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They were looking into each other's eyes as Rick repeatedly sunk his manhood inside his friend's mouth. She massaged him with her tongue as best she could.

Without realizing it, he progressively increased his pace. Alice felt his hard cock penetrate her mouth, her tongue sampled his preseminal fluid as it began to ooze abundantly. The faster he went, the deeper he went too. Rick was so excited, he wanted to go all in. Suddenly, he stopped moving his hips. Still looking into Alice's eyes and firmly holding her head, he pulled her face towards him, ever so slowly. She felt his member going deeper inside her, and began holding her breath.

Rick looked into her eyes and couldn't stop. He pulled her closer and closer, until his erection was completely buried inside Alice. He felt his glans press against her throat. She was his, she couldn't pull away if she wanted. Slowly, he moved her head away, withdrawing his sex from her mouth. It was now throbbing above her face, lightly tapping the tip of her nose. Drunk on lust, Rick said:

"Your mouth is so nice, Alice... Do you enjoy sucking my hard cock?"

"Yes, Rick... Bury it inside me. Use me for your pleasure."

"Yes, Alice..."

She opened her mouth, and this time he locked his pelvis in place, and instead moved Alice's head towards him, penetrating her mouth. He moved her back and forth, slowly at first. But just as before, he increased his pace, and went deeper with every movement. Rick felt so dirty... he felt as if he was masturbating using his friend's mouth instead of his hand. But this was so arousing. He pulled her all the way towards him, once again reaching her throat with his sex. Then moved her head away and repeated the process, slowly but steadily.

"My God, Alice... I'm gonna come so deep inside you, you won't even get to taste my cum..."

She moaned approvingly. She was now gagging with every other thrust, and Rick was approaching his climax. As he got close to it, he stopped moving Alice's head and held her in place, and once again began to thrust his pelvis against her. He felt his balls slap against her chin.

"Alice, it feels so good fucking you face," he whispered, looking into her eyes.

Suddenly, he felt his orgasm coming.

"That's it, Alice," he whispered, "I'm gonna come inside you..."

Alice's eyes widened as she felt his hot semen gush against the back of her throat. Like he had said, she couldn't even taste it, he came directly inside her throat. She felt his cum gliding down as she gulped hard.

"My God, Alice, I'm coming in your mouth..." were the last words he whispered, as he did his best to suppress his grunts of pleasure.

He kept thrusting his pelvis, pushing his twitching member inside his friend. Alice had no choice but to swallow all of the young man's sperm, and did her best to keep massaging his shaft with her tongue as he defiled her. She could feel his fingers pressing hard against her skull as he kept fucking her mouth with abandon, driven by his orgasmic spasms. She finally got a taste of his semen when Rick slowly pulled out of her. Panting and slowly coming down to earth, he suddenly realized how intense this had been, and feared for Alice:

"Did I... hurt you, Alice?"

She took a couple of seconds to finish gulping his semen, and answered:

"Don't worry, Rick, you didn't. It was great, and I needed this. Was it good for you too?"

"Alice, it was... beyond amazing.

Chapter 4

"Alice, there's something I'd like to ask you..."

The young woman smiled at her friend, who was on his knees, naked before her, masturbating slowly. This kinky activity had become the two friend's dirty little secret. Alice enjoyed watching Rick touch himself, giving him instructions on how to do it. She couldn't be physically active, and Rick had thought of this way to let her take part in the activity. He had also grown to love performing this intimate act in front of the beautiful young woman. But now, he wanted something more...

"What is it, Rick?"

Moving his wrist up and down his shaft, looking at Alice in the eyes, he asked:

"I know you ha

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