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Erotic office play on a rainy day.

She tasted great and was holding my head steady against her clit as I tongue fucked her. I love making a woman orgasm regardless of if its with my hands, mouth, tongue, cock, a toy, etc. But Misako had requested no cumming and she knows I am a tease so just when Maria's legs felt like they wer going to go weak, I pulled my head away.

"Oh my, why did you stop?, pouted Maria, looking sad and frustrated. "I haven't cum from a man's touch in almost 2 years. Please let me finish."

"I am sorry but Misako told me no cumming. She might have just meant me, but I promise you, I will taste your sweet cum before tonight is over."

And as I said that, I spun Maria around and looked at this beautifully shaped ass right in my face. I was grazing it with my fingers and asked her how old she was, guessing about 40. She was, in actuality 58! God how I love older women who take care of themselves.

I was using my hands to spread this woman's ass and was liking the way her tight little puckered holed was staring at me. I lunged forward, tongue first, right into this hot musty part of her anatomy. I let my fingers loosen on her ass cheeks and they slammed into my cheeks violently, barely allowing me any breathing room. Maria was moaning in a new kind of way, telling me she has never felt this before, no one has done this, and that she likes it. I reached around she spread her legs slightly allowing my fingers to rub her clot as my tongue continued its anal exploration. My cock was ragin as I was doing all of this and I needed some attention.

I stood up and was intent on driving into this woman before allowing her to suck my cock and so I bent her over and my cock was right at the entrance of her tight dripping pussy. She was whispering something abot going slow because she hadn't had a cock in a long time and that mine was thick but I was feeling extremely aggressive and plunged into her letting out a scream that caused Misako to rush into the room.

"OH MY GOD!!! Its so big! It hurts, Please!!! Stop!!! Don't!! Please!!! Don't!!! Stop!!! OH Jason, Please don't stop!"

Misako was standing now in the doorway and had opened the shower curtain. Her hands were crshing her tiny tits friggin her clit so fast I couldn't see her hand. She cold tell her friend was close to cumming and just nodded at me when I looked at her.

"Oh my God!! I'm cumming!!!!" And with that, This little woman gripped my cock like a vise and I felt an extremely warm fluid swell around my cock and then her body went limp. I let my raging hard on slip out and lifted her into my arms and followed Misako into the bedroom.

Misako instructed me to lay the wet woman down on the bed and straddle her face. I did so with my balls being lovingly lapped at by Maria's tongue. Misako then climbed on all fours, her pussy hanging right over Marias face and eased herself backwards onto my cock. I grabbed her tight ass and started to fuck for all I was worth.

"OOOhh Jason, you know how I like it".... Her voice trailing off as she buried her face into a pillow. My balls were running all over Marias face as I fucked Misako and she would occasionally stick out her tongue to trace it along the underside of my balls. She was also rubbing her own clit and was muffling something about cumming but I couldn't make it out.

"Jason I want you to cum in me.... PLEASE!!!! I need it" Misako was now pounding backwards as fast as she could and I couldn't help it as I exploded into her, her tight aged pussy sucking and milking every drop of cum my balls had to offer.

I then removed myself from perching on Maria and watched as Misako leaned back and told Maria to suck my cum from her pussy. This instantly got me hard again and I lay sideways and started to lean in to tongue fuck Maria again, with Misako grabbing my cock and jerking it off to make sure I was still hard.

So here we were, in this hot round robin, my mouth on Marias pussy, her mouth on Misakos hairy pussy, and Misakos hands gripping my cock

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