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She tempts her professor for the second time

"What's this shit?" I asked.

"Ecstasy." Paul licked his lips.

I took them and within the hour I found myself dancing to the mind thumping music. I moved to the rhythm and young girls left and right on the dance floor came up to me to dance dirty and bounce on me. I had a huge boner for the world to see and it was grabbing the girls attention. My dick had a mind of its own, it even slid up a girls skirt and I rubbed my erection against her g-string. She gave me a look.

"I'm taken big cock." She said and danced away with a wink.

I danced on and I found a young giggling college girl who shyly let me dance close to her. She was a bit darker skinned and had nice small breasts and as the electronic music played I danced closely behind her and squeezed her small boobs and she wiggled her hips against my crotch. She laughed as I grinded my cock against her tight pants.

"You have a boner!" She giggled in my ear.

"I want to fuck you little girl." I whispered back.

"Its Shelly," She said nervously. "It's hot in here. I'm going to get a drink if you want to come."

"I do want to cum." I said and followed her to the beer tap.

"I've never really done much." Shelly admitted after a bit of small talk.

"Your a virgin?" I asked surprised, although she was young, I didn't expect to find a virgin at this party. She nodded a little embarrassed.

"Have you ever given a man head before?" I asked.

"Yes, once, kind of...I really just licked it for a little bit and a lot of white stuff came out." Shelly turned red

"Just after a few licks? Wow you must be if you suck me..." I started, the ecstasy ran through my veins, my body felt bliss and I wanted to have my dick enveloped in a nice warm place.

"Uh, No, I can't." She looked away.

"I'll give you fifty dollars..." I offered frustrated. I couldn't believe what I said and silence hung in air between us.

"For my bills I need a hundred." She whispered so softly that I barely heard her.

"Okay," I smiled looking at her breasts that quivered as she breathed nervously. "Lets find a room."

She tagged along quietly behind me, no doubt she was trying to talk herself out of the deal.

We found an empty bedroom, I ushered her in and locked the door behind her. We were completely alone my little virgin and I, and I was so hard my balls were aching.

"Take off your clothes and lay on the bed." I ordered.

"I don't know if I want too." she said, she sounded like she was backing out of the deal yet she was undoing her blouse. Her bra was white and held her boobs snuggly, her nipples looked hard and poked against the white fabric. I came up to her and slowly undid the top button of her jeans. My thumb brushed down the front of her panties as I unzipped her zipper.

"Why do I have to get naked to suck you?" She asked nervously.

"Do as your told. I'm paying you remember?" I looked at her softly. Her young cheeks flushed and she reluctantly took off her bra and panties and laid on the bed. I towered over her and pulled out my cock, it was already rock hard and I started to masturbate, I cupped my balls in one hand and gently squeezed as I started pumping with the other hand. She started looking really nervous as she laid before me vulnerably exposed watching me pump over her.

"This is how you masturbate a man." I demonstrated and my fat head was pulsating. She laid speechless just watching me play with myself. I groaned in pleasure feeling the ecstasy run through me in pleasure waves and clear pre-cum dripped down my head

"Spread your legs and spread your lips." I commanded pushing the boundaries. I wanted more eye-candy.

"T-t-t-thats not what we agreed." She stammered.

"Do it, or I am going to pop your cherry and next thing you know your going to be riding this hard cock." I said irritated.

She nervously reached down and did what she was told, she closed her eyes, spread her legs and exposed herself to me. I eyed her little virgin pussy, it had little hair and was glistening with already being wet.

"Hold yourself open more.

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