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Our introvert geek spies his neighbour one time too many.

What are your thoughts on the session we just completed?"

"Trainer, I'm not really sure at the moment, to be completely honest. I had no problem being with Serafina in heat of the moment, and I'm finding that I don't regret it; but I am embarrassed by it. I feel conflicted I guess if anything...I know that on one hand I should feel shame because that was what Lindsey was taught to feel, and yet I know, intuitively, that isn't the purpose of tonight." 57 frowned, a crease forming between the delicate arches of her eyebrows.

"And what do you think that purpose is?" Evan asked.

"I don't have a truly confident answer, Trainer; but if I had to make an educated guess it would be that you were trying to introduce me to new things - women in particular." Another wave of heat flooded her, but this time it was equal parts embarrassment and arousal.

"Well, it's my job to introduce you to new things, and it's true that this afternoon's session had that as a major purpose," Evan replied, "I'm going to have you explore in this direction some more tonight, but I'm delegating that task to Serafina. I'm turning you over to her for more exploration and instruction. You're to follow her orders as you would mine."

"Yes, Trainer," she said as a smile crossed her lips. The thought of spending more time with Fina was actually something she didn't mind at all. She truly liked the woman and hoped that at some point they would be great friends to one another.

Turning to Serafina, Evan said, "I'll leave her in your hands tonight, my dear. You're both dismissed."

"Yes, Master," Fina said quietly then halfway turned towards the door, waiting for 57 to acknowledge Evan's dismissal. Their hands were still linked together and she rubbed her thumb along the slaves hand in a comforting manner. Not only did she want to comfort the girl at this moment, but she also wanted to keep her tuned in to the fact that their bodies still touched.

"Yes Trainer," 57 answered. She felt a little thrill of sensual electricity pass through her at Fina's caress and allowed herself to be led, but remembering her training asked, "Should I get my uniform, Serafina?"

"No, pet. You shall walk naked. I am sure that your 'uniform' will find its way back to your room in order to be washed." Fina smiled a bit and headed towards the door.

"Yes Serafina," 57 answered shyly as she followed along. The thought of walking through the public areas of the house made her a bit nervous. Intellectually, she knew that the little scrap of cloth that made up her uniform didn't really cover much at all but, emotionally, it still gave some sense of security. Evan had placed Fina in charge however, and she was going to do her best to follow her instructions as well as she would have followed her trainer's.

After exiting the basement they made their way to the staircase. They ascended to the second floor and onto the thick, plush carpeting, passing by the walls decorated with sconces and paintings. They walked down the hallway to a door at its far end. The door was plain as far as engravings went, but beautiful when compared to the spartan living space the slaves lived in.

Fina pushed the door open, revealing a beautiful interior and smiled as she turned to 57 saying, "My oasis for when I am here." The walls were a deep red color and the floors were covered with thick black carpeting. There were no couches or chairs; instead there were huge pillows of varying sizes where one would assume the sitting area to be. There were a few Japanese-style low tables with some knickknacks placed tastefully here and there, but the most remarkable thing about the entire room was the central fire place. Everything was centered around this sleek design. It didn't have a base to it, but instead was suspended from the ceiling. The pit itself was circular and had a fire grate all the way around though it wasn't necessary as it didn't burn real wood.

"Oh wow!" 57 exclaimed, "This is like something from a

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