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The conclusion to the series of James, Lisa and now his Mom.

So long as you don't make it obvious, I've challenged her to let your hands go wherever they like. You can squeeze her ass, you can stroke her leg and if that "accidentally" pulls her dress up a little bit, that's fine, and if you can be sly about it, let me just re-iterate that she won't stop your hands going anywhere."

"Obviously, if you do stroke her leg in order to get her dress to ride up a bit, don't take the piss and yank it right up and expose her to the whole club, as that will pretty much call the whole thing off" Dan advised them.

The three guys were now starting to believe that there was a small chance he wasn't lying, but still not sure he had basically told them they can touch her up in the club.

"There are a couple of other points I'll inform you of in due course" he said as he saw Hayley walking back towards them. He gave her the thumbs up sign with a nod, which was responded to with a smirk and a raise of her eyebrows. As she got closer to the table, she started again moving and swaying to the music. By this time, the cheesy pop had pretty much finished, and had been replaced by some slower pop ballad, which made the slow and sexy dancing a bit easier. She reached the table and immediately moved to position herself in between the 4 guys, almost as if to cage herself in. In reality, she had placed herself there because of the challenge Dan had given her just before she went the loo.

The thought of it had her tingling with anticipation, and when she saw Dan give the nod, she felt her crotch heat up in readiness and willingness. She figured since she had hardly interacted with Jake but Dan had been talking to him for a while and had probably told him the most information about the challenge, she would start with him, and he could lead the others on. Moving closer to him, she continued swaying in time to the music, progressively getting closer and closer until she had got her back pressed against his chest. Upon reaching this point, she began moving more erotically, grinding her pert little bum into the area of his jeans that held his cock back. She continued to push back into him whilst moving the rest of her body, slowly teasing the other guys watching her with her movements as Jake stood smiling at his friends. Having watched this for a few minutes, Dan noticed that Jakes hands still hadn't moved from where they were before the impromptu lap dance started.

'Probably unsure about doing it, just in case' though Dan to himself, so he moved a little closer, and guided Jake's hand straight onto Hayley's right ass cheek and motioned for him to start moving it around and give it a squeeze. Jake did as instructed, letting his hand first tighten and grip the posterior in his palm, then allowing it to start exploring her, sliding it around her waist and over her stomach, before bringing it back to her side and sliding it down her leg to her ankle and back up to her bum cheek. He again looked at Dan, almost as if checking this was ok with him. Rather than looking any kind of annoyed, Dan was smiling at him, and mouthed to him to use both hands whilst motioning to run his hands down her side again and pull the dress up slightly. This seemed to be the encouragement Jake needed, as straight away he placed his other hand on her hips and began grinding a lot more actively.

This seemed to perk up Hayley, as she immediately responded by pushing herself further into him as his hands began to wander again.

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