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Gaping first at the girl, then at Cass, the man shrugged his shoulders in disbelief, and continued on his way.

With the next two men, however, the girl was not so lucky. Having heard about the raffle from a friend, they were already intent upon excitement when they noticed the half-naked girl. They fell silent, smiling, and one whispered something in the other's ear. Then, advancing quickly upon the girl, they caught her between them, with one's hands on her breasts from behind, and one's face in her naked pussy.

"Very well, I shall enter your raffle now," declared the girl's mistress, inside the store, bringing Cass back from her erotic reverie. The woman began to push her first bead into Cass's cunt, which spasmed suddenly at the woman's touch. How was it possible for Cass to be so turned on? It had only been fifteen minutes! But her pussy was undeniably wet, and her little clit was beginning to harden. As the bead reached the limit of Cass's vagina, the woman's knuckle pressed briefly against Cass's clit, causing her to shudder while she watched the scene outside.

Just a few feet beyond Cass's window, the two men were handling the girl roughly, and she offered no resistance. The man in front had taken out his stiffened penis, and, while Cass looked on, he shoved it quickly inside the girl's dripping pussy.

Cass felt a second bead making its way inside her. She was reaching her climax, and she knew the woman could tell. Cass was so humiliated, knowing she was about to be made an even greater spectacle of, but she couldn't help wanting the sensations to continue.

Outside her window, Cass could see the trio still fucking on the sidewalk. Despite her tender years, the girl was obviously experienced and quite skilled, for she had dropped her skirt and was leaning backward, supported at her waist by the rough hands of the man whose penis was inside her cunt. The girl reach back to brace h er hands on the second man's hips while he undid his zipper. His cock sprang out, already hard.

Cass felt the woman's fingers again on her labia. She was on the verge of orgasm. When the bead brushed her clit, Cass lost control. The sight of the girl's eager mouth sucking the second penis into her body, and the merciless touch of the unfamiliar woman sent Cass into an incredible orgasm which shook the wooden frame and threatened to sprain the woman's finger as it burrowed into Cass's clasping vagina.

It was all too much for Cass, whose blood rushed immediately to her downward-pointing head. She blacked out, waking a few minutes later to discover herself once more upright. The woman had left, taking her "pet" with her. The two men, however, had each bought a raffle ticket. . .

By the end of the three hours, Cass was exhausted. Nearly 60 tickets had been sold, and the constant rolling and shifting of the numbered beads within her pussy had brought her to orgasm three more times, keeping her in a constant state of arousal. Fortunately, she had grown accustomed to the frequent rotation of the frame, and so she no longer felt queasy. She imagined that this was what sailors meant by "sea legs," although she laughed at this incongruous thought as soon as it had left her head.

No raffle tickets had been sold for fifteen minutes (a much-needed break for Cass!), and the customers were congregating in preparation for the noontime drawing. They were all eagerly excited, but the sight of so many people at once nearly overwhelmed Cass. She didn't know exactly what Cy had in mind; but after that morning, she wasn't looking forward to its happening in front of this ea of faces. Gagged as she was, though, she knew she might as well resign herself to her fate and to her trusted lover.

As the church bells around town began their sonorous chime of twelve o'clock, Cy appeared from the back of the store.

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