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I bet that feels nice...

You close your eyes to revel in the feeling. You can hear the trickling of the water and that light sound of the foamy bubbles disappearing around you. You can even smell something pleasant although you can't quite tell if it's from the type of candles or something I've poured in the water, but it's faint enough to tease you, and you somehow like the subtle scent of it.

You hear wet, sloppy sounds and peek through one eye to see me lathering up my hands with the soap. I think I just heard you giggle...but maybe not... My warm, soapy hands start working hard, slippery circles across the back of your neck. I feel the tension running out, melting, and I hear you sigh a little as you feel it going as well. I'm working two strong fingers up & down under your hair at the base of your skull while my other hand moves across soft, soapy shoulders. If you were a cat, I swear you'd be purring. Your eyes both open and you see me smiling down at you as my fingers work pure magic down your back and across your collar line. Your eyes are half-lidded so this must all be having some pleasurable effect on you.

I lift your closest leg out of the suds and the water just slides down your leg in rivers. I'd imagine that tickles as well. I slip your ankle into the crook of my elbow to hold it there as my fingers firmly work the lather up and down your leg. As my stroking comes higher up your thigh, your eyes widen, and I think I almost got scolded for a second there before you slide further down into the water. I'm working the inside of your thigh, then under it, now the outer thigh, and coming around again I notice your eyes closed once more. I work back down, giving your calf a good workout with my thumbs and further down to your ankle. Then I'm slipping my fingers wetly between your toes, across your sole, tickling across the top then firmly again. I slowly lower your leg back into the water and reach for the other one, glancing at you to make sure you're still enjoying the tender loving care. Are you?

I'm reaching across now, my dry hand anchored to the far edge of the tub with your ankle resting comfortably on top of my wrist. That keeps your leg from falling in as well as keeps me from toppling in with you as well. Oh but you'd like that wouldn't you? Me too...

My soapy hand slips up and down the reverse of the other leg. Starting with your toes I get them nice and relaxed, across your smooth ankle, up your calf. I'm firmly grasping at your knee now, over and under. You feel the heat from my hands and I can feel your cooling skin where I've raised it out of the water. My hand moves over and down your leg now, running down to your thigh. I catch the sound of a little moan, but I'm not sure if it was yours or mine. I know I'm certainly enjoying this...

You seem to just be really getting into the soapy massage when I'm lowering your leg back into the suds.

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