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A daughter is drawn in by a chance at easy money.

She pushed him down on his back and crawled up between his legs, taking his cum covered cock into her mouth, licking and sucking the shaft and his balls until he hardened again.

She had two orgasms while he fucked her the second time.

"I always wanted to have sex with my mom," he confessed to her as they lay cuddled together. "I still do."

"Well, I want to fuck my son, so maybe we can work something out."

Eddie grinned broadly and slid two fingers into her sticky pussy, his cock hardening again against her side.

"Anything you want...anything at all...Mommy!"

Alicia rolled on top of him and was already cumming when his cock pushed into her pussy again....

....Alicia's pussy throbbed reading the young man's note. He was asking, pleading really, to get together with her again that afternoon.

"Please Mommy...please...I'm so horny...I need my cock inside your pussy...I'll do anything you want...anything at all!"

Feeling a drop of her juices seeping down one leg, Alicia reached down and spread her pussy lips with two fingers. Her rather large clit popped out from under its fleshy hood. She swirled it between two fingers as the familiar tingle of a growing orgasm surged through her groin for a quick climax.

She wrote back for him to come over in an hour since she had other plans for the evening. Alicia figured she could fuck the young man at least three times before she was to meet some female coworkers for a girls night out. It turned her on to think of Eddie's cum coating the inside of her panties and her pussy all evening.

After a quick reading, she dismissed the two messages from the dating site. That left her with Jorge's message and her already damp pussy clenched in anticipation as she opened it....

....Since their first night together about three weeks before, Jorge sent her a sext message every morning with a picture of his hard cock. The last time, his gummy cum drizzled down the shaft and over his fingers. She looked at that one when she masturbated the night before.

She and Jorge had gotten together twice more since their first encounter. The second time, he used his tongue on every part of her body and drove her absolutely up the wall when he licked her asshole while he fingered her pussy. He suggested they try anal but she was not at all sure about it at that point. She did cum more times than she could recall and when he left, his cum seeped from her pussy and smeared her cheeks and chin.

The last time she saw him was about a week before. He became extremely excited when she told him she couldn't fuck because she was on her period.

"Don't be ridiculous," he insisted, "of course we can fuck and much more. I bet you are hornier than usual too."

He was right, of course. She had squirmed around all day and even masturbated upon getting relieve the cramps she told herself...but was still unsatisfied. Yet she hesitated, mostly because she never tried period sex before and was frankly a little embarrassed.

That didn't keep Jorge from charging ahead.

Thirty minutes after their phone call ended, he was knocking at her door. He literally swept her off her feet when she answered and carried her to the bed. Then he ever so slowly stripped her until she lay completely naked with only the string from her tampon dangling between her thighs.

He wasted no time removing his own clothes and when naked, climbed on the bed next to her, kissing and stoking all over her body until his face was buried between her legs and his hands pinched both of her sensitive nipples.

By that time, Alicia was moaning softly, losing herself in the flood of tactile sensations washing over her body. She barely noticed when Jorge took the tampon's string in his teeth and gently pulled it out of her, letting it dangle over his chin for a moment. She gasped when she glanced up to see it swinging there.

Jorge smiled and let it drop to the bed then buried his face in her dripping pussy, sucking her clit and licking her slit as the first orgasm surged through

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