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Pa dies, Ma and Sissy look to the new man of the house.

I felt myself getting warm and aroused again. As much as I tried to smother my sexual feelings, they just got stronger.

Suddenly Cheryl asked, "Are you scared of me because I answered bisexual?"

"Maybe a little," I admitted. "It just feels so creepy that you are just sitting there having sexual thoughts about me."

Cheryl raised her gaze to mine, "Why not think about it this way: It feels good, no matter who is doing the touching."

I shuddered, "That is so gross!"

"Oh come on, Ella," she persisted, "am I really that disgusting to you?"

"Well, no," I found myself admitting again, "Actually, you are pretty, and if I was inclined to be bisexual, I'm sure we could joyfully kill the whole day."

"You'd have terrific fun, and it would be SO interesting, don't you think?" asked Cheryl wistfully.

I shrugged, "I suppose so, but you know, anyone could walk in here any minute. How would it look for someone to come in and find us with your face in my lap?"

Cheryl blinked, "It would look normal enough. I mean, I admitted I was bisexual, and sex is certainly a natural enough pastime when there is nothing else to do." Cheryl looked at me shyly over the rim of her glasses, "I guess you'd have to change your answer about your sexual preference though."

That got a smile from me. I couldn't help it. I cleared my throat, having trouble believing what I was getting ready to say, "If it would help you pass the time, Cheryl, well, I wouldn't be offended if you touched yourself."

Cheryl made a little squeak in her throat, "That is just so sweet of you, Ella! I honestly wish I could kiss you in gratitude."

I'm sure I turned redder than I already was, "Oh, think nothing of it, Cheryl." I grudgingly added, "I'll even watch you touch yourself, if you really want me to."

"No," Cheryl insisted, standing up and walking over to the front of my chair, "I honestly wish I could kiss you in gratitude."

I looked up at her in dismay, "Well, I'm sorry Cheryl, but I don't want to kiss you." She reached down for my hands and tugged. To my surprise I found myself standing up for her. She was standing too close to me, and I wanted to back up but I couldn't as my legs were already touching the edge of the chair. Cheryl put her hands on my upper chest and slid them up and over my shoulders, then she was hugging my neck in her arms and her face turned diagonally and she was kissing me. All before I really knew or had time to artfully escape. I suppose I could have turned my cheek to her but I hadn't. I had just stood there, helpless as a mannequin while she manipulated me.

And here I was thinking how shocked I am by Cheryl's kiss, and she's still doing it! I had just automatically opened my mouth to her when her lips, molded over mine as they were, spread apart to let her hot tongue escape from her mouth and into mine. And I had no excuse at all for my tongue rubbing hers like that, and why did I find it so sweet to taste the underside of her tongue? The kiss was going on long enough that I notice my breathing through my nose and how my heart was beating faster, and there were butterflies in my lower abdomen, and a spreading warmth in my groin...

I could hear Cheryl's breathing too, and how it was slowly speeding up. I could smell her hair, and noticed she was pressing her breasts against mine. Her breasts weren't big but I could feel that they were firm. Finally her kiss broke and I stood there panting and gazing into her deep brown eyes. She spoke slowly and very softly, "Ella, I don't think it would be too much trouble for you to pretend to be bisexual would it? Just for a day?"

I stepped sideways which freed me from the chair and let me back up to the canvas wall, which was solid - maybe there was a big cabinet on the other side or something.

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