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Unemployed worker becomes mall Santa.

Time seemed to stand still as I took in the sight before me.

The faintest outline of her pussy slit made its way right down the center as her outer lips pressed against the taut fabric. I felt myself flush with excitement as my heart rate soared. "Yes, I'll be happy to do your bikini line." I heard myself say. "But we'll have to remove those panties so I don't ruin them with the wax."

Tentatively, my hands reached out toward the tiny waistband, my fingers touched her soft flesh as they slipped under the satiny fabric. Grasping the tiny straps, I began to slowly slide her underwear down. She lifted her hips as I continued to pull them across her creamy thighs, down her calves and finally, off her body. My heart was pounding so hard, I was sure she could hear it.

Her dark pubic mound was now naked. I felt her inhale as I gently placed my hand on her thigh. Ever so slowly I moved my hand upward toward her pussy. It was quite obvious that if I was going to wax her, I was probably going to have to touch her. As my hand drew nearer her center, her thighs began to part. The soft folds of her inner lips came into view. My finger touched her pubic hair as my thumb came to rest on her pubic mound. My fingers reached down toward her crotch and rested on her thigh as my hand cupped her crotch. Her pussy lips were less than an inch away from my touch.

As I turned to reach for the wax, for the first time, I looked up. Through her blouse, Julie was gently massaging her own breast. My eyes caught hers, and the air became filled with sex. She began to grind her hips and I felt my index finger slip into her moist slit. My finger moved slowly up and down with the rhythm of her grinding. I watched as she unbuttoned first one, then two, and finally, three buttons on her blouse. As her top came open, her white demi bra and the top of her golden tanned orbs came into view. Her hand slipped inside her bra as she massaged her tit and tweaked her still hidden nipple.

My index finger was sliding up and down, slowly, up and down, she let out a little moan as I found her clit. My eyes alternated between watching her rub her breast and my finger rubbing her steamy slit. With my left thumb and forefinger, I pulled her soft lips open, revealing her shiny, hot pink inner wetness. Her clitty appeared and begged for attention. She was getting wetter and wetter as I played with her little pearl. Rubbing it gently with my finger, around and around, then up and down.

She reached between her tits and with one hand released the clasp holding her little white bra in place, Finally, her pert young tits came into view. They were luscious, like two ripe pears, her dark rose nipples were hard and anxious for her touch. She pulled them and pinched them as I finally felt my middle finger slip into her hot moist fuck hole. My fingers had never been in another woman's pussy before. I was struck by how warm and wet it was inside. Soon I had 2 fingers in and I could feel the texture of her inner walls as I wiggled them back and forth. The sweet aroma of her girl juice filled my nostrils as my fingers penetrated deeper and deeper. Using a steady in and out motion I continued to finger fuck her. For the first time noticed how wet my own pussy had become. I squeezed my thighs together and actually felt the dampness on my panties.

While I continued to fuck her with my right hand, I used my left to get my first feel of another woman's tits.

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