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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

" She winked up at Mr McKenzie "And here I am."

There was a moment of silence, soon filled by Mr McKenzie's loud, booming laugh.

"Very good little girl, but I need to know you understand what this is. This is no half-hearted attempt, you will be in full time servitude to me. You will do whatever I tell you to, whenever I do. You may be doing housekeeping chores; you may be selling yourself on the street for me. You always have to answer to and serve me. Over time, I may give you some responsibilities over the other sluts in my employment, but at first, you will be at the bottom. Understand?"

Erin bit her lip, she had heard that she was trying to get a position like that, but she did not think she would have to be a hooker, or that other girls would tell her what to do. But she had come this far. And despite everything, she could feel her heart was beating a little bit faster, her breathing was a little bit deeper. She was getting excited.

"Yes Mr McKenzie, I understand." She said with confidence.

"Good girl, come and sit on my lap now, slut." Mr McKenzie pushed his chair back and patted his legs. Erin quickly hopped up and sat down across his knees, her legs dangling over the side of his seat.

"Now, little girl, tell me what you actually know about me." Mr McKenzie demanded sharply, placing one hand on one of Erin's firm breasts and giving it a squeeze.

"" Erin stammered, distracted by the hand on her, she was about to talk when she felt something hard digging into her ass. She wriggled a little bit and felt it get harder. With a slight gasp she realised what it was, that Mr McKenzie liked her young, sexy body and wanted her. She grinned to herself. "I know that you own everything worth owning in this city, and that everyone answers to you. I know that you demand complete obedience in your workers. And I know that you enjoy everything from having a sweet, caring moment with a girl to making her cry and choke on your dick, which I hear is more than a mouthful." With her last sentence, Erin grinded down her ass into Mr McKenzie's cock, and was rewarded by hearing him take a deep breath to try and keep his composure. Erin looked up at him with her big wide eyes.

"What's wrong Mr McKenzie?" Her voice dripped with innocence. "Am I making you excited? Is my body too much for you?"

Her big grin did not stay for long. She let out a loud squeal as she was roughly pushed from her seat, landing on the floor in a heap, her little skirt falling up and revealing her ass. She felt Mr McKenzie's strong hands gripping her pigtails and dragging her back up to her knees in front of him.

"You dumb little whore." He growled. "Allow me to make this clear, I can easily resist you, and you are not too much for me. In fact, I think it's the other way around. Unzip me and find out."

"Ow, ow, ow , okay!" Erin whimpered in response, trying to move her head so the hair pulling hurt less. She moved her little hands up to Mr McKenzie's trousers and quickly undid his flies. Reaching in she fumbled about to undo his boxers. After a moment his cock sprung out, already hard and rigid. It flew out and smacked her firmly on the cheek. Erin's eyes grew wide and her mouth fell open. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Easily 9 inches long, it was thick and veiny, the wide, bulbous head was now pointing right at her.

"Impressed?" She heard Mr McKenzie laugh. "Get sucking on it bitch. Show me you have the skills to be my slut."

Erin swallowed and took a deep breath; she had no idea how she was going to fit it in her mouth. She nervously leaned forwards and opened her mouth wide, stretching her jaw around the head of Mr McKenzie's huge cock. She clamped her lips down and started to suck softly, flicking her tongue around the helmet and using the tip of her tongue to tease his piss hole. She heard a long moan above her.

"There's a good girl, you know your way around a cock, do you? Try and impress me."

Erin smiled to herself; she had sucked enough cocks to know what t

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