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Sheela finds other lovers than hubby and Mahesh.

I could see the look on Yuuki's face. Even with her eyes closed, the sheer heaven that she was in, was so readable. Her mouth opened wide. I could feel her cunt muscles around my cock, twitching and tautening as the guy sucked and licked and nibbled at her sensitive flesh. I could not see his mouth, but I could tell that this guy knew what he was doing.

He was even better than I realised. The guy spent a good ten minutes sucking on her breast before he straightened up again. Yuuki's areole was wet from his mouth and tongue. Her slender nipple and the surrounding areole were angry, no longer pink brown but flaming, moist red. Later Yuuki told me that he had used his teeth, that it had hurt, what she called a nice hurt, but incredibly intense. She had not anticipated the pain, but she had loved it.

It had been too intense at times, she said. She had needed it to stop, but had had to ride through the intensity. Leaning back, supported by her hands on my knees, she had been unable even to touch his head to signal that it was too much. All she had been able to do was breath through it.

For me, having this guy sucking on Yuuki's nipple had been incredible. All the time he was doing it, my cock was erect and iron hard in Yuuki's pussy. With her leaning back, I could see my shaft stretching her labia wide, and her clit was exposed. I had even used my thumb to gently stroke it. I was not moving, but I was inside her, yet this guy was in between us, and my guess was that Yuuki had been more aware of his mouth on her breast than of my cock inside her, or of my thumb, playing at her clit.

Even as it was happening, I guessed that Yuuki was wholly consumed by this guy sucking on her nipple, but instead of feeling out-staged by him, I just let it go, knowing that our relationship was strong enough to allow her the freedom to enjoy what was happening. Besides, as a guy, I have enjoyed plenty of fantasies in my head, and here was one of those fantasies coming true.

When the guy finally left off and sat straight again, Yuuki pushed herself forwards, leaning towards me. The guy casually got up, gave me a nod of thanks as he moved away, and went to sit closer to the brunette dancing in the cage.

Instinctively I guessed that Yuuki might need reassurance that what she had let the guy do was fine with me, so I kissed her breast, the one he had been sucking, just lightly, because I could see that it was tender, but long enough to convey the message that I loved her.

Yuuki tightened the muscles of her cunt. I love the way that she can do that. She started moving again. There were two couples sitting on the equivalent seats to ours, but behind us and to the side, all four of them watching us. With her dress still right up above her breasts, Yuuki's back and buttocks were bare. I calculated the angles, and I knew that those two couples would have a great view of Yuuki rising and descending on my cock.

Right then, I really could not care. I was too turned on, and Yuuki's cunt just felt so good sliding up and down tightly around my cock. Not that it lasted long. I had been close to coming before the guy had spent ten minutes getting Yuuki's nipple inflamed and red. I held out as long as I could, but as soon as I felt Yuuki shudder as she released her orgasm, I exploded, flooding her cunt with red hot semen.


A second club was based around a pool and was open daytime rather than evening. We went there on a windy day when the beach was blowing sand. It was sheltered with a white painted, six foot wall all the way around, so we could laze on loungers, without getting blowing sand in our eyes or across our bodies, and that was all that we did for most of the afternoon. There was also an indoor area, with a jacuzzi and soft plastic covered beds, and that was where people played.

The jacuzzi was one of the reasons that Yuuki had wanted to try the place.

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