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They passed various closed mines and old equipment for some more pictures, mostly with just Mel but a few with both.

For both of them their favorite was when she stood on the hood of an old truck, squatted until her ass was on her heels and her thighs horizontal. She used her arms to force even better cleavage along with her erect fabric-covered nipples. The lens view offered a possible hint of pussy, the picture framing her in front of the rusted steel framework of an old mine elevator and the two of them were curious what it would look like once developed.

"Did you see my pussy?" she asked as Chris helped her down off the truck, "if not too clearly my mother will be able to hang it on her wall then, show her friends what her little girl is up to out here."

"I don't think so, I wanted this to be a tease shot, people will look twice thinking they've seen something but really won't. But that's the joy of film, you don't always know what you've got until you get it into the darkroom."

"Not like the probes and spy satellites with the sensors," Mel added, "nothing like that for cameras."

"Not yet," Chris continued, "but some of the other comp sci folks I know are working on graphics and photography. It'll be interesting what happens in the next few years."

Once in the car, Chris asked, "So, not only are you a sexy demon, you seem to know lots about astronomy. Planning on studying that?"

"It's been a hobby," Mel said, "I'm good at math and seem to have a sense of orbital mechanics. Had an astronomy club at school and we'd go out of town for stargazing. I didn't see any stars last night, bad lights in the valley. I bet up here would be good."

"Yup, you're right on that, there are clubs that are set up like you did, ask at your orientation but they post the times. We'll see if any soon and can go."

"Oh, and I need maps."

"Oh," Chris was puzzled by that change, "what kind?"

"Here and west. I'm pretty sure I can figure out where that meteorite hit, but need maps. I don't think it made it to the coast."

"Meteorite? I thought it needed to, oh yeah, you think it did hit the ground?"


"Ok, I just have road maps and a few trail maps, but they'll have detailed USGS maps up at the geography department or the library. And if you need I can use the computer lab to run numbers."

"You really know how to treat a girl," Mel cooed, resting her hand on Chris's bare thigh.

Unlike the ski resorts they'd just passed which were just that, the resorts and not much else, and sights along the way what they entered was an actual town and Main Street offered cafes, boutiques, and any other manner of shopping you might want.

They took a few more pictures as they strolled with the summer crowd, window shopping.

"Six pictures left," he told Mel as he put the lens cap on.

"Save them for closeups," she said and then leaned in and whispered, "like maybe one with me covered..."

"I think we can manage that."

"When I have money from my incredibly high-paying job we need to come back here," she commented as she looked at price tags in some of the shop windows.

"I'll make a note, sometime next decade if my pay stub is anything to go by."

"Probably. Although the strip club might be faster."

"So," Chris said as they sat together in a little cafe a block off of the main street, his arm around her shoulder but not dropping as far down as he would've liked, "you haven't really unpacked. We can head down the Canyon after this. There's a washer and dryer in the basement if you need them, anything else to get ready for tomorrow?"

"Couple of things and get my camouflage gear out of your car and wash the bus cooties off," she said sipping her coke, then she made a face, "this tastes funny. Their machine must be off here."

"Oh," he took a sip, "this is 'New Coke.

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