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This left me naked except for my trainers.

Instinctively I covered my crotch, feeling awkward but trying to affect a air of confidence. Fiona would later tell me that I had looked terrified. Inside the adrenaline was pumping and my stomach was knotted with anxiety, and maybe excitement. My senses, heightened by my nudity, were doing overtime. I was acutely aware of how busy it really was, and that it hadn't begun to get dark yet.

The girls stood watching me for a few moments, and for my part, I fought hard to keep my arms at my sides. They were grinning widely at my little show.

"Come on. Let's see you properly. You're still hiding." Said Kerry. I was mostly concealed within the door recess, and they wanted me to step out into the lane. But if I was standing in the lane and someone rounded either corner, they couldn't miss me, and my clothes were already stuffed into Kerry's bag.

I stepped cautiously away from my cover and posed for them in the open. Kerry walked circles around me, trailing her hand over my bare skin. "He's all nekid!" She squeilled in delight. Fiona nodded her agreement, as if impressed that Kerry had actually got me to strip.

Kerry's hand trailed up and across my chest. She rolled round and snuggled into my back, playing with my nipples with both hands. "Shall I get him hard?" she asked Fiona.

"We've got to go, Kerry." replied Fiona as she glanced quickly at her watch.

Kerry came back round, her wandering hands coming to rest on my cock. She cupped my balls and leant in for a kiss; then grabbed them and pulled. "Come on then." she threatened, digging her nails into my sack, "We're going for a walk."

I tried to fight her off as she called for help, grabbing her wrist and trying to loosen her grip. Fiona had gotten behind me and between them they started propelling me back towards the corner. I started to panic and they began to shriek with excitement at my obvious terror. They were making a hell of a noise, and I have never been so scared. Kerry released her grip at the corner and I ran behind some large dustbins nearby.

"Aw. He's all shy!" remarked Fiona, "We'd better give him his clothes back, Kerry. It's ten past."

"Naw. Let's just leave him here." said Kerry, "Go on then. Run back to your hidy hole."

I tried to look about from the side of the bins, but I couldn't see much. "Kerry!" I pleaded, but they were already making there way back onto Rose Street.

"Don't go away!" She shouted back, and I heard them laughing as they disappeared onto Rose Street.

I was now stuck behind some dustbins clearly visible from Rose Street, the sort of place guys come to piss when they can't find a toilet.

I was naked in the middle of a busy city and had no clothes to run to.

I tried to position my feet so they were behind the wheels and looked out from behind the bins. There were people walking back and forth across the entrance to the lane, and there was a street light on the wall on the corner. That meant I was in shadow at the moment, but as soon as I broke cover I'd be lit up like a Christmas tree. I either had to stay put or make a run for it. Furthermore, I'd be running back down a lane I couldn't see from where I was. My heart was thumping; my mouth was dry and I was soaked in sweat. All I could hear was the hustle and bustle of the busy street.

I didn't know how long Kerry was going to be, but I knew she'd come back for me, so I needed to find somewhere safe. The safest place I could think of was the doorway halfway up the lane, and to get there I only had to run a few hundred yards. Once I was there though, there would be nowhere to go if someone came along, and nowhere to hide either. It would have to do. I watched the people walking to and fro and waited for a gap. I was going to need a lot of luck. I decided to run for it.

I slipped out from behind the bins and ran full out for the corner.

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