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Joey pays for a meal, Sven & Kurt start doubling down on him.

At about 5:01 the phone rang and I answered it. IT WAS JIM! After introducing himself, he asked if I was free that evening. I said yes, and asked what he had in mind. He wanted to take me out for dinner and drinks and maybe dancing. I said that sounded great. I gave him the address of "Ken's" house and he said he would pick me up around 6:30.

When I hung up, Ken told me to get dressed up. While I was in the shower, he took Grant back to the golf club, where the party was still going on, and made some excuse to his parents about why we needed them to take Grant home with them for the night. By the time Ken returned, I had done my hair and makeup and was putting on my sexiest underwear, a lacy half bra that looks great with my big boobs, matching thong panties, a garter belt and seamed, rhinestone- studded hose. As he walked in our bedroom, he whistled and told me I looked good enough to eat. I replied, "That's what I'm trying for!" Ken helped me put on and zip up my dress, a sexy blue number with a deep cleavage (to show off my own) and a hem about 3 inches above my knees. I lightly sprayed perfume for the finishing touch.

Then we went to our front room, so we could see Jim pull up. Ken poured some white wine to settle my nerves and I drank it quickly. Then he reached under my dress to feel my pussy. I was soaking hot! He reassured me that anything that I want to do is fine, just enjoy the evening. I promised him that I planned to, and I kissed Ken. Just then we heard a knock on the door. It was Jim! I opened the door and invited him in, but he said that we should be going. Jim took my arm and walked me to his car, opened the door for me and let me in. As we drove away, Jim confessed that he was a little nervous. He was divorced 6 months earlier, and hadn't been on a date since. I comforted him, saying that we don't have to talk about our married life, just be ourselves.

The dinner and wine were delicious, and the conversation was cheerful. We laughed and smiled all evening. Then we went to a dance club and danced for about an hour. I was trying to think how I can get him out of there, and on to the main event. During a slow, romantic song, Jim said that I felt wonderful. I told him I feel better undressed. It seemed his heart skipped a beat, but I revived him by asking if he would like to go someplace where we could be alone. Without another word, he took my hand and led me to his car.

"Where would you like to go?" he asked. I directed him back to "Ken's place," assuring him that no one else would be there.

"Sounds good to me!" he said as he pressed down on the gas pedal. I sat close to him, and I couldn't wait until we got to the house, so I slid my hand up his slack leg and rubbed his cock through the smooth fabric. He placed his hand on my leg and slid it up my nylons to my honey pot. I was so hot that as soon as he pushed a long finger past my pussy lips, I had a mini orgasm.

Then Jim removed his hand, wrapped his arm around my neck and reached into my dress front to fondle my right boob. He fondled it and rubbed the hard nipple all the way home. When we got home, I quickly checked to see if the "coast was clear." In the bedroom, I found Ken, sitting in the closet. I startled him, but he asked if it was ok if he watched.

I said, "Sure, but get ready for quite a show!" and closed the door on him. From his seat he could see everything through the louvered door. I went to Jim and told him to come with me to Ken's bedroom. He followed like a puppy on a short leash. As soon as we entered, we collided in the hottest kiss I have had in years!. Our hands roamed and undressed each other. When I was just wearing my bra, panties, garter and hose and he had only his boxers, I knelt down so I was eye level with the mountainous bulge in his shorts.

I slowly pulled them down and his hardening cock sprung out, hitting me in the face.

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