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.that is was simply a random smash and grab and her car just happened to be the one they picked."

Whichever it was, Hope found herself increasingly unsettled as she scoured the faces of the assembled kids watching the goings on. Sensing everyone there probably had a good idea who the perp was, Hope felt a visceral amount of discomfort rise like bile in her throat as she absorbed the weight of the curious stares.

"Do you want us to call the police?" she heard one of the assistant principals ask when he came out to see the damage.

"Probably wouldn't be a bad idea so I'll have something to take to the insurance company," Hope replied, unsettled even further when she saw the way the kids seemed to scatter when they heard the cops were on their way.

"I guess that means we're done for the day," LJ grinned, kicking some of the shattered glass out of the tread of his shoe.

"Yeah..I guess," came Hope's still shaken response.

The shift in Hope's aura hadn't been lost on LJ and without warning, something even more primal inside him tripped as well.


A newly kindled fascination with Hope suddenly came into focus for LJ as he re-played the events of that afternoon over and over in his head. LJ knew on some level Hope was drawn to him. While not necessarily a physical pull, he could clearly sense Hope's openness to him in the way she fell lockstep into wanting to see his vision for the farm project be realized. He sincerely enjoyed their afternoons together, hammering out the details of getting the program off the drawing board but now feared the incident with her car might cause Hope to re-think her commitment to help him if those were the types of kids he was aiming to help.

Even though they hadn't discussed the specifics, LJ's instinct told him Hope hadn't had a lot of luck with men. Knowing how easily intimidated most guys were by a strong woman, LJ knew Hope's unapologetic use of her intelligence and self-reliance had probably scared away a good many men. To compound things, he also knew Hope's moral backbone and old-fashioned values probably made it difficult for her to do the pursuing.

Twice divorced, LJ knew he had little room trying to play the expert role when it came to relationships. Monogamy had always proven to be his little weakness, and finally after his two failed marriages LJ had finally come to peace with his roaming ways. Thankfully over the years he'd developed a pretty good radar for finding women that were looking for the same type of arrangement he was. Hope Andrews was the furthest thing from that.

He'd bedded several white women in the past, much to the infuriation of both his Ex-Wives, but they were usually the bar-fly types he met at clubs or the occasional unsatisfied woman he discovered on the internet. Never would he have given a second thought to seeing a woman as well versed and worldly as Hope as a sex object.

Seeing the way the seemingly unflappable woman became after her car was broken into however, suddenly LJ could smell the weakness and vulnerability permeating from Hope, and as sad as it was to admit, somehow that turned him on.

When he saw Hope walk into his office two days later for their next scheduled appointment, LJ was heartened she had come back and was willing to continue helping him finish the project. Upon further inspection however, he could see a subtle change in Hope, almost as if her facade had been shattered the same way her windshield had, and now his curiosity was burning to see what was beneath.


On the surface, things seemed to ease back to the status quo between Hope and LJ over the next few meetings. With his heightened attention to the woman's subtle cues, LJ could see the way Hope was a little more hesitant to make eye contact with people as she roamed the school's hallways, not to mention the way she'd jump ever so slightly each time a bell or sudden noise jolted the silence.

They hadn't openly talked in-depth about what happened in the parking lot t

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