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Strangers enjoy playing from boarding to landing.

As she moved, there was a glow about her.

It should have terrified Laura. It should have made her feel hurt or rejected. It should have paralyzed her with horror and disgust. But it didn't. All it did was make her wet. She grabbed her things and scampered off to her room. She couldn't wait for privacy to touch herself; she started while she walked.


Laura learned much of Camille's private life over the next few weeks. She learned her Mistress' routines and preferences. For example, Camille was not in her office throughout the day, she was asleep. Though she hated the cliche, and with technology she could get around it, she slept during the day and worked at night. While she slept, she left the previous bout of writing for Laura to work on and edit. They discussed it while Laura ate and talked about what Camille was going to write about that night. Then they had their Muse Session, which Laura now referred to as Dinner Time in her head, and Camille wrote while Laura slept.

Together, they were working on a romance story. They wanted it to evoke certain elements of the romance between Laura K and Marcilla. They suspected that would draw Laura K in and pique her interest. It would be a vampire romance, which was in vogue. They thought of making it a lesbian story, but unfortunately, lesbian stories don't sell as well. It needed to be a great novel, but also a novel that would sell well. The wider it spread, the more likely it was to find Laura K.

What Laura had to wrestle with each day was that there was a distinct difference between Marcilla and Camille. Camille wanted everyone to refer to her as Camille. She referenced Marcilla as a way of referencing her past, as a way of talking about "the woman I used to be."

But it was more than a game of names. Camille had different mannerisms and behaviors than Marcilla purportedly did. She was not as domineering or detached as Marcilla appeared to be in her poems. Camille was compassionate, flirty, and funny. There was a sense of insecurity from her. She needed those around her. She wanted company and needed help. She wasn't a lone huntress stalking prey in the woods of Eastern Europe. She was more complex than that, but at the same time, less fascinating than that.

Laura had been seduced by Marcilla. There was a woman in her mind, a monster, a nightmare, that could destroy her. It wanted Laura's body, not her mind. It wanted flesh: hot, wet, and red flesh. It didn't care about Laura's happiness or health. It wasn't interested in a relationship or romance. It wanted to hunt, and Laura wanted to be prey. Marcilla should have been heartless and cruel, but Camille could only be that when pushed. She was a shadow of Marcilla.

But she was Laura's Mistress now. She was her lover, partner, and employer. Laura found herself connected to Camille, but always holding some part of herself back. She was waiting for the monster to show up. Then, she would throw herself on the ground and offer herself to it. It would sow destruction and oblivion, and Laura would reap all her fantasies.

Laura still held out hope that there was a way to bring back Marcilla. Perhaps, if she could make herself as alluring as Laura K. If she was aloof and detached. If she held back every desire and urge to throw herself on her knees and plead with Camille, maybe then she could evoke the monster she fell in love with. Maybe if she connected Camille back with Laura K, Marcilla would return. Or perhaps, if she failed Camille and Laura K was never coming back, maybe then Marcilla would return.

It was exactly this, hoping to summon Camille's wrath and thus bring back Marcilla, that led Laura to sneaking around the estate. She wanted to find out what happened to Nikki. No one had answered her questions as she explored, and perhaps if she was caught doing something she shouldn't, Camille would be properly upset.

Laura wanted to wander the long hallways of the estate, looking for answers, but she didn't want to summon the wrath of Angelica or Miss Lancaster.

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