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I didn't even have an Oedipal Complex, at first.

I clipped the garter in place and started fastening the straps to the lace stocking tops, but couldn't reach the back ones... I guess I DO need some help!

I decided to go ahead and put the nightie and shoes on, then get Julie to fasten the rear garter straps for me. So I stepped into the baby doll and slowly pulled it up slipping my arms through the spaghetti straps. It felt heavenly as I slid the nighty up over my stocking covered legs, and was cool and loose fitting with the fly-away front. Once on, it reached just to the bottom of my panties so any motion, reaching, or bending exposed the sexy red lace and satin.

I next sat on the bench and slipped the high heels on. The ankle straps wrapped around twice and were held in place by little gold locks. I slipped the lock shackles through the straps, and tried to get them to stay in place without locking them, but couldn't. I didn't see a key in the box, but figured that Julie must have it at the counter so I snapped the locks shut. When I stood, I had to steady myself a bit, but got my balance and could walk ok in them.

Just then I heard Julie out by the mirror asking if I needed help. I told her I needed the rear garter straps fastened and wanted to see how I looked in the mirror.

"Well come on out!" she said. So I slowly opened the door and stepped out.

"Wow you look really hot! Oddly hot, I think... But definitely hot!" Julie said.

Then she walked over and kneeled down behind me to fasten the straps. After she hooked them up she patted my ass in the panties, and reached around to feel my cock.

"Somebody likes dressing in lingerie!" she said. Then she stood up in front of me and started slowly rubbing my now fully erect cock through my panties. "There is a better lit triple view mirror near the front of the store" she said. "Why don't you go there to look at yourself?"

I peeked out into the store, and it was empty since it was now closed so I slowly walked to the front of the store. The heels made me walk like a sexy woman and I could feel my ass sway back and forth as I managed the shoes. I found it was easiest to walk if you put one foot in front of the other, and that moved my ass even more. The stockings and nightie were cool in the air, and with each step the panties massaged my ass and cock delightfully.

Looking at myself in the mirror I saw a dude in lingerie, but one that actually looked pretty good in it. Seeing myself like that got me all the more turned on as I imagined the lingerie on Julie.

Just then, another woman about Julie's age walked up to the door and opened it with a key! Julie introduced me to her companion Sara. I was shocked! Julie must have called her and told her about me!

Sara was a blonde with short punk hair, and was wearing a goth black miniskirt and top. She had tattoos on her arms and shoulder, and had on black high heels and fishnet stockings. She too was hot!

"Well well well! What have we here?" Sara said. "You were right Julie, he does look hot!"

Sara suddenly walked up and grabbed my hard cock through my panties and slowly started jacking me off... It felt wonderful and I knew I would cum soon if she kept it up! I looked down and saw I had a big pre-cum wet spot forming in the red satin panties.

"Looks like you like this" Sara said, as she continued jacking me off and looking me up and down. I sat down on a padded bench near the triple mirrors and leaned back closing my eyes and thrusting my hips up. Sara could tell I was close to cumming and said "Not just yet our little panty boy!"

She then pushed me around so my back was to her, and I saw Julie standing there with her mini skirt and top off, and wearing a strap on dildo just like the one in my wife's bag!

Julie said "This is what your wife and both of her friends bought the other day.

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