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From the outside looking in. The calm before the storm.

Her cock was now fully erect in my hand and stuck up from her little womanly body in such a strange, new and exciting way.

"Oh, baby, your lips are so great on mummy's tits but how about you get a taste of her cock."

She pushed my head further down until I was leaning over her lap with my face barely an inch away from her cock. Close up, it looked even more intimidatingly huge and I could see all the thick veins running through it, I wondered how on earth my dad managed to get it all in his mouth, let alone up his ass. Still, I yearned to get a taste of it and that's just what I did. I stuck out my tongue and licked up and down and around the shaft like it was the biggest, tastiest lollipop ever. Reaching the head, I found it glistening with precum, I liked the slightly salty taste on my lips and decided to go for more. I opened my lips and let the head slip inside my mouth, teasing the opening with my tongue.

"Oh yes, baby, that's it," Carla moaned, pushing my head further and further down her shaft until I found myself gagging on it only about half way down, "You're a natural honey, you'll soon get the hang of it. You suck cock just like your daddy does."

Trying to remember how my dad and the other guys in those videos had looked sucking on her cock, I slurped and bobbed up and down her thick hard beast, my mouth open as wide as it could go to fit something that thick inside it, gradually managing to take more and more inside me. With one hand I cupped and played with her bare breast while the other stroked what was still outside my mouth of her cock and balls. Soon, however, I found the hand on her breast straying and jerking off my own cock which was almost fit to explode. It seemed like Carla was too.

"Baby, if you keep this up you're gonna make me cum pretty soon. Oh, oh oooo, fuck, open up your throat honey because you're about to get a taste of my hot cum! Oh fuck yes," she groaned as she grabbed the side of my head and thrust her cock right down my throat before shooting her load inside me.

It was thick and warm and salty and tasted just delicious and I couldn't get enough of it, desperately trying to swallow down as much as possible but I couldn't swallow it as fast as it came spurting from my shemale stepmum's monster cock and soon she was spurting all over my face. I barely even noticed that I was still stroking my own cock until Carla leaned over and said, "Let me give you a hand there, baby."

It only took the briefest of touches of her hand to make my cock explode and shoot a load far further and greater than ever before. Loving the taste so much, I eagerly licked Carla's cum from my face and my own from my hand while she watched and laughed.

"Wow, baby, you really are your father's son, just a cumslut like him."

Sucking on my stepmum's cock was all that I could think about for days, but fortunately it wasn't too long until I got another opportunity to do just that. One evening, after work, my dad went out for a while. I was lying around in my room, as usual imagining myself going down on my stepmum's beautiful cock, when she came into the room.

"Hey honey," she said, "Your daddy's gone out for a while. How about you and me have a little fun?"

I sprang up like a shot and rushed eagerly into dad and Carla's bedroom. On one side of the room, Carla had set up a camera and tripod which she was just fiddling with. "Take your clothes off honey, you're going to be the star of my new video."

Well, I didn't know quite what I thought of the world getting to see my exploits with Carla, but if that was the price I had to pay for what I wanted to do with her then I guess I was willing to do it. After all, I was pretty much completely stripped out of my clothes by the time these thoughts had crossed my mind. Carla turned to me, she was dressed once more in her dominatrix boots and fishnet stockings with the same elbow high leather gloves, her breasts and cock were both exposed.

"Listen, you're my slave, OK," she said, sternly, "And you will call me mistress, you do exac

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