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A fantasy written for her lovers.

We'll meet, have dinner, get a few errands done and prepare to see the football game on Saturday afternoon."

"I think I'd like that." I smiled. "I'll make hotel reservations and see you Friday then."

"Make sure the room is a double-double," she said. "There will be four of us using it after the football game."

The thought of that took my breath away. Whew! This was getting real.

"No need to worry, Mom, both of these guys are great. You'll like them."

"Do they know how...old...I am?"

"They'll find out, won't they?" Bethany giggled over the phone.

Yes I guess they will. That's what I'm afraid of, I thought. "Don't you think they'll be disappointed?"

Bethany chuckled. "Mom, do you think T.A. and Lee were ever disappointed?"

I hadn't thought of that.

"Just keep positive thoughts, Mom."

My work week crept by slowly. I resumed my normal duties as associate pharmacist at a local super store pharmacy. That helped to pass the time. Finally Friday came and I drove the hundred and some miles to the university town where my daughter attended college.

"C'mon," Bethany insisted. "We need to pick up a few items at the drug store."

"You should have told me," I said. "I could have gotten them cheaper at my store."

"No, no. Better that we buy them here." Bethany pushed a small cart through the store. She quickly put in a small bottle of baby shampoo, an applicator squeeze bottle, a package of condoms and a large tube of lubricant. "Besides, this way we keep our activities under wraps."

Our activities! Suddenly I had a bad case of nerves.

I have to pick up some hair color, I thought. Tonight I'll color that creeping gray.

"Oh, and Mom, choose some alcohol you think we'd all drink." She pulled an expensive Brandy and a couple of 40 ounce malt liquors and put them in the cart. I looked on the shelf and pulled a Rose wine I really loved and a six pack of European beer. Then my daughter grabbed a two liter of cola.

"Okay," she said. "I think we're ready."

I nodded. "If you say so..."

When we checked out, the clerk asked if I was purchasing all this alcohol for myself. I told her the purchase was for a small party--all adults. She still asked for my ID. I told her I loved her.

When we returned to the hotel, I asked Bethany if she'd help highlight my hair.

The following day we purchased tickets to the college football game. I made certain we didn't get stuck up on the bleachers. I needed to sit in a decent seat with a real back. Something made for a real human being. Happily these seats at a small college stadium come in well under twenty dollars each--even for something down fairly close to the field.

I watched the players come out onto the field as my daughter pointed out two particular players whom would be our 'dates'--Lamarr and Crispin. Now I don't mind telling you that Lamarr was easily the widest young lineman I'd ever seen. Probably close to three hundred pounds--but barely five feet ten inches tall. Obviously all muscle. He had long braided dreadlocks which hung down lower than his helmet.

Lean and lanky, Crispin stood six foot four with long arms. Bethany told me that he was considered a remarkable wide receiver. The details of the game didn't really matter much. To this day I couldn't tell you the score. I just knew that the home team lost their opener by a marginal point spread. Mostly, I kept my eyes on both players. In the middle of the first quarter, I saw each man turn and scan the audience for Bethany and me. My daughter waved to attract their attention. In return the two young men smiled and pointed. I went wet with anticipation as their eyes scanned us. What did I look like to these boys?

Like I said, I couldn't remember the score. I just knew when the game ended. As we worked our way to the parking lot, Bethany's cell phone rang.

"Hey, love! Sorry you lost. Yup, that was my Mom next to me." She waited as a voice spoke to her from the other end. "Hang on...hey Mom do we want food now or later?"

"I don't know, hon...what do you want to do?"

"What do you and Lamarr want

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