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Business is booming.

.. and a very expensive stereo system.

As day turned to evening, she sighed again, watching the road as she paced the porch. When would he come down that driveway... the anticipation was overwhelming.

She bathed in her luxurious dressing room, sat at the mirror... and imagined him on the bed... saw him there - as real as the brisk night air.

Soft makeup, peach blush, dark mascara... eyeliner... and bronze lipstick, tipped with red gloss. Brushed out long hair, brilliant red and gold strands spilling onto her shoulders. Considered her wardrobe negligees - and selected an elegant peach satin chemise fitted at the waist with sheer chiffon insets and a seductive, lace v-front bodice sprinkled in delicate pearls. A double strand pearl choker had hand-painted enamel butterfly clasp, beautifully decorated wings were dotted in glittery rhinestones...

Glancing at the crystal clock on her dressing table, she took a deep breath. Still he wasn't there. Here - with her. She took a deep breath and wrapped an ivory chiffon robe around her shoulders.

Darkness now fallen, she went back out to the porch. Bright stars lit up the night sky, each carrying countless wishes... She looked up, and delivered a silent whisper through her dark blue eyes to the first one sighted. The world began its lullaby of crickets, small animals and birds... and she could hear the creek running down the mountain just up the road. A long sigh... and then back inside the house.

There was no phone here. No television. No connection to the outside world. An escape.

She lit more candles and incense, turned on the CD player... and danced with eyes closed, waving her arms through the air as if she were one of the butterflies, envisioning what it would be like to be so delicate as to land on a rose...

He had been sitting up there all day, just watching her with binoculars. Early that morning, before she ever awakened, he parked by the main road and then bicycled along a path until he had a perfect, unobstructed view of the house. Carrying only a bottle of water, and comfortably dressed, he was prepared to wait.

The windows provided ample voyeur opportunities - and he felt an instant erection seeing her rise from the bed that morning, wearing a white cotton gown that she promptly lifted over her head... He imagined the silkiness of her long mahogany hair, falling down her back as the gown was thrown to the floor... so real, he could almost touch it - surreal strands of gold flowing through his fingers.

He saw her pace the house - he could almost feel the pounding in her chest... anticipating. Oh, yes, he did have plans for her. She pranced like an anxious cat, and as night took over and the full moon came into the black sky, he watched her dance across the polished wood - waltzing alone, as if she weren't.

He looked into the bedroom window, and smiled, remembering the intimate secrets behind the artfully carved headboard... the mysteries she possessed, the power he held. Yes, he definitely had plans.

She sat on the sofa, and just stared into the candlelight... she could feel him already, envision his body over hers, holding her hostage with whispers. Curling legs beneath her, she leaned against a pillow, and grasped breasts in desperate palms... pushing the soft mounds together, tapping forefingers against nipples until tips were red, swollen, angry... and pleading.

She closed her eyes, feeling his hands... controlling her. Knowing what was behind the carving on the bed... the two lovers embraced in passion and desire... mysteries of the imagination... the power of the mind.

He slipped swiftly and silently into the house.

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