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She's punished beyond anything she's ever known.

My dazed expression hardened (along with my member, which was hard enough already) and, displaying her soaked panties, I asked, "I assume these are yours, Ma'am?" Her purple coated lips smiled deviously as she nodded wordlessly. "I see," I continued, trying to sound somewhat defensive, given the situation. "Then would you care to tell me how you got in my house and why you're here?"

She spoke in a tone that was calm and even, yet seemed to drip with lust. "You door was open and you neglected to turn on your alarm. As for why I'm here..." She uncrossed her legs as she spoke, "...I think that answer is obvious."

Even with the dim lighting. I could see that she had made quite a mess on my bed waiting for me to arrive. As I was about to reply, she cut me off. "Why are you so surprised? I did promise you a 'next time', didn't I?"

Another bell rang. The way she said those words...it was almost as if she'd said them to me before... As I racked my brain, I took a good look at her goddess-like figure. Her legs were thick, yet strong and her torso was curved. Her hot opening was dripping with her juices as she moved her fingers in and out of herself, right in front of me, no less. Her breasts were supple and very tempting covered in sweat. Then, suddenly, it hit me! The scorching day in the alley! It was her whom I saw getting pleasured. "It was you!" She nodded the affirmative. "But, h-how did you...?"

She grinned as she explained. "I'd seen you around plenty since then. I asked about you, making sure not to mention that day." She slowly rose and stepped towards me. "I found out where you lived, what your house was like, when you' be home from your job... Most importantly, I found out what kind of person you are." We were very close to one another at this point, the pungent aroma of her sex rolling off of her in waves.

"Oh?" I managed to say. "And what did you discover?" She smiled warmly and lustfully as she ran her hand over my bulge.

"You're dependable, kind, strong-willed, a complete sweetheart and pretty damn smart. Basically, your heart is as big as your dick. And I've seen your dick already."

I blushed at that, but something was bothering me. "Hold on...won't your lover take offense to you being here?"

She frowned almost immediately. "It doesn't matter. He's out. I want you in...now."

I frowned as well. "I don't even know your name..." Without another word, she quickly unzipped my pants, allowing my cock to spring forth as if it were coming out for air. She watched it, twitching and wet with precum and licked her lips. As she bent down, she whispered something - her name, I believe - but I didn't hear it clearly. Before I could ask, however, she started licking my member all over, slowly. Her experienced tongue covered every inch of me, and the only thought that went through my mind was that I was glad I was clean.

She then started sucking my full length, her cheeks inhaling as she went down on my cock. She kept her hands busy, fondling my balls with one hand and her wet folds with another. After 5 minutes of this, I was close to cumming when she stopped, looking at my expression. "Mm-mm. Not yet," she said. She then led me to my bed and practically shoved me upon it. I was about to protest when I looked at her eyes. Behind the glazed lust, I could see something else...sadness. It occurred to me that this gorgeous woman had been hurt - bad - and had come to me for comfort.

I felt flattered somehow and my member stiffened in response.

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