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He's home alone, and then...

When they got back to the hotel room Ava sat down on the bed. Hank stood over her and ran his hands through her long hair.

"You're so beautiful, baby," he said,

"Mmmm, thank you,"

Hank moved Ava's hand to the erection that was bulging through his pants. She rubbed it gently, but he pushed against her hand with more insistence and she looked up at him. "Take off my pants. Ava," Hank said. When she had trouble, he helped her with his belt and the button on the front of his pants.

His pants falling to the floor, Ava reached inside Hank's boxers and closed her hand around his erect cock. She loved the feel of it. He was so hard, so aroused. His good-sized cock fit perfectly in her hand. The tip of his head was swollen and dripping precum already. Ava looked up at Hank and locked eyes with him.

"Baby, I have been thinking about your mouth on me all day, " Hank said, "Now take me out and show me what you can do."

Ava complied, pushing Hank's boxers down to his knees. He took his cock in his hand and ran his hand up from base to tip, forcing a big drop of precum to the end. "Open," he ordered. Ava opened her mouth and Hank rubbed the head of his cock across her lips. "Taste me."

Ava stuck out her tongue and licked the precum off his head. Her tongue swirled over the top of his head, underneath, and dipped into his small hole. Hank closed his eyes and tossed his head back as a moan escaped his lips.

Hank pushed his cock further into her mouth and Ava closed her lips around it. She ran her tongue up and down the back side of it and began moving her mouth back and forth. She brought her hand up and began massaging his balls as Hank shook his pants off. He was standing there, over her, naked from the waist down, and he deftly pulled his shirt off over his head. He leaned down, his cock still in Ava's beautiful, soft mouth, and he lifted her dress up over her knees so he could barely see her beautiful bald cunt between her legs. But just barely.

Hank grabbed a chunk of Ava's hair from behind, pulling her off his cock. She looked up at him, surprised. "Lie on the edge of the bed. I want you accessible to me." Ava complied, swinging her legs up onto the bed and lying on her back. Hank reached down again and pulled her dress up so that he could see her bald mound.

"Open your legs," Hank commanded. Ava obeyed and spread her legs, pulling them up slightly and revealing her pink folds. Hank reached down between her legs and stroked her slit, finding it still wet and slick. He slid a finger into Ava's pussy, and then moved his cock back to Ava's face. Ava opened her mouth to suck him in while he fingered her. Hank put his free hand on her shoulder for balance and began to pump his cock into her mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper as she opened up her soft warmness to him. Ava's eyes widened as he began to push into her throat. She reached up with two hands, putting one on the base of his cock, the other underneath on his balls. After fondling his balls, she slid her hand further back, probing under him for his asshole. Although the angle wasn't great, she was able to find his rosebud and began stroking it.

"Mmm, good girl. Very good girl." Hank murmured. He continued to finger her pussy, but now reached lower himself, sliding below her pussy to her anus. Slick with her juices, he was able to push in easily, penetrating to the first digit. Ava's eyes closed and she reveled in the sensations of his hand and cock. Her cheeks bulged as Hank continued to fuck her mouth.

Ava continued to suck Hank as he worked his finger deeper into her ass. After a few minutes, though, he pulled away, shifting down to stand above her pussy. With his right index finger buried in her asshole, Hank now took his left hand and reached for her pussy, spreading her lips open and sliding his index finger into her wet channel. Pulling it out, he slid his middle finger in, and then pushed both fingers in.


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