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A married woman wrestles with temptation.

Why wouldn't he go deeper? When I tilted my hips he pulled the finger out.

He was taking his time lubing up his cock, switching between teasing me and finishing the job.

"You want it?" he asked.

"Yes." My voice was rasping. Shaping words was difficult.

"You want my dick?"

"Fuck yes."

He pushed two fingers in, deep. There was the slightest bit of pain, but he made it disappear, rubbing and pressing at the walls. He avoided the perfect spot where he knew I felt it best.

For fuck sake.

How long could he tease me? The belts felt clammy around my sweaty wrists. My fingers were hurting my palms, my fists were so tight.

He started to rub my hole with the head of his cock. It slid up and down, smooth and slick.

"Feels good?"

"Yes," I breathed.

He pressed harder. "You want it?"

I couldn't manage much more than a moan.

"How bad?"

I tilted my hips into his movements, almost pressing him inside. He pulled back.

"Fuck me," I gasped.

"That's right. Beg for it."

He leant over me, pushed against my hole with his thighs against mine. He stroked a nipple.


"Fuck me."

His fingers pinched. "Beg!"

"Fuck me! Please, Tyler, fuck me!"

He was pushing inside. I threw my head back, crying out with some sort of roar. I didn't even care what sounds I was making. I wanted this so bad. Hurting, and feeling so good at the same time. He was going in with every thrust, every push.

Fuck. Yes, yes, yes...

"Fuck," he breathed. "You tight bastard." His hands gripped my waist. "You want it deep?"

"Yes," I gasped.

"Then let me in."

I wanted to loosen, but I couldn't stop squeezing around him. He kept going, forcing inside. It was burning, but the slide of the lube was soothing.

With another shudder my body finally submit. He went in as far as his length allowed, hitting parts of me that hadn't felt anything in a long time.

"Oh yeah," he growled. He started thrusting. "Yes. Yes!"

I felt faint. These sensations were too much for me. He was fucking me, pounding me while I was moaning, gasping, helpess. His eyes were so dark - the opposite side of him to the tilted brows, the sexy cries, the hands that held me in desperation. He was in control of his pleasure.

My lungs couldn't suck in enough air. It was still hurting, but I didn't care.

"Feels good? You like that?"

I couldn't talk. I was trying to fathom what was happening to me.

He shifted, tilting me against his thighs. I gripped the belts to steady myself. He went harder, faster, hitting at a different angle. The pain was disappearing. I was left with this uncontrollable feeling, something building up deep inside.

He was hitting that spot, over and over again.

"Don't stop," I begged. "Don't stop..."

I would've been jacking my cock so hard were my hands free. I couldn't. This explosive feeling was building up and I had no outlet.

It went past that. Waves coursing through my entire body, tingling in my spine, pulsing in my stomach. I felt like I was already coming. It was endless. Crazy. Pressure that wouldn't stop building. My insides were tightening and loosening around Tyler beyond my control. He might have been talking dirty but I could barely hear it. All I could focus on was my body.

"What's wrong?" his husky voice teased. "Feels good?"

His hands were pulling me down onto him, accompanying the thrusts, hitting so deep.

"Fuck yes." He kept talking in that breathless voice. "You feel so fucking good."

I couldn't take it. Something happened to tip me over the edge. I was coming, primal, involuntary groans vibrating in my throat, pleasure ripping through me, a few seconds of being lost in it before it reached my cock.

I bucked, convulsed, moaned so loud.

"Oh my God," Tyler gasped. "Shit, Darren..."

He came, hard, pushing me against the headboard with his last thrusts.

Our bodies were trembling, panting. I finally managed to open my eyes, he was looking at me, shocked, grinning in disbelief.

"Oh my fucking God," he said. Breathless. "What did that feel like?"


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