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Jones learns the routine with his new owners.

"What sort of stuff is it?"

"It's like a porn portal. Anything you like really. Either movie clips or photos."

"This one looks like fun." Alix leaned forward to take control of the mouse, and her breast brushed the side of my arm. My mouth felt dry. She clicked on a thumbnail and a new site came up, with six links to movie scenes. The stills showed a smoothly tanned blonde chick apparently called Anita stripping, sucking cock, being fucked in the ass, and finally a guy cumming over her face. "Ooh." Alix sounded impressed.

"If you want to watch them, just left click, and the movie player will open automatically" I said. I gently rested my finger over Alex's and pressed the left mouse button. Evidently the cursor had been over an ass-fucking still, because after a very short pause the movie player opened and Alix and I were treated to ten seconds of Anita on all fours with a large cock sliding violently in and out of her asshole. From the loud whining Anita was making this was not a comfortable experience.

"Like this you mean." Alix back clicked, and then brought up the sixth movie. We saw the cock come out of Anita's ass, be brought around to her face, and then as she jerked the guy off over her face Anita licked the cock that had just been in her asshole. "Oh. You like this stuff?"

I shrugged. "I guess. It's not all like this."

Alix clicked back to the original bookmark. "She looks cute." She clicked through to a new site. There were eighteen thumbs of two teen girls - one blonde one a redhead - making out, sticking fingers in each other's pussies and licking each other's pussies and assholes. "You like this?"

"Yeah. You?"

"It's sexy. Not like the stuff Tom got for us. Those guys all had beards." Alix clicked onto a new site, and brought up another assfucking video. "Is that all they do?"

"It features a lot, yes." It felt weird, and wonderful, discussing assfucking with Alix, while the movie looped endlessly in front of us. "So this stuff turns you on?" I asked. "Makes your pussy wet?" is what I was thinking.

"I suppose." I thought I could sense the tension in Alix's voice - like she was aware she was really saying "My pussy is wet right now Mike."

"Do you think it will work?" Will you make yourself cum watching women being assfucked Alix?

"Who knows?" Alix clicked to the last movie in the sequence, the guy shooting himself off over her face. "Hey - you know I've never seen a guy making himself cum before."

"You're kidding."

"Really. I mean, for a long time I thought you just moved your whole hand up and down. I never realized you were meant to hold onto the foreskin and move that."

"Shit. Still, I don't think I've ever seen a woman do herself. In real life." That wasn't true, but I wondered if I could use our shared inexperience.

Alix was staring at the movie. "The way he cums on her face is really quite erotic. Look - the way that streak of cum runs down from her eye. Like she's been crying. That's quite artistic. It's funny how the guys always cum on the girls' faces."

"Yeah. You could watch me if you like, Alix." There, it was said.

"Watch you?"

"Sure. I'm feeling pretty turned on watching all this stuff with you. I thought maybe it might get you going in the right way to see me do it."

Alix was silent for a moment. "What about Sally?"

"It doesn't affect that." My voice was hoarse with tension. "I mean I'm not doing anything with anyone, am I?"

"No." She giggled. "You're dirty."

"Shall I then?"

She giggled again. "Sure. Jerk yourself off for me Mike."

I turned the chair to face Alix, and slipped my pants around my ankle. My erect cock was pushing my boxers up like a tent, and there was a large wet patch where pre-cum had seeped out. "You're wet!" Alix exclaimed.

"You always leak a bit first. Anyway, I bet you're wet too."


I rested my fingertips under the waistband of my boxers, teasing Alix before revealing myself. "You know what would be cool?"

"What?" Her attention was devoted to my groin, waiting for the show to begin.

"You could do yourself while I'm doin

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