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Kara dreams of him.

"Hey, Aubrey, how would you like to meet my new boyfriend? Be the first in our little group to get the privilege of deciding whether you approve or disapprove?" Jane knew the last bit would seal the deal. Their group of friends was very catty and loved being able to tell one another why, exactly, their current boyfriends weren't good enough.

Aubrey's large eyes lit up. "You mean I can meet him before Samantha? Hells ya!"

Samantha was their clique's alpha. Not letting her meet him first would be a total social taboo, but right then Jane didn't care. She smiled, Aubrey missing how predatory the expression was. "How about you come over to my place tomorrow night, a bit after sunset? He actually lives just down the road from me. I'll let him know we're coming over, maybe he'll make dinner for us or something."

All of it was a lie. He certainly wasn't going to make them dinner, they would BE dinner. Jane didn't even plan on telling her Master she was bringing company; she wanted it to be a treat. She wanted to show what a good pet she was.

* * *

Jane had to dress in proper clothing, needing to convince her friend they were going to her boyfriend's house for dinner. She had on a tight pair of black yoga pants and the low cut top with built in breast support she had been wearing the night she first met her Master. She wore no underwear under the outfit, something her friend wouldn't be able to tell unless she looked really hard.

Aubrey was dressed in tight jeans, a cute pink tank top with a loose fitting hoodie over it. Jane was happy to see the hoodie was unzipped partially and that plenty of her friend's ample, lightly mocha colored cleavage was showing.

Together the two young women walked down the street under the night sky. "Sorry we're not getting started till so late. He works weird hours, and I wanted to make sure he had time to clean up after work."

"Sure, no worries Jane. You know I don't mind being up late, especially if there's going to be wine. There IS going to be wine, isn't there?"

"Yeah, of course," Jane lied. "Oh, here we are!"

Aubrey stopped and looked at the home before her. "Damn, this really IS right down the street. Place looks kind of abandoned," she said. "And it looks like the only light on is in the entry way, you sure he's home? And that this is even the right place?"

Jane waved her hand dismissively. "Yeah, it's fine. He just moved in and most of his stuff isn't even here yet. And he likes to save electricity, once we are inside he'll turn more lights on."

"Er... okay, Jane. Whatever you say."

If Jane really was taking Aubrey to meet her new boyfriend she would have just made a very bad first impression. But she was taking Aubrey to meet her Master, and he would be able to make a memorable first impression all on his own, no matter what her friend already thought.

As they stepped up to the front door Jane's heart began to race. She was suddenly filled with doubt. What if her Master wasn't pleased with the surprise? What if he grew angry that she had brought a stranger into his home? Jane turned and looked at Aubrey. She was standing in shadow, the streetlight behind her. One look at the outline of her impressive bust and Jane new she was doing the right thing.

She turned around and opened the door, telling Aubrey to enter. Jane quickly followed behind her, closing the door and locking it just in case.

Aubrey didn't seem to notice her friend locking her in, instead she was looking around with a disapproving on her face. "I guess you weren't lying about him having just moved in. The place barely looks lived in. So where is he?" She started to turn back to face Jane but the door to the basement flew open, followed by a rush of air. A fraction of a second later the sexual vampire, Jane's Master, was standing tall, angry, and very naked before Aubrey.

He glared at Aubrey.

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