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Family affairs in the past sense.

I even bought a new dildo that I keep hidden in there.

In terms of business matters, things are going well. Looking back, it's weird to think that initially I was gearing up to fire Danny, and now not a month later I'm trying to talk him into applying for a regional manager position. He's so modest but I just KNOW he has the potential. He said he likes being out in the field, interacting with customers, but I begged him to give me a shot to convince him he belongs in management, as my boss. So he's coming over for dinner this weekend -- even said he'd work on my home computer for me, no charge. The man is a saint. He belongs in positions of authority.

Speaking of, I guess I ought to be doing better with mine. Danny noticed my inbox was getting pretty full. (I told him he could fill my inbox any time, but I don't know if he got the joke.) I don't know why it didn't matter to me I'm falling behind until he said something, but it's just hard to focus. I spent hours every day online shopping to update my wardrobe thanks to those pop-up ads he installed.

I wonder if he'll let me show him what his upgrades convinced me to buy, after dinner. Maybe before dinner. Maybe I'll just show him everything and let him pick what I wear. Oh man some of those outfits, the thought of him seeing me like that is so

OK back again. And it's almost quitting time so I should go. I'll update on work stuff later. Not like these logs are required anyway.

Jillian's Weekly Log

Date: Friday, 30/09/2016, 6:48pm

Man oh man, where to begin. I guess I'll try to go chronologically.

Saturday Danny came over for dinner. I made him my famous spinach ravioli -- people usually go nuts for my grandma's recipe, but he just sniffed it and told me to order pizza. So I did that instead -- then he told me to watch my portions, so I did that too. (When I write it like that, I feel like I ought to feel insulted, but really, he's just looking out for me. Such a thoughtful subordinate!)

I didn't model my outfits for him -- that would just be too much -- but I did wear one of them. A red and green floral-print dress that flared nicely, with stockings and heels to match. The whole thing reminded me so much of what my mother wore when I was growing up that I even put on some of her jewelry to complete it.

Then, just for my own fun, I snuck in a corset under the dress. I don't think my tits... wow. My computer is autocorrecting every other term for them. The ches-word, breas-word, the boo-word... all I can type is tits or titties. Which is actually pretty sexy. Anyway, I don't think my tits have ever looked so awesome, just bursting out the neckline of my dress. Danny ogled them pretty thoroughly, which was flattering.

After dinner he worked on my laptop and even my TV while I tried to flirt and get his attention on my tits some more, or sat so he could look up my dress. He looked but didn't touch. It sucked, but worth it because the new config is dynamite. Almost every other night this week was me sitting on my laptop in front of the TV.

Then he said he had to go meet a customer. I tried to get him to stay, even offered him a blowjob if he wanted it -- which is so forward I can hardly believe it. But the way he'd been looking at me I thought maybe it was what he wanted. Instead he just asked me how much experience I had, and when I just blushed, he shrugged and left.

So Sunday I spent the day with my dildo, watching online tutorials on how to suck cock. Some of them were just pornos, but they were still educational. I'd suck for half an hour, use it on myself for half an hour, back and forth. Before I knew it it was bedtime.

I didn't talk Danny into applying for management, but it definitely improved our working relationship.

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