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The bolt on the door moved and the door opened slightly.

"Ma'am, are you awake? Can I come in?" said the youth hesitantly.

Claudia found it strange. "Yes, I'm awake. You can come in," she said and the youth entered with a tray and put it on the bed trying not to look at the women. "It's just some porridge, toast and tea," he said.

"Thank you, eh?"

"Barry is my name ma'am but don't tell him I told you. There's a shower behind that door, ma'am and some towels. I can't find your clothes. I think he must have them in the van. He went into town. I have these big coats here. They'll keep you warm, but please, Ma'am, don't let him find you with them or he'll kill me," pleaded Barry.

Thank you, Barry," responded Claudia kindly.

Barry nodded before hurrying out the door.

By now Olivia was awake. "What sort of boy is he, Mum?" she asked groggily.

"A lonely one, sweetheart. I doubt if that boy ever received an ounce of kindness in his life. His heart and soul are crying out for it," replied Claudia thoughtfully.

"Now, let's have that breakfast before it get's cold," she concluded.

After finishing the breakfast Claudia and Olivia showered. For Claudia it was another strange experience as she couldn't help admire her daughter's naked body as she helped scrub her back. 'If only,' she thought.

After they dried off they donned the overcoats that Barry had left. They were indeed warm but mother and daughter felt a little more dignity by wearing them. It didn't last long however as they heard the older man's voice. They quickly discarded the coats and hid them under the bed. It was just in time too because the bolt on the door moved and he walked in.

"Good news, ladies. I've contacted your husband, Mrs Michaels and he has arranged for the ransom. With luck you'll be on your way soon," he said with a grin before closing the door and bolting it. Nothing else happened that day and Claudia and her daughter once again slept together in the bed, nestled comfortably in each other's arms.


The following morning just as Claudia was waking there was a knock on the room door and Barry cautiously entered. Again, he struggled not to look.

"Sorry, ma'am. Joe is gone. He won't be back for some hours. I have the stove lit so if you would like to heat yourselves by it while I get your breakfast?" he said.

"Thank you, Barry," said Claudia gratefully before rousing Olivia. Both women donned the coats Barry had given them and sat by the stove grateful to receive the warmth.

Barry put a large cushion on the floor. "Put your feet on this ma'am. It'll help you," he said.

Claudia was astonished and couldn't stay silent anymore. "Barry, how did you get involved with Joe?" she asked.

"Oh, it's a long story, but..." and Barry went on to explain he never knew his parents and had fled from an orphanage where had been abused. He spent a number of years on the streets until Joe picked him up and became involved in petty crime.

Claudia almost wanted to cry. 'Dear God, I thought things like that only happened in "Oliver Twist"', she thought. Like most people, however, given the terrible revelation of abuse these past few years, nothing surprised her anymore.

Then there was the sound of an engine outside.

"Oh my God, he's back!" cried Joe in panic.

Claudia and her daughter jumped up and ran for the room leaving their mugs on the table as they did so.

Inside the room Claudia could hear Joe speaking severely to Barry.

"What have you been up to, boy?" he demanded.

"Nothing," declared Barry innocently.

"What the hell is that then?" he asked angrily as he observed the mugs on the table and the cushions on the floor.

"I just gave them some soup to keep them warm," responded Barry.

"You had them out here. Didn't you?" he demanded to know.

"No, I didn't!" cried Barry in a frightened voice.

"Don't you fucking lie to me, boy!" yelled Joe as he struck the youth several times.

The sound of Barry's cries was too much for Claudia. She wrapped herself in a towel before opening the door.


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