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Amost more sex than I could handle.


I didn't need to be told twice. I reached down and grabbed hold of my now raging manhood with barely-contained eagerness and aimed it at my wife's clearly lubricated pussy. I should mention that, while not obscenely huge, I do indeed pack a pretty impressive weapon between my legs. Both my daughter and my wife have shouted for joy at being crammed full of my cock, once their tight pussies managed to adjust to its size. It's a bit on the thick side, but not overly so- just long and thick enough to let my two lovely ladies know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that they're being fucked thoroughly. On occasion I tap their cervixes with the head of my cock, but when I do, that only seems to inflame them more. The only thing that drives them crazier is when I finally do hose their pussies down with my cum. I invariably spray enough of their insides with my sperm that it works its way back out after about my third spurt- and I spurt at least five times before my ejaculations subside, followed by two or three additional, smaller jets of cum before I'm completely done. More of my cum as been poured into either my wife's or my daughter's pussy than you could possibly imagine.

I brushed the head of my penis between Terry's sodden labia, getting the tip wet enough for entry and dragged it across her protruding clit. The brief contact of cock and clit made my wife's hips involuntarily jerk in anticipation and she let loose with an appreciative "Mmmm..."

"I love watching you do that, Dad," our daughter said. "She reacts the same way every time and it's just too cool to see. I gotta zoom in on this." She tapped a button on the camera and said, "Oh, perfect!"

I stopped brushing my cockhead through my wife's outer lips and placed it right at her entrance while looking down at my daughter. "You like watching me fuck your mother, huh? Well, babygirl, keep watching, because it only gets better." With that I began to slowly, gently saw my girth into my wife's incredibly tight pussy. Inch by inch my member invaded her depths and, with each slight withdrawal, her inner lips clung tightly to my shaft. As I got deeper and deeper into my wife's canal, Terry's moans became louder and more prominent. When I was about halfway in, I stopped completely and said, "Ready, honey?"

Terry's hands, which were at the time playing with her distended nipples, moved to the edge of the kitchen table to provide herself with a better, more stable grip. "Do it, my love," she rasped. "Shove that thing home! I'm ready!"

With no further urging needed, I steadily pushed the rest of my length in until I could feel my balls brushing up against her mons. As I pushed in, Terry let out a long, slow breath that lasted as long as it took me to fully enter her. When I was completely inside her as deep as I could go, I gently flexed my scrotal muscles enough to make my cock barely move up and down, relishing the sensation of my cock head nudging her cervix.

"Ooooh, my God, that feels good!" Terry sighed as my cock twitched. "I'll never get over how you do that!"

The sounds of Kathryn's fingers pushing in and out of her pussy stopped as she asked, "Is he twitching, Mom? God, I love it when he does that." I glanced over at her again and saw that her middle finger was twigging slowly, stimulating her own g-spot as she lay there and smiled up at me and held the camera as steady as possible on her parents. "Hiya, Daddy. Having fun?"

I smiled back at her lovingly and nodded. "Lots, sweetheart. How about you?" Without missing a beat, I slowly dragged my cock back out of my wife's pussy until just the head was inside and then carefully wormed the shaft back in, my normal routine of starting off slowly and then picking up the pace as she adjusts to my size.

My lovely daughter's eyes quickly flashed to my groin, taking in the sight of me starting to slowly fuck her mother, and then back to mine.

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