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There's more to his stepmother than meets the eye.

The first hour was quickly up, and Asif brought Vijaya a cover up to put on. He told us we could watch, as he shot a real centrefold model.

Priya, the girl who came in, was young and beautiful. Asif had her strip in no time down to just stockings. He instructed Priya to spread her pussy and finger herself. Vijaya and I were both getting hot watching.

About halfway of the shoot, Asif's assistant Kazi stripped and joined the session with Priya. Asif instructed Priya to suck Kazi's cock while she fingered her pussy. Asif got a good shot of Kazi coming in Priya's mouth. For the rest of the session Asif had Priya fuck herself with dildos while he got it all on films. I knew that Vijaya was turned on because she was fingering her pussy when Priya was writhing in orgasm from the huge dildo in her cunt.

When the session was finished, Priya excused herself and Asif turned his attention to Vijaya. Vijaya didn't need much encouraging this time, and before long she was flashing her pussy and tits as Asif snapped away with his camera. She moved into different positions as instructed by Asif. With only a panty and a bra on, Vijaya was baring the insides of her cunt for Asif's camera while Priya and Asif's two assistants stood watching. It didn't bother me and from the way Vijaya was rubbing her pussy and showing her lips, it didn't bother her either. It was obvious that Vijaya had lost all her inhibitions watching Priya and was, in fact, now imitating her.

Priya stepped towards Vijaya and offered to undo her bra for her. Vijaya nodded her thanks, and while we all stared at her, Priya slowly unfastened Vijaya's bra and removed it, letting Vijaya's breasts fall under their own weight. I thought she looked magnificent. She stood tall and straight, looking directly at us. Priya stood behind Vijaya, stuck her thumbs into her panty and slowly pulled them down. She bent over, lowering Vijaya's panty to the floor until Vijaya stepped out of them. Vijaya stood completely naked in her high heels. She stood defiant and proud, her dark hair hanging luxuriously on her shoulders. Vijaya wasn't as physically spectacular as Priya, but her breasts were bigger and hung more heavily. She looked very, very hot with generous hips and her belly was almost flat. My eyes travelled lower and she had a trimmed pubic bush.

Asif had already photographed her in a variety of positions when Priya brought a dildo to Vijaya. Asif instructed Vijaya to fuck herself with the dildo. It didn't take her long to stuff the entire length of dildo into her cunt. While Vijaya was jerking herself off, Priya came over to me, opened my zipper and started to give me a blow job. Kazi and Abdul (Asif's other assistant) moved over to Vijaya, and Kazi put his cock in her mouth and Abdul removed the dildo from Vijayas cunt and replaced with his cock.

Priya's mouth was so good that I didn't mind that my wife was now being gang-fucked by two studs. As expected they had circumcised dicks and were about 8 inch long quite thick with hairy wrinkled balls swinging heavy with semen. My own cock was maximum 5 and half inch long, thin one with small nuts. Quite insufficient for a sex bomb like Vijaya. Suddenly I started to support them morally.

They were Muslims and we were Hindu Brahmin. But sex is such a beautiful thing where all differences are insignificant. Even I believed with those big tools they were much better candidate than me to fuck Vijaya.

I breathed to myself "Ok, go ahead, fuck her please." I came in Priya's mouth, but Vijaya and her studs were fucking in every positions that Asif could move them into. Asif kept photographing her, one cock in her pussy and one in her mouth, asking Vijaya if she liked being a slut.

Priya got up and told me it was her turn to have Vijaya to herself. She went over to Vijaya, who was still lying down, and put her cunt right on top of Vijaya's mouth. She told Vijaya to eat her cunt. Soon they were in a 69 and Vijaya had another orgasm.


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