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Military buddies got together again.

Each alone is more than a handful, and you slide a palm over each nipple, which instantly becomes erect. You knead each tit, steadily increasing pressure, until you feel my gasp. This is what I have been waiting for.

I order you to stop, and strip. I see the confusion mask your face, before understanding dawns. With a light grin, you obey, taking your time in removing your clothes. I ask you to lie back on the bed, and I will return in a moment. Moving into the bathroom, I strip off my shirt, then bra, before replacing the shirt. I take off my sandals, and twist my hair back, so it's out of the way, before moving back into the main room.

You are stretched out on the bed, almost unconsciously stroking yourself. I am very displeased, and let you know. I threaten to leave, get on a plane and just go home. You stop immediately, begging me not to go, promising to let me handle everything. I tell you to put your hands behind your head, and you are not allowed to move them until I give you permission.

I wait until your hands are behind your head, and you are comfortable. Nudging you, I get you to open up, so I can move up and kneel between your legs. You are allowed to respond, but not initiate, or touch. I place tiny kisses on your eyes, nose, and then lips, lingering for a bit there, before moving to your chin, neck and chest. Knowing what you like, I blow warm air across each nipple, before just touching the tip of my tongue to each one, teasing them. I rub my own across your belly, the thin fabric of my shirt separating us, tantalizing for both.

Moving lower, I gently nip the edge of your belly button, testing your resolve not to move, chuckling softly when all you do is gasp. Your breathing has become harsher, and I can feel the tension in your body, as you struggle to not move.

Moving lower, I brush my nipples along your cock, which has gotten hard again. I run my hands down your legs, feeling the muscles clench, as I nibble along the inside of your thighs, just brushing my cheek along your nuts.

Abruptly sitting up, I move so I am straddling your stomach. With the tops of my feet on your thighs, I am sitting on my knees, centered over your belly button. Reaching to my shirt, I slowly undo one button at a time, revealing breasts the size of large melons, nipples like the tip of a pencil, dusky colored against the paleness of my skin. I drop the shirt off the side of the bed, naked from the waist up. Your skin feels cool between my legs, as I am hot and bothered myself. I can feel my juices oozing out onto your belly, before running down the sides of your abdomen.

Placing a hand on the wall over your head, I offer one nipple to you, letting you take it into your mouth, instructing you to roll it around your tongue, before sucking on it. The nipple gets harder, if that is possible. Pulling that one free, I offer you the other. You latch on, and I gasp, enjoying the feel of your mouth, smooth as velvet, on throbbing nipples.

Popping my nipple out of your mouth, you growl in protest, as I moan. I come back up for a kiss, plundering your mouth, rough and needy. I slide my hips back a little, just teasing the tip of your cock against my clit, rubbing back and forth, the friction and stimulation exquisite, and we both groan, breaking the kiss.

I slip just the tip of your dick in my pussy, and then squeeze with the vaginal muscles, watching your eyes close, and feeling your breathing grow harsher. My own catches in my chest, before I suddenly take you all the way in. As I ride you, one...two...three strokes, I rake my fingernails down your chest, catching your nipples...enough to leave marks, but not hard enough to cause a lot of pain.

You gasp, and I feel you jerk inside me, as your hands start to move out from behind your head, your hips to jerk. I stop, and a whimper escapes your throat. In a low voice, I remind you of the deal. All you can do is nod, as your hands no longer move, and your eyes are closed. Sweat is dripping off both our bodies.

Using my nose, I nudge your chin up just a little,

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