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We will be there in about an hour."

"Ten-four, 496, and watch those snow balls, Schmuland," laughing heartily the dispatcher disconnected.

Sam looked over his shoulder at Ten-J, "You did that on purpose..."

"Damn, right, I did. You didn't say we couldn't use you while you were on your radio. We took the cocks out of your mouth at least."

Sam acknowledged that before saying, "On with the show. One hour to use and abuse us." He paused, "Speaking of which, how much of that stick is up there?"

Ten-J hesitated then asked, "Jamin, you're good with numbers." Sam felt Ten-J's fingers loop around the stick at his ass entry and then pull the entire stick out. "How much is this?"

Jamin pondered, "Oh, I'd say 'bout 2/3 of it. Don't know how many inches, though."

Sam did some quick calculations: 24 inches in total less about 6.5 inches for the handle and end means 17.5 inches two thirds would be ... 11 or 12 inches. So, just about the same size as Ten-J's cock give or take. The difference being the nightstick is a solid piece of nylon-fibreglass without the give of a cock. He sighed deeply as the nightstick re-entered his body. This time it didn't stop until the handle smacked Sam in the ass.

'Oh my God, 17 inches up my ass,' Sam thought.

"Wow," exclaimed Ten-J and Jamin together. "Cool."

"Can I have one of those?"

"No, Whisper, I cannot get you one of those," Sam replied emphatically. The idea of Whisper with a weapon like that scared Sam.

The nightstick was repeatedly driven in and out of Sam's ass bumping across his prostate each time. And Sam did not like what was about to happen. His cock erupted. Because of his kneeling position he spewed cum up into his t-shirt. "Ew," he moaned.

"What? What ew?" asked the ever-curious Enzo.

"The copper shot his wad while being fucked with that stick thing. It's all over the inside of his shirt."

The laughter humiliated Sam. He even caught Devon's snickers.

"Well, damn! I wanted to make him cum first," Ten-J yanked the stick from Sam, causing Sam to growl in pain, and replaced it with his cock. He plunged all the way to his balls and then pulled out all the way. He repeated this many times urging Sam to blow another one.

The assault was quite stimulating for Sam but he wasn't sure he could cum again so quickly. He was 47 after all and last night, here and at home, he had cum seven or more times.

But, once again, Ten-J settled into a rhythm and found that spot that caused Sam to tighten his ass around his cock. And Ten-J stimulated the hell out of Sam's prostate.

Sam announced, after several minutes, "I'm cumming, again. You're making me cum again." Sam was pleased to be able to please Ten-J this way and smiled when he felt his fucker shot a load in him.

Ten-J reached around and took hold of the twitching cock and, sure enough, Sam shot a second load between shirt and abdomen. Ten-J pulled out and said, "Good enough. Who's next?"

Whisper pushed in, roughly, and pounded Sam for all he was worth.

Devon's ass, meanwhile, was entertaining Jamin after Arnie, Travon and Enzo used his ass, but the younger officer had not yet shot a load and Jamin reached around to pound Devon's pud at the same rate he was his ass. Ass and cock stimulation brought Devon to the point of no return. "Oh, cumming. CUMMING! Ohhhh..."

Devon's ample load shot all over the front of his uniform shirt - rich white cream against the dark blue fabric witness to the event.

For the next twenty minutes the two officers' asses and mouths were used repeatedly by the horny young gang members. Both were filled front and back with hot, sticky, steamy cum. And both relished that sensation.

Ten-J announced to all, "Times up. Let 'em go." Everyone backed away after wiping cocks on faces and asses of their 'victims'.

Both officers were still hard and their cocks dripping.

Ten-J took hold of Devon's cock and pulled him over to his partner's ass, "Go for it, piglet. Fuck grandpa's ass again. Cum up his ass."

Devon had been looking f

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