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Miranda has an unexpected reaction to Dan's affair.

She took her time and I could not take my eyes off her legs encased by these soft black tights and her white small tennis shoes, probably size 5. It was hard for me not to make any noise but at this moment she suddenly turned around, facing the bed, and looked me right into the face.

"Good morning!" I said. She was quite startled by her discovery.

"Oh sir, I'm so very sorry, I had no idea -- " she apologized but I put my finger on my mouth.

"I'm just not feeling that well today, that's why I'm not on the beach. Would you mind giving me some company for a bit?"

She was unsure what that was supposed to mean, but then just sat on the foot end of my bed. From her face, she clearly was Thai and I estimated her to be just a couple years older than me. The contours of her boobs were quite visible underneath her dress and they were not too small for an Asian girl like her.

We chatted a bit about this and that, and eventually I took the initiative and moved closer to her to touch her thighs. Such a soft and delicious skin, I felt it through the smooth tights. It was wonderful and aroused me tremendously. She was shy and just sat there without moving or doing anything. I took off my boxer shorts and exposed my hard-on to her. She had a look in the face as if she had never seen that before and maybe that was true. I took her little hands; she had her nails short but painted with pink polish, and showed her how to work my boner. She was a very good student at that and the second lesson was to suck my cock -- ah, did that feel good! I looked into her eyes as she was sucking on it, soft at first, then harder and could not help but coming into the mouth of this Thai cutie. She gagged a bit on my cum but swallowed it all down.

Now I took off her dress, bra, and tennis shoes, so she wore only her black tights and her panties underneath them. She was still sitting at my bed without much motion. Her feet were as cute and small as her hands and I licked them and sucked on them, enjoying the flavor of a young girl's sweat, all coming through these silky black tights...

My tongue then went up her legs towards her crotch and I spent a long while there, also using my fingers to massage her private parts underneath all that fabric. At one point I gently moved my hand underneath her tights and then underneath her panties and found her already very wet down there. I continued the slow, then faster, then slow again massage which turned her on even more as she now started to moan a bit and moved her head backwards so her hair fell down behind her. I felt that she had shaved her pussy except for a small triangular shaped piece of fur right above her lips.

I took her feet in tights and moved them on my penis, indicating a stroking motion. Again, I was amazed how skillful she was at doing a foot job for me. She teased me by using her toe nails to slightly scratch my balls and then my penis and alternated between a gentle massage and a firm grip of my manhood. I got wonderfully aroused and excited and then came a second time, now on her feet and legs and massaged my cum into her tights, before I took them off.

Now suddenly she took the initiative, took off her pink panties and embraced me very tightly so that my penis was feeling her warm body. We started caressing each other and kissing deeply, playing for a long time with our tongues.

Somehow it seems she had figured out what I liked since she sat down, stretched out her cute, small, sexy feet and started with her second foot job, this time no tights on. I could not help but taking her feet into my hands and putting them onto my face, licking her soles, then all her toes individually -- which also were painted pink -- and finally sucking on them. She chuckled while I was doing that, I guess she was ticklish there, and this turned me on even more.

I put her whole right foot into my mouth and just enjoyed the flavor of the foot of this young Thai woman, still tasting a little bit sweaty, but also sweet and girly at the same time

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