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Louise and Jane swop more heated stories of past experiences.


"No," Lila replied urgently. "No. You did nothing wrong."

Margaret finally turned to Lila and the gypsy felt burned. Margaret's green eyes, red-rimmed and swollen, held hatred, an emotion that Lila didn't think the girl possessed. Lila loathed herself for making it possible for Margaret to know hate. "Then why did you treat me like a common whore?"

Lila fell to her knees beside Margaret, taking the dirty hands in her own, using her thumb to catch a tear and wipe it away. "I left because of this," the Roma insisted. "The more we are together, the harder it is going to get to be apart. I don't want to do anything that would make you not want to marry Herr von Goring."

"I already don't want to marry him," Margaret admitted, allowing her fingers to entwine with Lila's. "I didn't want to marry him long before I met you, but I will. I will marry him because it is what is expected of me. Ravendorf Manor will need a lord after my father dies. He needs an heir. Phillip is . . ."

"A good match," Lila finished. "You've said that."

Margaret released Lila's hands and went back to her rose bush. She tore at the weeds. "I asked you to show me . . . to make me feel good," she said as she worked. "Instead, you used me, and left me alone, confused, and scared."

Lila sprang, grabbing Margaret's shoulders and pushing her to the ground. "I didn't use you!" she snarled. "You asked for my help and I gave it willingly."

"That doesn't change the way you left me," Margaret cried, trying to twist away.

Lila put one leg over Margaret's body, holding both of the girl's wrists in her palms to prevent escape. "Stop fighting me and listen to me!" Lila yelled. When Margaret still did not give way, the gypsy bent and pressed her lips to the noblewoman's. Margaret continued to struggle for a moment, struggling against the strong body holding her prisoner. Lila's kiss was hard, her teeth scraping against Margaret's lips. Her tongue pushed until Margaret whimpered and opened to the invader.

Lila knew the moment that Margaret surrendered. The stiffness left her body and she relaxed into the yielding ground. Her lips softened, closing around the tongue exploring in her mouth. Their tongues rubbed together, sending electric shocks through both of them. Lila released Margaret's hands, prepared to wrestle again if it proved necessary. Margaret's arms circled Lila's neck, holding her lover in the kiss. Lila pulled away, reluctant to leave Margaret's sweet tasting lips. "You belong to someone else," she whispered. "You could never belong to me."

"Why do I have to belong to anyone?" Margaret asked in a breathless voice. She focused on Lila's face, staring into the dark brown eyes that had haunted her sleep for two nights.

Lila stroked Margaret's hair off her cheeks. "You said it yourself, that is the way the world works. You are going to marry him. If I let myself get attached to you, then I'm going to end up hurt. I'm sorry I upset you yesterday, but I have to protect myself."

"Let me up, please," Margaret requested, her voice a quiet, wounded whisper.

"Will you run?"

"No, I'll stay," she promised. Lila pulled away from Margaret, sitting at the young girl's side. Margaret scooted away a little before sitting up. Lila attempted to stroke Margaret's leg, but the girl pulled out of reach. "I am not your first girl."

Lila heard the declaration in Margaret's statement and shook her head honestly. "No, honey, you're not."

Margaret's brow furrowed as she attempted to form her next question. "Have you only been involved with girls?"

Lila's lips pinched together as she carefully considered her answer. "There have been men. I have not enjoyed those experiences." She slid a little closer to Margaret. "I love the feel of a woman's slim body pressed against me." Lila's fingertips touched Margaret's breasts through the material of the dress, circling the nipple till it hardened and pushed against the material. "I love a woman's breasts. I enjoy the way they respond to my touch. I could spend hours nursing at yours."

A flush crept up Margaret's ne

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