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Wife's further adventures with multiple lovers.

He pushes me toward the bed while pulling up my shirt. I know where this is going, so I take it off.

He tells me to leave on my glasses. It became pretty apparent early on that Efrain is a hardcore meganecon.

I move until the back of my legs hit the bed and I stop. Efrain playfully shoves me and I fall. I scoot back to lay against the pillows and he follows me onto the bed. I watch him crawl on top to sit astride my thighs. I close my eyes as he dips his head to kiss me again.

But the kiss never comes.

I open my eyes to find him staring in the direction of his nightstand. I turn to see what he's so deep in thought about, but all I see are a couple packs of self-adhering sports bandages. We look back at each other and a wicked smile draws up the corners of his full mouth.

I swallow hard. I know what Efrain's smiles mean.

He grabs two rolls and quickly pulls them out of the box. He lifts my wrist to his mouth and kisses the sensitive skin just below the heel of my hand. His tongue darts out to trace tendons and veins, his teeth scrape across my skin.

He wraps the bandage around my wrist a couple times and it sticks to itself. He then stretches my arm over to the bedpost and uses the rest of the bandage to wrap my wrist and the post together. After he tests the restraints, he uses the second bandage on my other wrist.

Efrain sits back on his heels to admire his handiwork. I can't help shivering. The soft denim of his jeans brushes against my thighs as I shift nervously.

"Still trying to decide what I'm going to do to you," he says absently. The tips of his fingers trace the contours of my stomach and chest, raising goosebumps on my skin. He draws circles around my nipples.

"Kiss me."

"You're not exactly in a position to issue commands," he says, but kisses me anyway. His fingertips tease the underside of my arms, from bicep to wrist and back again. They slip down my ribs as he starts moving his mouth down my body. I'm already panting hard by the time his tongue flicks across the ridge of muscle riding over my hipbone.

His knees nudge my legs open so he can kneel between. He tells me to open my legs more and I oblige while he strips off his jeans. I draw up my knees and he eases a pillow under my hips. Thus satisfied with my positioning, he grabs the lube. It dribbles onto his fingers.

"Now the fun begins." I'm aiming for levity, but my voice shakes a little.

He leans back over me and kisses me hard. His fingers press against my ass. When he speaks, his low voice carries a hard edge.

"The fun began when you told me I couldn't fuck you until I finished my work."


My finger sinks into him and his back arches so far off the bed that his shoulders and tip toes are the only parts of him still on the mattress.

I work his ass harder, deeper. "You've been pretty bossy today," I murmur in his ear. His panting breaths tickle my ear. "'Focus on your work.' 'Stop playing around.' 'Kiss me.' Any more commands?"

I sit back on my heels between his legs. Even if he did have more commands, he's too incoherent to issue them now. Everything is locked up in writhing against my hand. Still, I push in a second finger, just to be sure. Cory's head falls back as he moans. Having him at my mercy is so much wilder than I anticipated and I can't help wanting to take advantage of the situation.

His muscled arms flex, testing the bonds, but they hold him fast. He's only been able to maneuver his hands around so he can grip the bedpost. Since he can't grab me, he squeezes me between his thighs. I roughly shove his knees back apart and finger-blast him even harder. His chest heaves and I worry that he's going to hyperventilate. Ironically, it's when I lift and extend his leg straight up and tongue the back of his knee that he starts moaning louder.

I swirl my tongue around before I trail off over the inside of his thigh.

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