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Her cute, small, brown nipples dared to be sucked, they were so hard. Goose bumps surrounded the edge of her areola. He looked up to her russet eyes and realized he had been caught ogling her.

She smiled. She enjoyed the attention and the unspoken compliment his eyes communicated.

He joined her under the steamy waterfall and pulled her in close for a kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth. Their two tongues collided and swirled around one another. Their hands explored each other's body. Sean grabbed her ass with one hand. With his other, he held her behind the neck and gently tugged at her short hair while his kiss moved to her neck.

Her hands roamed over his chest and shoulders. She felt him further harden against her. Instinctively, she looked down. She saw his penis pulsing against her hip. It was circumcised and thick. Feeling it throb against her was tantalizing but she didn't reach to it. Not yet. Instead, she ran her nails down his back. She nibbled his ear lobe with her tongue while he bit her neck gently. Her sensual touches raised the hair on his arms and neck and had his hardness yearning to be touched.

Sandra was starting to see Sean loved making out as much as she did. He wasn't rushing. He was taking his time. Softly kissing one moment, kissing passionately the next. He was patient, purposeful and careful not to press too quickly. Both of them possessed strong skills in the art of making out. She wished this moment could last forever.

Sean took advantage of the freedom Sandra granted his exploring hands. He let them roam everywhere around her delicious curves. He treasured tracing a woman's twists and turns with his eyes, hands, or mouth. The more curves the better! He took pleasure mapping the cambers of female beauty in his mind. To him, a woman's beauty was a natural example of perfection. Being allowed to explore that perfection without limit was his own heaven.

Sean used his imagination to extend the real curves of a woman into the Fibonacci sequence often found in nature. The form can be coaxed by imagination from the bend of her ear lobe or the sweeping turn of the hips. The beauty of women, in his opinion, radiated out from within, the greatest of all golden spirals.

"Oh my goodness, Sean!" Sandra exclaimed. "I need you so badly!"

Sean pulled back from the kiss and noticed black mascara running down her face.

"I'm a bad bachelor," he said "I don't think I have any makeup remover. Or fancy shampoos. Or lady scented soaps. I just know I have to get you out of this shower and into my bed."

"Is that right?" she asked, eyeing him with a seductive look. "No girly soaps? At least I know you're not lying about being married!" They both laughed.

"Tell you what, I'm going to step out. Here's a towel here for you. Take your time. I am just going to tidy up another bit of proof that I'm single; the mess in my room."

"Isn't that gentlemanly?" she asked with a smile. "Don't worry, unless you're a slob, I won't judge you. As soon as I rinse off this makeup, I'm getting out of the shower. You had better tidy it up quick!" Sandra said as she spanked his tush playfully on his way out.

Sean was pretty sure he floated down the hall to his room. Forty five minutes ago, he had accepted that he'd be spending another Friday night alone again. Now he was worrying about the socks on his floor because his gorgeous next door neighbor was naked in his shower!

His room wasn't truly that messy. But he had a habit of just taking off clothes and leaving them on the floor. He picked up the untidiness of carelessly shed clothes, poorly placed books, and littered shoes and tossed them all into his closet.

He grabbed a candle from the bedside drawer and lit it. He turned a lamp on low. He found a theme on Spotify called "Tantric Sex" to set a background mood. As he turned down the sheets and smoothed away wrinkles with his hands, Sandra walked into the room.

She wore nothing but his white towel around her midriff.

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