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Paul releases frustration before date.

"Spread me open Pet, I need to pee.. you took to long." she said.

We have never really done the golden fetish thing before.. but only because she hasn't made me. I reach down and part her lips.. God they are on fire, and so soft.... my hands have been busy at work all day.. but it feels like they just woke up at the first touch of her skin. The sensation rages thru my fingers like they have been frozen solid until now.

"You had better stand aside or you will be getting wet!" she laughed.

No sooner did I move than an arch of gold rose glinting in the evening light and fell outside the van in the dead leaves and branches from past storms. My fingers remained surprisingly dry though it was a bit of a juggling act keeping them directing the stream out the door.With a couple squeezes of her muscles the show was over..

She moaned "Give me a kiss Pet."

That was my sign to begin ... I looked left and right to check for people.

Her husband says forcefully "Get to it and quit worrying about other people ..I AM WATCHING" I knelt down and moved my face close to her, the smell of cum was heavy , the pee surprisingly not. I could feel the heat off of her pussy as my breath was exhaled near to her. She pulled me in, and I do mean in. She was wet, and very loose. She must have been fucking a long time before he came in her.

"Coat your face pet." she ordered. She pulled my face back and forth by the hair,covering me with wetness was forced into my nostrils, and glazed my lips. I could smell and taste the pee now. I suppose anyone that eats pussy has tasted it before


"Clean me up good before you come inside the van, then start on my ass." I couldn't see her or her husband but I am sure they exchanged smiles. My tongue dug up the wet crack of her ass bumping the little slit of her ass.. she moaned and squeezed my head with her thighs.

"Get the cheeks its not all holes for you Pet!" she said in a way to make you happy to please ..I worked my face up and down her ass crack side to side. Licking the thick juices that were ready to turn crusty before long.

"Now up top, I believe there is more for you." she said. I licked the valleys between her pussy mound and thighs.. up to her clit I climbed with my mouth. Even though she kept her pussy smooth, she always kept a small bush above. Amazing as it is, even though I seem to have no shame in my actions.. I hate licking cum from hair. It wasn't much today I sucked at the small tuft of her bush pulling the juices that matted her hair,because that is what I do. Evidently she was getting impatient or I did a good enough job.

She suddenly rose up and backed into the van telling me."Get in and lie on your back."

Her husband laughs out the words , "I won't say I left you a surprise, because I know what you came for."

She bends over me, her breast hanging right above my mouth, I start to lift my head she pulls back and says

"No no no?, you should have asked" She grips my cock hard thru my pants. I seldom get any contact from her hands it was a tough call to decide if it was pain or pleasure. She lowered her breast to my mouth again dangling it no more than an inch from me. What torture .. finally it dawns on me.

"Can I suck your nipple?" I as like a starving man..

"Is it worth it? she asks..Immediately I wonder..WORTH WHAT?

She asks again "Is it worth it?

I reply "Yes" not knowing what IT is. I have long since passed having any pride as their plaything.

"Well if you insist " she says.. sliding to her side she pulls her husbands cock out from his shorts. its soft and obviously played out from the long fuck he gave her.. She rubs the cock against her nipple eventually making it shiny.

" Here you go" she whispers as she leans over and dips it in my mouth. I pull it deep in my mouth savoring the feel of it stretching it with my tongue making as much as I can of the brief pleasure.

"That is about enough " she says as she pops it out of my mouths grip when she sits

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