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The old house consumed her.

"Don't you think it's a little early?" she answered questioningly, shooting him a confused look. Talos accepted the challenge of convincing her as he took her hand and led her into a crevice in the stone, his tired horse obediently following them in.

The dark, cold stone soon fell away around her, and they were within the granite itself, the cloudy blue sky overhead. Before them, a tiny pillar of water fell from the stone above, producing a decently-sized pool beneath it.

Alanna's eyes lit up as she looked upon the salvation to her frustrating mess of hair. Talos smirked, released her hand and squeezed her shoulder, then walked back to the horse to unpack the tent.

Alanna wasted no time shedding her clothes. She removed her circlet, unfastened her cloak, and untied her ruined blouse. She felt Talos' eyes on her back and turned around, giving him a sultry look as she unwrapped the cloth from her tits.

Dropping the cloth, she put an arm under her voluptuous breasts as she stepped over to her pack, fishing her small pouch of hair cleanser from the bag. She actively worked to make the action as sensual as possible, bending over while keeping her knees straight, sticking her shapely ass out towards him. Slowly straightening her back, she faced away from him as she slipped both thumbs into her tight leather pants and carefully pushed them down her legs, bending gently at the waist and pivoted to the side when her butt was exposed, displaying her thighs to him.

Alanna was overtly reading Talos as she carefully teased him, driving her on and causing her cheeks to flush with color. Her slit was maddeningly soaked as she strut towards the pool, and she slipped her panties off mid-stride. This was the first time Talos had ever seen her naked alabaster body, and she ensured he'd remember it.

Looking down, she noted that the pool was only about four feet deep and slipped a foot daintily into the water, testing its warmth. It was cool to the touch; much cooler than she expected. She slowly lowered her body into the pool with a lusty moan, smiling at herself. There she bathed and, most importantly, washed her hair under the falling water twice. This gave Talos time to remember what he was doing and pitched the tent, while unsuccessfully trying to keep the other unpitched.

After several minutes of aching loneliness in the pool, Alanna tilted her head to look at her companion. He was unequipping his sword belt and shoulder armor, settling in for the day.

"Care to join me?" she cooed, standing up slightly in the water so her nipples were above the water line.

Talos smirked, replying tersely, "Sure, just a minute." She watched him walk out of their private oasis for a bit and wondered what he was up to. She reached out.

"Not hearing any Orcs nearby. We should be safe for the rest of the day." Hmph. Sure, he was a professional, but she didn't expect him to be thinking of Orcs when she was so obviously giving herself to him. She was glad someone was, though.

"... really going to do this? She's far too young, just out of college. Can I even let her down easy? Do I want to?"

Alanna felt the opposing sides raging in his mind and took a metaphorical step back in her own. Was she really doing this, out here? She just met the man, and no matter how wet he made her, did that mean she'd throw away her principles just to get off? She suddenly felt Talos' mind agree to itself, and heard his footsteps reenter through the crevice.

She watched him strip down, her head resting on her arms at the edge of the pool, wet auburn hair flowing freely around her face. How did she not notice all of his scars before?

When he got down to his under-trousers, he sauntered over to her and lowered them.

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