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An argument over modesty and exhibitionism.

I look down as he continues to rub his thumb over the topside of my hand. I smile back, my nerves turning my stomach into knots. "You look great."

" clean up good too," I reply with a leering smile. "Of course, when I saw you earlier today, you looked pretty good then too."

James leans closer to me and whispers in my ear, "Babe, what I saw of you earlier, looked pretty damned good too." He leans back and takes a drink from his beer. "And if all goes well, I hope to see a little more later on too."

"We'll see," I say with a grin. Sipping more of my beer, I glance around the room, noticing a few more people entering the bar. "How about we move to a table? It will give us a little more privacy."

"You read my mind," he responds with a smile.

We move to a table in the corner, and to my delight, James slides into the seat next to me. As he moves close to me, I can smell his cologne. "Mmmm, you smell good," I say quietly.

James leans towards me and inhales deeply, "As do you."

As we sit and talk, we each consume another beer, learning more about each other. The more beer I have, the more relaxed I become and I gradually inch my way closer to James. My mind is filled with thoughts of him and I find that occasionally I have no clue as to what he has just said to me, and I try my best to focus, but he is not making it easy. With our occasional flirtatious comments to each other, I feel my cheeks getting flushed, and when he sees it he smiles at me, chuckling a little.

After a few more beers apiece, James moves his arm from the back of the seat and twirls his fingers around a few strands of my hair. As he does, I can't help but think how it would feel to have him take a handful of my hair, gently pulling my head back and kissing my neck. With these thoughts running through my mind, I again lose focus on what he is saying.

"I said, shall we finish these and head outta here?" James asks again.

"I'm sorry...I was a little distracted. We can do that. I still need to get a movie. Any preference?" I reply.

"Yeah, but before I answer, I have to know what had you so distracted?" James says quietly.

I smile at him, and to my surprise I look into James' eyes and tell him exactly what thoughts had taken my attention away from him.

"Well, who am I to deny a lady her fantasy?" he whispers. James leans towards me and pushes my hair back over my shoulder, exposing my neck. He gently kisses it, and the heat of his breath and the gentleness of his kiss sends shivers all through me. Oh my God, it feels so good. I hear him moan as he nuzzles me. I close my eyes and enjoy how he makes feel. If he only knew how vulnerable it made me feel. He kisses my neck a few more times before pulling away. I sigh heavily and slowly open my eyes. As James looks at me smiling, he whispers, "There's much more when that came from."

"I hope so," I reply, shuddering at the mere thought of so much more.

"Would you like another drink?" James asks with a mischievous smile.

"Sure...but not here," I respond very quickly. "Want me to just meet you at your place?"

"Absolutely. I need to stop and pick up more beer, so after you get the movie I will just meet you there."

"Sounds good to me," I say with a smirk.

As James escorts me outside, he tells me his address, and then can't help but compliment my truck, "Nice ride!"


"A sexy gal with a Harley and a sweet lookin' ride like that? Damn Babe, you've got good taste."

I look over my shoulder at James and flash him a smile, "I know," I say raising my eyebrows suggestively at him. "I am here with you, aren't I?"

"Can't argue with that, Babe," James replies beaming a smile back at me. He opens my door and closes it behind me, waiting for me to roll down the window. "I'll see you in a careful, Sexy."

"I will."

James reaches his hand inside the truck and gently caresses my cheek which just sends chills all down my spine again.

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