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Girls chained in the 69 position, no key and no self control.

I woke up the next morning to the delightful feeling of a soft warm body pushed up against me as I tried to clear the cobwebs.

Parts of last night were coming back to me, I wasn't AWOL as I had a 72 hour liberty, and I wasn't hung over. Thank You Lord!

My eyes dropped to the sexy sweet body lying next to me and I decided I had probably been too drunk last night to take advantage of a golden opportunity and now seemed like a good time to repair that mistake as my peter was telling me it was lonely and it needed to be properly parked in a soft, warm, wet, garage.

Scooting up close to Pat I pushed my hard peter between her thighs. She spread her legs slightly so that my peter was safely encapsulated. I reached my right arm over her so that my hand and fingers could play with a breast and nipple or two.

Big surprise! Those breasts were huge and pendulous, my favorite kind. No wonder they wobbled and bounced. There wasn't an industrial strength bra in the world that would tame those two beauties. I murmured a Thank You Jesus as I began to play with the uppermost one.

The next sound was a THACK!! Pat was smacking my hand with hers.

She sweetly informed me in a voice that a Bosun's Mate would envy. "Gaaw Damn You leave Me Alone. I'm Tired. We'll Fuck After I've Gotten My Sleep!"

All I could muster was a mental, My God why has thou forsaken me?

Having nothing better to do and noticing she had not removed my hand from her breast, she'd only discouraged me from playing with it, I closed my eyes and went back to sleep, still copping a feel of that humungus lump of flesh.

Some time later I slowly woke to an almost familiar smell and a delightful warm feeling around my peter.

As I opened my eyes I saw in front of me a pussy waiting to be loved and as I looked down I could see Pat's breasts wrapped around my peter with only the head of it showing. She was busy rubbing my peter with her breasts and kissing the head.

The kitty was awake and it was playtime. Thank you Lord and let us be truly grateful for that which we are about to receive.

Because we were laying in a side by side 69 position and Pat was so short it didn't take much repositioning for me to get my mouth and tongue on that pussy and Pat was most cooperative by throwing a leg over my head.

She smelled and tasted a little differently then Jean had, as I remembered. Not bad just different. So I guessed that it was true that each woman has a slightly different taste and smell. Wonder if that holds true for men? I assure you I have no intention of trying to personally find out. Ladies help me out with this one.

I licked Pat's slit for a second or two before I put the palm of my hand on it and started to gently rub it. It wasn't too long before the outer lips started to spread and the scent of her pussy began to intensify. Now I could really get my tongue and lips into the action.

I spread her labia with my fingers and inserted my tongue so that I could slide it up and down the two lips. Her inner lips were now beginning to push out to the point that I was now able to push my tongue into her pussy and really get down and dirty.

It was having an effect on Pat because her pussy was wet and her breathing was getting heavy, although it was hard to tell as she now had my peter halfway down her throat.

My God that woman could draw a suction like a bilge pump and I knew that I was about to come right now. As I stiffened up Pat went for the kill and really started to suck and to run her fingernails across my testicles. That was it, Pat won and I came.

I looked down to a really weird sight. My peter was still buried in her mouth, cum was leaking out around it and she had a grin like a damn old cheshire cat on her lips.

She looked up to me and told me that that was to make sure that I didn't cum too quickly when we fucked and once she got my peter hard she was going to bust my poor sailor ass.

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