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Alex sat for a moment, part of her trying to believe this was just a fun little game, part of her aware that the decision held greater weight. She knew she should be shocked and angered by the request, it was indecent and humiliating. Being honest, however, she had to admit she felt none of that, only excitement and anticipation. They both knew she liked the idea, they both knew she was aroused and wanted to know where he could take her. There was no use denying it.

She rose up and quietly went into the ladies room. As she slipped off her panties she was surprised how wet they were, the crotch of the thin cotton almost transparent. She balled the material up into her small fist and made her way back out to the table. She was aware of the air blowing across her naked skin, the touch of the dress on the back of her thighs reassuring her that all the essentials were covered. She was amazed that she didn't feel naughty, but instead sexy, powerful.

Richard smiled at her, his hand waiting open just under the tables edge. She dropped her panties into his hand and took her seat, hoping no one else in the room noticed her flaming cheeks.

"Good girl Alex, I'm very pleased." Richard said with a smile.He raised the hand with her panties to his nose, Alex was shocked to see him breath in deeply. "So good pretty one." He smiled again, tucking the ball of material into his pocket.

"Please, eat, relax, I want to get to know you better." Richard said with a smile.

It took a few minutes, but Alex was able to relax a bit and enjoy her meal. Through the course of the evening she learned he was a carpenter and a widower. She had been close on his age - he was 44. They talked about television and books and found they had very similar tastes. The conversation flowed easily with smiles and flirtatious comments. Alex felt more at ease than she usually did on a date, until she remembered that her panties were in his pocket.

"You've just gone red pretty girl" Richard said to her softly, a touch of humor in his voice. "Why is that?" He continued, knowing the answer.

"I just remembered you have my panties in your pocket." She answered, blushing even more.

"Ah, I see. Yes, that's true. I plan on keeping them there, sending you home with your juices sliding down your thighs. How does that sound Alex?" Richard taunted.

She swallowed at his words, squeezing her thighs as her inner parts throbbed. She had no doubt he would be able to do it.

"I, ah...oh....um, what will you get me to do?" she asked, almost whispering.

Richard grinned at her, leaning forward.

"No fun telling you before hand, pretty one. Need to keep the element of surprise." He winked as he teased her. "Besides, there are other ways to make you drip. Do you want to know, pretty Alex, what I did after you left on Saturday?" Richard asked.

Alex nodded her head, taking a sip of her water, drawn in by his words.

"I stroked my hard cock pretty girl." Hearing Alex's small gasp, he grinned.

"I was so hard from watching you pretty girl, Your fingers in that sweet cunt of yours, yes, but other things too. The way you blushed. Your free hand tweaking your hard little nipple. I could see your breaths coming in pants, your thighs shaking. I could see the ripple of your abs as you got close to climax. I wanted to feel that pretty girl." He happily informed her.

By the time Richard finished talking, Alex was squirming in her seat, seeing herself through her eyes as her mind replayed the sensations. She raised her eyes to his, his probing look making her feel exposed, but not uncomfortable.

"And tonight, pretty little Alex," Richard continued, his voice so low she had to lean forward to hear. "Tonight it's going to be your panties rubbing along my shaft, my cum will join that wet spot. What do you think of that pretty girl?" He teased.

Richard chuckled as Alex let out a sound.

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