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OL's carpool ride got caught in the middle.

I'd love to make love with you but right now I'm sure I'd be no fun."

"Of course, baby." I pulled down the covers and helped her under them. I took the time to put the bottle of champagne in the bucket and threw the towel into the sink. By the time I got back my sexy little bride was snoring softly so I climbed in behind her, kissed her on the cheek and settled down for the night.


I woke from what I thought was a very erotic dream that turned out to be my new wife arousing me from sleep with some very vigorous sucking. I opened my eyes and smiled sleepily.

"Hey," I said with a yawn.

"Hey yourself. My you were dead to the world! I thought I was losing my touch!" she said as she crawled up the bed to kiss me.

"I was having this wonderful dream that turned out to be real. What time is it, anyway?"

"Two AM, why?"

"Isn't it a little early? We don't have to be at the dock until ten."

"It would be way early if we were going to the dock. We're going to have sex on our wedding night and it's not too early for that!"

"Oh, I see. What we did earlier wasn't sex?" I asked innocently.

"It was but not the kind *I* want on my wedding night. I want to feel my husband's cock buried deep in my pussy, as he makes mad passionate love to me."

"I can do that!" I said as I grabbed her, pushing her down on the bed as I crawled between her legs. Even though she'd been sucking me I figured I might not be wet enough since we'd been talking for a bit so I grabbed her legs and folded them up so that her knees were almost to her shoulders. This opened her lewdly to my gazed, her little pussy winked at me in anticipation. Leaning down I swiped my tongue over her making sure to get her good and wet with my mouth. I pulled back while she held her legs open and wet myself. I placed my cock at her entrance and pushed. I loved to watch as I entered her and now that I was entering my wife for the first time the act took on new significance.

"I love you, wife," I said gazing deeply into her eyes. She was a picture of contradiction. Her face bore an expression of sheer love while her body was lewdly displayed to her lover as he entered her body.

"And I love you, husband. Take me, my love. Take your wife and make her yours!" She threw her head back in delight as I bottomed out in her. I lay on top of her, sliding my arms under her shoulders, gathering her body close to me. She released her legs allowing her to lock them around my waist. I wanted this coupling to be slow and loving but Jamie wanted something else. "Yeah, baby! Fuck me! Come on, honey let me have it!"

Her hips began to pound into me, using her legs as leverage to allow her to fuck me rather than the other way around. If she wanted it hard then who was I to deny her? I lifted up a little, gaining a little leverage. I began to stroke into her using long fast strokes. I pulled back as far as I could then quickly shoved myself home, meeting her thrusts back at me. Our loins smacked loudly, rapidly, the slap, slap, slap of flesh echoing off the walls. I worked hard to hold off, aided by her previous efforts earlier in the evening, but long before I wanted to I felt my orgasm rising in my balls.

"Ugh! Cumming! Baby, God I love you!" I ground out as I buried myself deeply and spilled my semen into her hot orifice. Luckily she reached her orgasm soon after me. I felt her muscles clench around me and the wetness of her ejaculation on my belly.
"YES!!!! OH GOD YESSSSSSSS!" she cried out so loudly I hoped that she didn't wake the people in the next rooms. I loved how free she was, how vocal, but at times like this I did worry that she might disturb others. I pushed into her with my softening cock, eliciting little grunts from my lovely wife. Once I slid from within her I rolled onto my back bringing her with me, our usual way of enjoying the afterglow of our lovemaking.

"So is married sex any better than when we were living in sin?" I asked teasingly.

"I don't know, ask me again in ten or twenty years, okay?" she replied quite seriously, even though her eyes were

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