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The domino's fall.

Jesus H Christ I just about passed out as he powered in and out grabbing my tits hard as he did so.

I was thrashing about like I was having a fit, but he just didn't slow down. This was no making love - this was brutal fucking, a show of animal strength. In all I reckon he must have gone at me like that for over 45 minutes, no respite. Without warning he pulled it out, spun me round again and jammed two fingers of his left hand up my pussy and onto my G-spot - one of my hands grabbed his wrist to hold him there and the second reached up to cover his right hand pumping his cock furiously in my face.

I watched that gorgeous mushroom headed cock erupt right into my face - this was a first - us hot teens don't like our hair messing with, but this guy wasn't going to take no for an answer and this was him claiming his prize. I was covered in the mess and then his cock was pushed back in my mouth with an instruction to clean him good. I did. I never went back.

After I had left, I knew I was onto something. I had done a black guy, a bit of a no-no amongst us 'marry well' girls, but nobody would ever know unless I told them. I made up my mind to try other opportunities as they came and that if I was to get them I probably needed to look outside the University for my Social Life.

Friday night that followed brought the first chance for something different. I decided to burn a bit of Papa's money in one of the posh hotel bars rather than in the union bar. After the first drink I didn't put my hand in my pocket once. A sequence of, well, mostly creepy guys offered to buy me a drink, keen to see if I was a girl on my own in the hotel for the night. I'm sure a few patrons thought I must be a hooker touting for custom.

I was getting particularly bothered by one guy who had rather got me pinned at the bar. The situation looked like a blow out when we were interrupted by a gorgeous blonde MILF (I watch porn too...) who announced that she was glad she had finally found me and that the champagne was getting warm, before plonking a bucket of bubbly on the bar, giving the guy one quick glance that said 'fuck off now' and pulling up a stool right in front of me.

She had spotted I looked in bother and introduced herself as Kylie, a dentist with some consultancy work to do the next day in town. She was staying in the hotel and offered to keep me company for a while until the hounds had been called off. Well, half an hour later we were having a really blast, bitching about the other people in the bar, talking work and uni life, holidays and shopping.

This was the woman I wanted to be when I got older. She was about my height I guess, similar build to me, although her ass was a little rounder it was awesome, the whole look so gorgeous and yet about 40 (she wouldn't say). Fab dress sense and hair, mega chat, confidence in spades and a good career was the package to die for, but didn't explain the lack of husband or kid talk. I had to ask - she explained it just wasn't for her.

She liked her single life, and that it was selfish enough for her to do what she wanted, when and with whom she wanted. Holidays with men and women had been mentioned so I didn't really pay too much attention to the comment. Then she asked me why I was sitting in a hotel bar all dolled up and all alone.

Shit, this was a tricky one. I plumped for the truth and told her about my quest to try and 'meet' different people for new experiences. She seemed fascinated by this. Suddenly she said it was getting on and she really had to eat, but didn't want to get a table and preferred room service, but did I want to join her as we were having so much fun. Cool I thought, I get to see what the rooms are like. Sometimes I guess I can be a bit naive.

Up in the fabulous suite room we ordered food and set about another bottle of champagne.

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