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Scott's biggest lesson in life comes from Mary.

I examined the two of us in the mirror. Faith standing with her hands hanging loosely by her sides, her head slightly tilted forward, her eyes closed as far as I could tell, simply waiting for what I would do next.

I could not recognise myself. This was a different Nick to the one I had shaved in the morning. Of course to be practical about it this was all about the candle light heightening mystery, deepening shadows and flattering people; but it seemed to me that I was someone else's fantasy figure, come to life.

I kissed down one side of her head, starting just behind one of her almost elven-looking ears, and she very slightly leaned her head to the other side to give me access. While I did this I also took hold of the zip and pulled it slowly to halfway down her back, the quiet clicking noise it made magnified in the silence of the room, so that her dress hung open at the back and off her shoulders, allowing me to give her another longer kiss just above her collar bone. Faith's skin was almost too soft to be skin, covered in the finest possible fur, too fine to be seen by human eyes.

I stepped back from her and, surprised, she opened her eyes to look at me in the mirror.

"Take off your dress, Faith."

And she did, simply, slightly awkwardly, and I took it from her and laid it on the armchair. She was now standing in the same place in her simple plain underwear and shoes, still facing the mirror.

"Take off your bra, Faith."

Her cheeks were burning even brighter, and the top of her chest was also flushed, looking almost like it had been stained by strawberry juice. She did as she was told and held her bra out to me. I put it on the chair. She had her hands held awkwardly in front of her breasts.

"Put your hands down beside you, Faith". My voice was still low, quiet and uninflected. After the slightest hesitation she did so. I stepped up to her again and reached round with one hand to caress down from the base of her neck with the palm of my hand until I reached her nipple, which was standing out, looking almost painfully hard and I cupped her small, beautifully rounded breast from underneath. At the same time I leaned my head down on the other side to kiss the place where her shoulder became her neck. I felt her making another capitulation inside, letting go of shame.

Again I stopped and stepped back.

"Take off your panties, Faith."

She went to take off her shoes first, but I stopped her.

"No, Faith, not your shoes. Just your panties." I allowed my voice to be a little harsher, administering a rebuke.

She did what I said, although awkwardly, almost staggering and I guessed that she had never taken off her panties while wearing heels. But I did not step up to help her.

Faith now stood in just her shoes in front of the mirror and this time her eyes were fully open, examining herself as though the woman she saw was a stranger to her, which I guess she was. Without the shoes she would have just been naked but like this there had to be another word for it, though not any that she or I knew.

In no hurry, I enjoyed the view. And now she made no effort to cover herself, only catching my eye in the mirror, her pupils wildly dilated in the dim light. The contrast between my still fully-clothed form and hers was stirring me in a way I had never known, and her as well I suspect. I turned her towards me and gently lifted her face up to meet me, kissing her fully on the lips. At first her response was passive but then she began to respond, and at that point I stopped again and pulled away.

"Unbutton my shirt, Faith." It took her a bit by surprise. Perhaps she imagined I would undress myself. But she did what I said, fumbling with them in a way I found far more exciting than any dexterity would have been. When she finished she removed the shirt from me and I did not stop her and her reaction when her fingers touched my skin was as though it burned her.

I took my jeans off by myself, imagining that if we tried it any other w

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