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Round two of the trio's sexual adventures.

I spin her violently around, forcing her on her knees, staring at her with a firey gaze.

"You WILL kneel when I tell you to, girl!"

I let go and stand up straight, towering over her. She holds back tears and swings to punch me as hard as She can "I will not KNEEL to anyone you worthless jerk! Let me go or you will pay!" she threatens.

I let the punch make contact with my waist. It does nothing but make me chuckle. I lower, slightly, back arced menacingly. I bare my teeth, growling "This is MY castle. You. Are. Powerless. Here!!!"

She shifted when she punched me. Upon seeing her movement, after she punched, I clasped a hand down again, this time on her shoulder, fastening her in place.

"You will learn to obey, little one. You will learn... or it is YOU who will pay!"

Her eyes mee mine in a challenging glare, as if she could ever overpower me!

My smile widens at the challenge. With one arm I lift her like a feather, up and over the bed, dropping her on it.

She bounces once, lifting off, breasts following in dance. Her night gown flutters around her beautiful sexy body. Time seems to slow as she reachs her full height in the air.

Suddenly, time begins to move again as I teleport above her, horizontal. We drop, but I drop faster. We hit the bed, and the stone underneath cracks.


My wings spread above us as I smell her neck veins.

She calls a half smile as she says, "Make me." her eyes again challenging the clear authority I have over her whole body. This angers me. I smile, "Oh I will."

I grab her neck with one hand, wrapping my fingers completely around, choking her long enough to get her horizontal. With my other hand, I rip off her night gown.

"You won't enjoy this......" her legs tighten at my words and I can't help but laugh.

I see her suddenly closed legs as the invitation I was waiting for. releasing my hand from her throat, I use both my hands to pry her sexy long legs open.

As her pelvis is bounced upward from the motion, my face is splashed with her tasty juices.

"You aren't supposed to enjoy this" I croak, using her legs to turn her completely over.

I force one finger into her very tightened asshole and bury it two knuckles deep. Laughing at her struggles and cries.

"QUIET, WRETCH!!", I howl, a size amassing under my cloth.

I massage her tight ass in and out with my finger, not caring if it feels good. My finger explores her intimate texture.

My other arm first works at swatting her struggling feet down back onto the bed, but then I settle with grabbing her long hair.

Wrapping it once around my wrist, I snap it back towards me. I hear a satisfying pop in her neck and my knuckles under the sudden movement.

I touch my hands together, one with one finger buried in her asshole and one gripping her hair, making her arch her back to complete the circle.

Her perky nips face the ceiling, and reach up to it during each sudden movement, but then bouncing back down into a playful jiggle.

With the position I have her in, she has to look straight into my eyes as I force not one, but two more fingers into her ass to keep my first one company.

I dive another knuckle deep, fitting all three up to my hand in her.

My thumb begins to press down hard against her clit, not massaging, but digging. As it does, I begin to hook my three fingers in her ass to try and break through to your pussy, flicking them again and again.

"This is for MY amusement, not your own!"

I snicker, pausing with my fingers a brief moment to lean down to her upside down face. I lick away her tears with my long, forked tongue. I move down to her left ear, drawing a tiny drop of blood with a bite. I whisper, "I will kill you if you cum before I do", and then I stick my tongue in her ear, tasting the fear my words inflicted.

And then I continue, harder then before, snarling... laughing...

She closes her eyes tightly and her scream increases as I shove myself deeper in her. "Why??!!" She demands as her eyes close tighter.

She feels me by her ears and shudders at my touch I can feel he

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