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Korea wife Candy agrees to open things up.

My parents had gone out to eat, and it was just my sister and I at home. The phone rang, it was my sister's friend, Dana. She was fat and ugly, but I flirted with her a bit to make her feel good. She seemed nervous talking to me. I went up the stairs to my sister's room and opened the door without knocking. She was reading on her bed and I tossed the phone to her. She shot me a dirty look and shooed me away.

I didn't listen and snooped around her dresser as she talked.

"Dana, I'll talk to you tomorrow. My brother's being an idiot. Yeah, see you."

She hung up.

"Get out of here, Ben."

I smiled and dug through her drawers.

"Or what?"

"Get out of there, you jackass!" she yelled. "Why? Do you have something dirty in here?"

I answered my own question as I pulled out something I would never expect to find. A g-string, the sexiest I had ever seen.

"Put that back, now!" she screamed, her face reddening.

This was too good to pass up. I stretched it out and looked it over.

"Well, well, well... which cheerleader did you swipe this sexy little number from? Was it Ashley? Erika? I think I remember Erika wearing something like this..."

"It's mine, now put it back in the drawer and get out of here."

I raised an eyebrow.

"This is yours? Yeah, okay."

She jumped up and tried to take it from me. I laughed and held it above her head.

"Give it back or I'll tell Mom!"

"Oh, believe me, Lauren, I'm sure she'll be happy to see this."

She knew I had her trapped. My parents thought that my sister was an angel. They were counting on her becoming a surgeon and paying for their retirement.

"OK, what do you want from me?"

"I want you to prove that this is actually yours."

She narrowed her eyes angrily.


She snatched it from my hand and sighed, staring at it.

"Go on," I taunted, "let's see."

She insisted that I turn around as she changed into it. I obeyed and waited there until she tapped my shoulder. I faced her and smiled.

To call Lauren's ass a masterpiece would be an understatement. Everything about it was perfect. The g-string fit it so well that it was scary. Her legs were amazing, too. Everything about her lower body just shocked me. I couldn't believe it was her. I finally dragged my eyes to her face, which didn't look very happy.

"Do you believe me now?" she questioned.

I smirked, but didn't answer.

"Who do you wear this for?"

"My boyfriend, for your information." she said defiantly.

"Yeah, right."

"I have a boyfriend. You just don't know him."

"Lauren, you've never even kissed a guy and you know it."

"Believe me, I've done things with guys that would make you sick."

"Oh! We've got a little whore over here!"

She obviously didn't like that, but continued to build on her story.

"Just ask the chess club. I've sucked all of their dicks."

"The chess club? That's the best you can do?"

"I've fucked the entire baseball team."

"Shut the fuck up."

"If I saw a cock right now, it would be in mouth in five seconds."

"Oh, really?"

Without thinking twice, I ripped down my shorts and my eight-incher flopped out. It bounced around in the air for a second and then came to rest in its erect position.

"Five... four..."

I looked up at my sister, who was eyeing my dick with great curiosity. The feeling seemed to leave her quite suddenly and she shook her head.

"No. Are you crazy? What if Mom and Da-...No! Just no!"

I didn't respond but rather walked over and grabbed her right tit through her thin, cotton top. She tried to force my hand off of her chest, but eventually gave in as I worked the soft flesh and gently pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes and threw her head back.

"Ben... no, we can't..."

I still paid no attention and proceeded to slowly remove her top and toss it aside.

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