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A story of love and lust in New Hampshire.


As we walked to the house I again got to admire Debbie's beautiful ass swaying in that tight leather skirt, all the while thinking what a lucky guy I am.

We entered the house and headed into the kitchen to see what the guys were up too. Well not surprisingly the bottle of Jameson was out with shots already lined up for everyone. Of course Jameson is like potato chips, you can't just have one, so the shots were flowing freely and that was probably loosening up Debbie a little more and everyone else for that matter.

The shots kept flowing which lead to the cloths becoming looser and looser, as far as I'm concerned the more skin the better.

Along with less cloths came more groping, the clerk and Shawn were sitting on either side of Debbie. She was alternating between the clerks wanton mouth and Shawns. The clerk had a hand between her legs while Shawn was kneading her perfect tits, alternating between the fleshy part and pinching her now engorged nipples. The clerk continued to rub on Debbie's glorious pussy occasionally flicking on her clit. As they continued with there make out session they would alternate between Shawn and Debbie, the clerk and Debbie and Shawn and the clerk all while they were now all only dressed in there undergarments.

I was also down to my underwear while sitting and watching my wife and friends having some quality time. Apparently the clerk likes the sausage more than the clam as he adjusted to his knees so that he could gobble up Shawns hard cock. There they were before me, my wife in her bra and thong sucking face with our buddy Shawn while the male clerk from the adult bookstore was on his knees in front of them slobbering all over Shawns cock.

The clerks head bobbing up and down, Shawns cock just glisten with his spit. Up and down with the slurping sounds that guys love so much. Shawn just moaning into Debbies mouth while he is kneeding on her awesome tits and pinching her sensitive nipples. As Shawn moved a hand to her sensitive clit she let out a moan, with Shawn just rubbing away at her clit she was starting to feel it build. Slowly around and around he worked that sensitive clit. By her breathing I could tell her orgasm was building.

The clerks head bobbing up and down, Shawns hand moving around and around and finally Debbie blew, she just tensed up and inhaled deeply and just held in her breath while her orgasm washed over her!

As her orgasm subsided Debbie asked me how I liked the view. I could see Shawn rubbing that hot pussy while he was being blown by the clerk. His ass, the first ass I have ever fucked right in front of me.

I could see the look in Debbie's eyes, she needed to be fucked! She pushed the clerks head away from Shawns cock and quickly straddled his cock. She slid down his shaft easily with a mix of her ample juices and the clerks spit on Shawns cock. The clerk was eyeing Debbie's fine ass while she was riding Shawns cock. I don't know if she just sensed his interest in her tight ass or maybe felt a stray hand but she told him NO, her ass was reserved for her husband only! Upon hearing this the clerk to move towards Shawns head to get a little return on his earlier work on Shawns cock. While I was only seeing Debbie's ass after hearing her tell the clerk that it was only for me I knew it needed a little lube first. I moved around to the clerks head and shoved my cock in his wet mouth. In and out I thrust into his mouth while Debbie pumped her wet pussy onto Shawns cock while he simultaneously slobbered all over the clerks cock that was easily sliding into his mouth.

While I was loving sliding my cock into the clerks mouth I've always wanted to fuck my beautiful wife's tight ass.

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