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Futanari fantasy story about a young woman visiting her aunt.


"How would you like to make love to Ed, Katie? How would you like to feel that cock of his inside of you?" Pat asked her in a loud whisper as Katie continued to stare at Ed's arching manhood, so impossibly erect that it curled up toward his navel, fully exposing his oversized nut sack that dangled freely between his thighs.

"You're right about Ed being big," Pat continued. "He is, and he knows how to use it too babe. Look at how huge the head of his cock is. When that slides into your pussy you'll think you went to heaven. See how those veins in the shaft are bulging? Why, you can almost see them throbbing! That's all because of you, and how much you turn him on. He'd make you feel so good. It wouldn't be anything like your first time, I promise."

"But... you two are married," Katie said with uncertainty.

"That's okay baby," Pat told her. "Besides, it would really turn me on to watch you two."

"Pat, I gotta tell you that right now I would be as bad as her first guy was" Ed said with a little embarrassment. "I'm so turned on that I'm ready to burst any second."

"Well, we can't have that after all the buildup I just gave you, can we? Pat said. "Tell you what Ed. Why don't you sit down and let Katie get a little familiar with your equipment."

Pat reached under the couch and pulled out a bottle of baby oil and whispered to Katie, who nodded while holding her hand out. Pat poured some oil into Katie's cupped hand and told Ed to lean back and relax.

Katie swiveled around to face Ed and very tentatively reached down with her oiled palm. Ed's cock surged as Katie's trembling hand first touched it, causing Katie to jump a little.

Ed looked down at the tiny hand that gripped his cock about halfway down the shaft and groaned as Katie began running her hand slowly up and down. She soon began taking longer strokes, going from the base of his cock all the way up to the bulbous mushroom shaped head.

"It's so fat I can't even get my hand around it!" Katie said in amazement as her hand slowly pumped Ed's cock.

Whether it was the fact that it felt to Ed that Katie was very adept at jerking a guy off, the words she spoke and the way she said them, or the sight of those little fingers with the chewed-on nails sliding up and down his glistening cock, Ed didn't know. All he did know was that it took less than thirty seconds for Ed's cock to erupt wildly. Thick and milkly white jets of cum spurted into the air, landing on Ed's stomach and chest as well as Katie's arm.

When the orgasm finally ended, Ed looked over at Katie and Pat, who was looking over Katie's shoulder with a big smile on her face. Ed shook his head in wonder.

"That was incredible!" Ed said as he looked down at the mess he created, amazed that the first hand job he had gotten in twenty-some years had resulted in such an intense and satisfying feeling.

"Looked like fun from here," Pat said as she took Katie's hand off Ed's slowly deflating cock.

Katie's hand was dripping with copious amounts of Ed's semen, and Pat took Katie's index finger in her mouth. Their eyes were fixed on each other as Pat sucked on her finger, licking it clean before taking it out of her mouth.

"Yummy!" Pat said with a grin.

Katie looked at the back of her hand and the milky goo that covered it.

"You want some more?" Katie said.

Pat nodded and started to lean over, but before she got there Katie put her hand up to her mouth. Her tongue scooped up the cum and she looked over to Pat with an impish grin. Opening her mouth and showing Pat the wad of semen still on her tongue, Katie left no doubt as to how Pat was supposed to get it.

It took Pat less than a second to figure out what Katie wanted her to do. Pat bent down and kissed Katie passionately, their tongues swirling around as Ed's cum passed back and forth between them.

Ed watched this in astonishment, seeing his fantasies not only come to life, but the reality actually surpassing the dream.

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