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How does our guy deal with a new lady in charge?


Now he looks stunned as though he can't believe his ears. I guess Solange really is going to find out if he wears boxers or briefs and the size of the package he carries around after all. Hell, it's only fair J.T. already knows she wears a thong!!

Outwardly he appears calm as though he's done this a million times. His frazzled look has disappeared momentarily, and I'm sure under the circumstances his heart is beating like a drum. She gently cups the sides of his face and kisses him gently. He tells her he recognizes the scent of her Victoria's Secret hand lotion and how it always had a calming affect on him. She smiles as her lips meet his once again. She's wearing an ankle-length cotton-wool blend navy skirt with a long slit up the side, 3-inch pumps, and a light blue twin set that barely secures her vivacious breasts. He reaches up her skirt and touches her inner thighs and then her clitoris. She's wet and he can't resist tasting her, but instead she takes his index finger and licks it slowly much to his surprise! Not one to be outdone, he touches her clit again and smiles as he licks his fingers. For three years he wondered what she tasted like and now he knows the best is yet to come.

He smiles at her as she reaches for his manhood. They kiss again while he simultaneously helps her out of her sweater, blouse and bra. At last her breasts are revealed, and they're beautiful! He looks unsure as if he can't decide whether to lick them, suck them, or fuck them! But outwardly he remains calm. He removes his pants and says to her; "I want to toss your salad."

She pulls her skirt up around her waist so that her firm, caf__ au lait tanned ass is in his face. He puts his tongue in her ass and licks her as she moves closer to catch every stroke of his hot tongue. From nowhere she pulls out a vibrator and playfully mimicking Scar face says; "say hello to my little friend."

Undaunted, he continues to lick her ass and fingers her wet pussy while she stimulates her clit. She's getting wetter as their rhythm gets more intense. She sighs and moans and utters something in Portuguese. Their pace intensifies, as she begins to flex her vaginal muscles and her pussy tightens all to his delight. He knows she's close to an orgasm. She looks at him and says; "I can't wait to have you inside of me."

He tells her he can't wait for her to orgasm so he can lick her cum-soaked pussy. Almost instantly she tightens up and says to him in Portuguese and again in English that she's having an orgasm. He can tell that this is a good one as she momentarily is out of breath and her skin is moist with perspiration.

J.T. has got to be feeling good now. I know he's anxious to get inside of her, but Solange has other plans. She knows that once he ejaculates there may be a refractory period and she wants to savor every minute because their 2-hour window is dwindling. She slides off her skirt, grabs his stiff dick and puts it in her mouth. She begins to drive him wild with excitement as she strokes him and fondles his balls and ass. She's obviously in control now and even though he can't wait to feel her pussy around his shaft he allows her to take control, because he knows it's just a matter of time. She can tell he's about to cum so she slows down just enough, but not too much. Finally she looks at him and says; "I want to take a ride."

Slowly she mounts his rock hard dick cowgirl style. She goes all the way down his shaft then back up again. She continues this slowly, but surely. Their eyes meet and they kiss passionately. He grabs her breasts and sucks them like a starving baby. Her nipples are as hard as his dick and he knows she's aroused. He tells her to take a ride reverse cowgirl style and without another word she obliges, her eyes half open as if she were in a hypnotic state. He finds her little friend and tells her to stimulate her clit with it some more, and she does. Their rhythm intensifies; she tightens her pussy around his dick as she moves up and down, up and down.

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