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They had just entered the hall and received refreshment; Barbara held a glass of Chardonnay while Ludlow nursed his trademark Scotch. Layla appeared before them almost immediately. She wore a deep purple mini-dress with matching handbag and heels. The flowing scarf of gold-coloured silk was held about her shoulders with an enormous topaz brooch. Her hair was done in a windswept coiffure; she looked magnificent.

Layla made no disguise of her immediate interest in Barbara. "Jonathon Ludlow, bon soir! How simply wonderful to see you here this evening!" Air kisses to the cheek completed her continental greeting. "And do tell me, qu'est que c'est cette petit ouiseau ici avec toi?" This last indicating the stunning young bird on his arm.

"Miss Layla, allow me to introduce ma cher ami, la madamoiselle Barbara." Barbara smiled demurely; Layla grinned like the wolf, sizing up Little Red Riding Hood.

"Une pleasure a fait votre connaissance," Barbara said in her best schoolbook French.

"J'espere," Layla replied with obvious desire. I hope. Ludlow's entrapment campaign was off to a promising start.

The event continued; Layla would not leave Barbara's side. She held Barbara's hand and would not let go, as if she were claiming ownership. For her part, Barbara merely felt complimented by the beautiful woman's attentions. Although she detected that Layla's interest in her was more than mere friendship, Barbara naively assumed that Ludlow's presence indicated her present status regarding sexual orientation and availability.

Having played this segment of the gambit to the hilt, Ludlow took Barbara's arm and they departed the affair early; Layla's frustration showed in her eyes, in the terse set of her teeth as they bid their farewells. Ludlow felt confidant that Layla would seek Barbara out later, that through this he would somehow gain a position of advantage over her. Leaving Layla high and dry early in the game was a part of his plan; to cock-tease the cock-teaser. By playing on the Lebanese Lesbian's hot desire for Barbara's exquisite body, Ludlow hoped to force her into some act of misjudgement, to cause her to somehow mistakenly expose her connections to the underground terror cells he knew to be lurking just beneath the surface of the University's student society.

Even in his wildest dreams, Ludlow could not imagine the success of this early manoeuvre. Layla returned to her apartment that evening quite alone. Tonight none other would do for her, she must have, she would have this sexy one she had met tonight; this Barbara. There was the annoying presence of the girl's man friend that she would have to somehow deal with. Not a problem, one way or another Layla would take the beautiful young girl away from him. It would not be difficult. After all, he was already past his prime, practically an old man? What could such a ripe, young flower be doing in the company of such an old camel? If she were a man it might be difficult to steal her away from him; he seemed to have money, and some kind of charisma that attracted her to him. But as a woman, Layla knew she could get closer to Barbara. She could subtly seduce the young girl through the pretence of friendship that would gradually develop into a staged "exploration" of each other's sexuality.

Once in the door to her apartment Layla kicked off her heels.

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