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Man and transgender woman cure each other's loneliness.

One, to hear my sweet little girl talking like that, secondly, at the way she was still sucking on my thumb and thirdly, that she meant to show me her breast.

She continued speaking, " Haven't you noticed the way I dress around you lately? I have been dressing extra sexy just for you daddy. Ever since Mom died, you have been working your butt off to make sure that I had whatever my heart desired and well daddy, I figured it was time for me to show you just how much it meant to me. You went without having a date for so many years and when I started doing the laundry, how could I not notice that you were relieving your sexual frustrations by masturbating. I have seen the way that you look at my friends when they come over and they noticed it as well. Several of them think you are one of the sexiest men they have seen and wanted to fuck you, but didn't because you are my dad." "Hell daddy, it's taken everything I could do not to come sneaking into your bedroom at night when I hear you jacking off your hard rod at night."

I stood there in amazement listening to my daughter pour out her story. Hearing how much my daughter cared for me in more than the usual fashion was starting to work on my libido as well. My cock was starting to swell inside my jeans as my daughter popped my thumb back into her mouth and commenced to suck it again like it was a small cock. It didn't help matters that as she was speaking, she had pulled the tube top all the way down and her beautiful young breasts were now totally bared for my viewing pleasure. As I stood there with my mouth agape, her nipples hardened, looking like small cherries on top of a mound of creamy flesh. Her hand went down to my crotch and she caresses my hardening cock. "Look daddy," she said. "I am not a virgin by any means and I can tell you are enjoying what I am doing to and for you here. Why not go with the flow here and just enjoy this."

My mind reeling, I reached up and caressed her tit, stroking the nipple into an even harder state. I could hear her softly moan as I gently pinched the nipple between my thumb and finger. "Ooooooh, Yes daddy.......harder ........harder" she moaned as her tiny hand went to work on the zipper of my jeans, freeing my erection from its confinement within my jeans. I took my other hand and let it slide down her body, until it rested on her cute little ass. Cupping her ass in one hand, I bent my head down to one of her hard nipples and ran my tongue around it, savoring her taste. Her hand began stroking the length of my cock, smearing the oozing pre cum all around the head and down the shaft.

The feeling was almost too much for me to bear, so I pulled back away from her and looked into her eyes. They were glazed over, definitely the look of a woman close to orgasm from the ministrations of my mouth on her nipples. "Are you sure about this baby," I asked her? "You know this is not only morally wrong, it is also illegal as hell in this state. If anyone ever found out, I could go to jail." "Daddy, I have never wanted anything more in my life than to make you happy. I have wanted for this to happen ever since the first time I saw you naked by accident when you left your bedroom door ajar once after you took a shower, not knowing I was home."

"I wanted for you to take my virginity, but one night when James and I went out, I couldn't resist his advances because he looks so much like your pictures when you were our age. He took my virginity, but then he dumped me afterwards. Why do you think I haven't been dating anyone since then daddy? Because I wanted YOU and no one else." With that confession, I lost all resolve that this was my daughter, instead, I saw a woman that wanted me and wanted me badly. I bent my head down and kissed her, softly at first, but then harder as her tongue forced its way into my mouth, battling with my tongue as she began to stroke my cock harder and faster.

Cassie then dropped to her knees in front of me and began kissing the tip of my cock head lovingly.

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