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We Learn The Rules of Engagement.

Her mind was racing when she jumped, startled, as Nathan's sharp voice cut through the air.

"That's all."

Arianna turned on her heel and left, cautious again as she passed through the impressive library doors to not disturb the Doctor. Walking down the long but narrow halls of the institution, with her footsteps echoing and the thought of Doctor Tarrant's eyes in her mind, Arianna found her body was beginning to behave irrationally. Normally, logic held her down, but today she found tingles running up her arms. Her pace increased, and she was charging down the hall, her brows furrowed and her eyes in slits. She couldn't hold it any longer. Arianna stopped in her tracks, looking desperately around for a place to hide, and turned the doorknob of the first room on her right. She rushed into, what she soon found to be, the boiler and laundry room, and threw herself down on a heap of clean clothes. Immediately, Arianna found it even harder to breathe than before, as large steam vents overhead, which channeled hot water throughout the mansion, released pressure and humidity into the room. Arianna soon found herself gasping for air, but her mind was slurring and she knew she needed to release the feeling if she ever hoped to continue her normal work. She hitched up her tight pencil skirt and raised her hips, her thumbs going underneath the sides of her white silk panties as she slid them down to her ankles. Wasting no time, her dainty fingers found their way to her smooth clitoris, and she began to rub it in fast, tight circles. Her head fell back and her chest heaved for air as she inhaled, only to find her exhale sounded rather like 'Ooh, Doctor.' She slipped her middle finger inside of her tight hole, and found herself dripping wet. Her lack of ability to compose herself around him only drove her on further, as her index finger kept vigorously stimulating her, whilst her middle pumped itself in and out of her soaking hole. Within no time, Arianna Gold has caused herself to climax, as she yelled out the Doctor's name into the steamy room, and the juices of her lust trickled down her skin. She lay there; head back, eyes closed and mouth wide open, as she tried to regain her breath and senses. Arianna stood up and put her panties and skirt back in their original place, fixed her hair and makeup in the reflection of a large washing machine, and proceeded back out of the door, closing it carefully behind her. Inhaling and exhaling the fresh air, she felt the ease seep back into her, as she continued normally down to her office. She felt confident that she had done all she needed to do, and was feeling optimistic that her future wouldn't be challenged further by her ridiculous behavior.

Arriving at her desk, Arianna sat down, placed on her headset and began her mundane work.

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