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After breakfast, Sam goes shopping for more clothes.

'Why do you stand for it?'

'What do you mean?'

'Why don't you just tell him to push them off?'

'Of course I've told him that'

'And ...?'

'And, he swears he doesn't even notice that they're flirting with him. He says I'm being oversensitive. That it's all in my imagination.'

'Do you believe that?'

I stared into my glass and rubbed a speck of dirt on the rim. 'I don't know. I know I get jealous. Not exactly the most attractive of emotions. And I can't expect him to not have any female friends, but other guys are able to have a conversation with girls without them leaving a damp patch on the seat afterwards.'

Rich hid his laugh behind a hand.

'Like you for instance. When you talk to a girl I don't see her pawing at your thigh like she's kneading bread.'

'No, that's true, but it's hardly the same circumstances.'

'I don't see the difference. You're about the same build, both good-looking. Are you trying to tell me that girls don't find you attractive?'

'That's not what I mean. Marty's just a more...tactile person than I am.' A lock of Rich's wavy chestnut hair fell in front of his face. He managed to look simultaneously more boyish yet more mature than any of his housemates.

'So how come you didn't come out tonight?'

He holds a hefty textbook aloft, 'mechanosynthesis, wanna help?'

'Er, much as I'd love to, I feel that my assistance would be about as useful as the steak tartar option at a vegan convention.'

'Well I'm no vegan and I could use all the help I can get.'

'Another all-nighter?'

'Looks like it unfortunately.'

'I can take a hint. I'll head off to bed in a minute and leave you in peace.'

'In peace, huh?'

'What are you trying to say?'

'Nothing. Bad joke. I apologise.' He starts back to his books.

'You mean Marty and I disturb you? You can hear us?' I felt my face redden slightly. 'But we always put music on.'

'I know. And you should consider putting a different CD on once in a while? I think I must know the lyrics to that entire album by now.'

'It's Marty's favourite.' I giggled, 'but we don't share the same taste in music.'

'I'm glad to hear it.'

Silence falls between us for a moment. The shower had stopped running.

'Can you really hear us?'

'Sometimes, but I can always put my stereo on too.'

I hesitated for a second and then asked. 'And do you...always?'

Rich stopped reading and turned on the chair to face me again. He looked me directly in the eye. Suddenly I felt terribly exposed.

'Always.' He responded, his gaze never flinching from mine.

'Jenny!' I almost dropped my glass. Marty stood at the door to Rich's bedroom, only a towel round his waist to hide his modesty. 'What have you been up to? I've been waiting ages?'

'Slight exaggeration isn't that? You only just came out of the shower.'

'Well it feels like ages.' He grabbed my wrist and yanked me up from the chair. 'Excuse me if I borrow her for a while won't you mate?'

'Be my guest.' Rich waved a hand in their general direction and returned to his study. 'Goodnight Rich.' I called to him as I fought off Marty's lecherous groping. 'And good luck with your essay. Don't stay up too late.'

'Thanks, I won't. And don't forget to expand your musical appreciation.'

Marty lifted me fully off the ground and hauled me back to his room before dumping me unceremoniously on the bed. The towel fell away. He was already starting to become hard. Keeping my eyes locked on his I moved to the edge of the bed and took him into my mouth. I pressed my nose up against his hair as his cock grew inside me. His body smelt of soap. I gripped his cheeks and pulled him into me as I swirled my tongue and sucked hard.

'God...yes. What's gotten into you tonight?' He groaned.

Gasping for air I released his now fully erect penis. Something had gotten to me. I didn't have to check to know that I was soaking wet now.

'Don't talk, just fuck me!'

'I can handle that. Unless you'd rather I ask Rich to come in here and do you?'

Marty's jest shocked me.

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