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Brother comforts sister and finds they both want sex...

Katie's body hung in suspension, unmoving, acceding. It seemed to take an age and all she could do was wait until he denuded her, put her in her place, making an outward sign of her inferiority. Slowly first one side then the other she felt his fingers grip at the elastic and start to tug. It resisted and she had to sway first one way then the other to facilitate him. The panty slowly descended and then stretched on one side making the other side caught. Eventually she felt the elastic slide over the round curve of her ass. She could feel the tension release and then the final pull at her sex as the panty was yanked away. Her wetness glued her sow cunt to the material and she felt her cunt lips pull and then release the thin veil of protection at her crotch. Katie collapsed back onto the couch, Carl had disappeared beneath the table as he fought his way down her legs. When she was entirely free of her underwear, Carl sat back on the couch next to her and crumpling her panty slipped it into his pocket. Katie was ashamed, thinking of her excitement just before and the telltale evidence he would find on those panties later when he had time to inspect them.

Ricky ordered some bread and olive oil and they came with a small glass jar of oil. He dribbled some on the white plate and pulled out a little bag with some powder inside.

"This," he explained, "will warm you up a little, sow Katie." He mixed the powder into the oil and slowly swirled it around on the plate. Katie felt the tension in her throat as she watched his preparations. She did not know what was to happen next, and that was always part of the exhilaration. Katie watched as Ricky slid the plate across the table towards Carl. He smiled a wicked smile at Katie while Carl dipped his fingers into the oil and brought his hand down beneath the table. Carl laced his leg around Katie's, and pulled it to one side. Then he slid his fingers over her naked sow cunt, smearing it with oil. Katie instinctively tried to pull away but he held her firm, clinging onto her arm as well as her leg. She sat staring into Ricky's face as she felt Carl's deft fingers oiling her. Her legs were spread apart, her skirt falling away from her waist where it was held by her belt. The material swept away to either side of her legs, and but for the cover of the table, she was spread open before her trainer with Carl busy lubricating her entrance for him.

It was a moment or two later that the effect of the powder started to kick in, and kick it surely did. She felt her lips swell and the heat that arose in them made them itch. She struggled under the torment and Carl had to cling on to her. As Katie wriggled in her chair, all she could feel was the explosive burning arousal in her sow cunt. She had suddenly become incredibly horny. She squirmed and her face screwed tight. She twisted and arched her back as she felt Carl's fingers continue to oil her slit. As her back arched, she thrust out her udders towards Ricky. He was smiling at her display.

"It all comes flooding back now, doesn't it sow Katie? All the painful desire, the neediness; you have missed it haven't you? I can see it in your face."

Katie heard his words in a paroxysm of desire that swept through her body. She felt her nipples harden and press into the fabric of her bra which he had permitted her to keep for now. She felt Carl's leg forcing her knees apart and she loved the sensation of that forcing, the fact she could not cover herself. It is not that she desired to conceal herself she was totally open to this man, her trainer. He had made her body yearn for the pleasures of being a sow.

The waiter came over for their orders and Carl ceased his torment of Katie's crack which burned with a fire she tried to control while the waiter was there.

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