. Then I stood back, and shrugged off my loose fitting dress. I had no bra or panties underneath, and stood there in my red high heels and black thigh high hose. I was getting into it now, and the guy had a decent sized cock. I dropped to my knees and put my mouth on it. He came almost immediately. I swallowed his cum and kept sucking, pulling on his balls, and he stayed erect. I then laid on the bed, spread my legs and said 'Fuck my juicy pussy, I need some cock.' And he did. But he came again quickly before I could orgasm."

"I then proceeded downstairs and did the same thing all over again with another guy. Three more times, in fact."

"When the party was over, I stayed over with Don in his room. He said he watched all four guys fuck me, and that I was incredibly hot. He also said I was the best pussy he had experienced, and he did not regret our deal. He said all the other guys in the frat had seen me fuck at least once, including Todd, who kept saying what a slut I was. We both had a laugh over that. I said that was great, but I didn't cum even once."

"Then Don said to me, 'I think I can fix that.' 'How's that?' 'Fuck more than one guy.' 'I fucked four of them.' 'At the same time.' 'No way, I couldn't do that.' 'You're a natural. You like fucking and you can go for hours. Your kitty is ripe for the fucking of your life.' 'Ahh.' 'Tell you what, I'll set up something with three other guys from the frat. I'll be there.' 'No, not guys from the frat. I practically live here. They'll want it all the time.' 'I know some guys in another frat.' 'Ok, I'll try it.'"

"So Don set up my first gang bang.

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