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Story of my intimate encounters with my friend Crystal.


"GOOD GIRL," he said and handed Johnny the pink panties. "PUT ON YOUR PANTIES, PRINCESS!!"


We all watched as Johnny awkwardly stepped into the panties and pulled them up his legs. They were as sheer as his stockings; his prick and balls were still clearly visible thru the thin material.

Ernie reached down and adjusted Johnny's dick so it tented-out the front of the panties then yanked on the leash.

"FOLLOW ME, PRINCESS!" he commanded.


Everyone's eyes bugged-out as we watched 'Princess' follow Ernie into the weight room. A cold shiver ran up my spine; I couldn't fathom a more humiliating debut for Johnny.

There was some heated discussion among the men, and it was finally determined Tommy had won the bet with 'sissyboy.'

As the weeks went by, 'Princess', as everyone was instructed to call Johnny, seemed to blossom in his/her role.

Ernie had shaped her nipples to almost two-inches in length; her hair grew long, and she wore it in various feminine hairstyles; Ernie had trained her to roll her hips as she walked, her buttocks shifting enticingly inside her tight panties; and her strict exercise regimen gave her a flat tummy, and shapely chest.

Her cocksucking skills made her a favorite of all the older men. I shuddered when I thought of the amount of cum she had in her belly on an average day.

Tommy and I had settled into a routine of domestic bliss. We rarely went anywhere. Instead, we stayed home and entertained ourselves with books, movies and an occasional dinner at Ernie's where Princess was the main entertainment. Every so often, Tommy allowed Princess to drop to her knees before me and give me her patented blowjob. The men all laughed when I cried out, and made my unusual 'O' face.

I was worried Ernie had permanently damaged Johnny's psyche, but the few times we were alone, he was able to drop the 'Princess role', and he spoke and acted like his old self.

He often appeared tired, but I completely understood why: When I was Ernie's bitch, I too had to perform for, and satisfy both Ernie and Jerry every night, and each morning, as well. That didn't leave much time for sleep.

One evening, when I was doing the dishes and Tommy and Jerry thought I couldn't hear them talking, Jerry said something that set my nerves on edge.

Jerry went on-and-on about a new boy he met at 'Rods.'

"... the cutest little thing I've ever seen-I'd love to get into his pants!" he kept repeating. "Are you interested in training a new boy?"

I held my breath for Tommy's answer.

"Well, you know what? I think I'm over that stage in my life-it's time for me to settle down... Percy and I have a great life together... I have the boy I want... no, I'll pass on the offer... have you spoken with Ernie yet? He seems to be getting restless these days."

A joy and happiness I'd never known washed over me. I knew Tommy cared for me, but I didn't know he cared this much. I would make him happy for a long, long time.

"Yeah, we talked last night... he's bored with Princess-he's ready for fresh meat," I heard Jerry say. "He said to give you first crack at the boy, and if you declined, he'll go after the boy himself."

"What's he going to do with Princess?" asked Tommy.

"Well, I hate to say it... but if he can't find a man who wants her, he's going to rent her out to Charlie... remember cute little Freddy from three years ago?" asked Jerry. Tommy nodded. "He's still working for Charlie!"

My flesh broke-out with goose-pimples at the sound of Charlie's name. He is the vilest, most evil man I'd ever heard about.

He owns the biggest Adult Emporium in Tampa and has both boys and girls working for him. He'd take them in, give them a room in a small apartment building attached to the business, and pay them slave wages.

He charges them outrageous sums for room and food and takes it directly out of their paychecks. No one can save enough money to move anywhere else. They literally belong to him, and are forced to perform whatever acts his more elite customer's desire.
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