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He takes wife in front of their grown children.

I kissed back and realized that my fantasy was about to come true, only the train wouldn't be moving and it was pitch black.

He pulled away and said something in Swedish to the other two men. They started touching me and removing my clothes. I heard zippers unzipping and I felt hands on my hardened nipples. Then, a hand up my skirt and then my skirt coming off. I was too drunk to keep track of who was who.

I sat on Dirk's lap, I think, and felt his cock against my thigh. I reached down and rubbed it, making him moan. The other two continued to rub and touch me, until I was wet and ready, naked except for my shoes. Dirk slid his cock up my warm hole and I started riding him, sitting up. We kissed and he held me tight and met my thrusts. His cock wasn't huge but it did the job, and in no time I was cumming, moaning, and grinding into his hips. He threw his head back and creamed me. I could feel it splashing inside of me. I got up and announced that I was ready for another.

Sean or Demitri, I am not sure which one, then moved me onto the seats until I was on all fours. I felt a tongue dart into my slit and start licking. I moaned loudly and pulled the other guy's cock into my mouth, pumping his shaft and sucking his tip. He grabbed my shoulders and thrusted harder into my throat. His cock was a lot bigger than Dirk's and I wanted him to fuck me.

I moved away from both of them slightly, still aware of where each man was, and then I told the guy I had been sucking to fuck me. He quickly pushed against me from behind and thrusted his thickness into my hot cunt. I took the cock of the man who had been eating me out into my mouth while the other fucked me. I suppose Dirk just listened. I could feel the man behind me hitting my back wall with the head of his dick as he thrusted in and out of my dripping slit. I moaned and came, raising my hips and spreading my legs so he could feel even more of my insides. His massive cock continued to screw me from behind while I sucked hard on the other guy. He thrusted into my face and moaned as he started cumming in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and licked his cock until he slipped it out. By then, I was being fucked very hard and could barely hold myself steady on the seats. Hands held my hips while the cock rammed into me. I screamed and moaned and so did the guy fucking me. He went for a long time before I felt his cream deep in my cunt. He pulled out and flipped me over on my back, my legs splayed open.

His tongue was warm and he licked his own cum from my hole and pushed his fingers against my clit, sending me into another climax. I writhed on the seats and felt more hands probing my body. A semi-erect dick was against my face and I realized this wasn't any of the original men, but a new guy who had just entered the car. I didn't care because I was so horny and drunk, so I let him rub his dripping cockhead against my stomach and tits while I felt his hands on my sides. The tongue pulled away from my clit and was quickly replaced by the new man's now rock hard prick. He shoved it into me hard and fast.

"Ah!" I screamed, and tried to position myself higher up but I couldn't. He rammed his cock into me repeatedly, grunting and speaking in Dutch. I could feel his breath against the skin of my neck and I shivered. He held my hips and impaled me with his dick. I gasped and moaned when he started to rub my clit at the same time, and came loudly while he continued to thrash into me with the hardest cock I'd ever felt. It was like solid rock. Finally, after I had come again, he shot a load into my hole and pulled out, catching his breath.

I laid there, panting, until I felt another cock pressing against my slit.

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