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Wildrose and Sharpe are lured into the Technophile's trap.

It was too much. I needed to be a part of it, to contribute physically to her seduction. I pulled my dress quickly over my head to reveal my braless tits, gently removed Brian's fingers from her slit and replaced them with my tongue. I think by this point Amanda as too lost in sensation to care who was responsible as her only reaction was to spread her legs further and rock her hips, moaning. I had never eaten pussy before and she tasted both sour and sweet, and slightly soapy. I ran my tongue over and around her outer and inner labia, feeling the slight bumpiness there, and dipped it inside her pussy. Then I sucked very gently on her clitoris, flicking my tongue lightly over the tip and her body spasmed. Brian tapped my husband on the shoulder and pointed between Amanda's legs, drawing Robert's attention to the sight of me going down on his friend's wife. He disengaged his mouth from Amanda's nipple and stared in amazement.

"Please, Robert, don't stop," pleaded Amanda, pulling his head back down. I still don't think she knew who was eating her out.

Meanwhile, Sonia had herself stripped and was on her hands and knees on the floor, with Ray's curved cock ploughing into her sopping pussy from behind. And now, Sonia's husband had removed his trousers and, still in his t shirt, had moved behind me and was preparing to reacquaint himself with my arsehole. Sonia watched in fascination as he spread his pre-cum over his corona and the entrance to my rectum and then spat indelicately into my puckered hole. He held his shaft in his hand and guided it into my arsehole. He pushed, I pushed back, and in it popped as we both groaned in satisfaction and I lifted my head from Amanda's cunt and craned round to suck in his tongue. Brian's hips rocked as he thrust into my anal cavity and I ground back against him, loving the thought of his penis invading my intestine almost as much as the sensation it produced. I tried to continue performing oral sex on Amanda but the need to broadcast what was happening to me was overwhelming.

"Oh yes!" I cried. "Oh God, yes! Fuck my arse, Brian. Fuck me harder." And he did. He plunged into my rectum faster and deeper as I pushed back to draw him in.

When I opened my eyes again, the eyes of the four others were all on us. My husband had dropped his own trousers and was pulling Amanda into his lap, lifting her hips so his hard cock slid easily into her pussy, well-lubricated with her own secretions and my saliva. Then he gently slipped from the sofa, holding her hips tight so his dick remained embedded within her, until she was on all fours and he was kneeling between her legs, affording them both a good view of Brian ploughing my arse.

Knowing I was the poster girl for anal and that the other two women would certainly be fucked in the arse later tonight, I played to my audience, writhing and squirming, grunting and moaning. Brian said, indistinctly, "I won't last much longer, Helen. Your arsehole is so hot and tight." It didn't matter. I was close too. I ground my hips against him again, so that his balls slapped against me and the wave of my climax swelled and then broke. I cried out in orgasm and he let go, pumping semen deep inside me and then collapsing on top of my sweat-slick body. We lay on the sitting room floor in a heap of tangled limbs, panting and gasping, as our audience stared.

Sonia regained her composure first and went all "When Harry Met Sally". "I want what she's having," she said. I extricated myself from under her husband's exhausted body to retrieve my favourite lubricant from my nightstand.

"I call it," said Robert quickly.

He withdrew from Amanda's pussy, slapped her arse gently and told her to wait her turn.

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