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Two aging lovers coping with the inevitable.

Moving to the foot of the bed, I spread your legs wide and kneel between them, admiring the beauty helpless before me. "Gabbie, you're so beautiful, ....., and desirable!", I said as my gaze moves from your face to your breasts to your pussy. "So nice and clean, too!" I laughed.

As I kneel there looking at you, I touch my cock, bringing it to life again. "You're mine, now!", I said as I stroke my cock to attention. You move your eyes from mine down to my hard cock and back again.

"Oh, you like this, do you?", I ask.

"Yes," you say with a quiet lust, "I love your cock and I want it inside me again."

"Oh, not so fast. I want to play with you for a little bit. I need to know that you want me more than anything."

"Oh, Joe, I do. I do want you more than anything. I want your hard thick cock inside me right now!"

"Hehe," I laugh. "Not just yet, Gabbie." and I move to your side, holding my cock out to you, just out of reach of your mouth. You move your head toward it, trying to lick it with your tongue, but I pull it back just out of your reach.

Shifting down toward the foot of the bed just a bit, I touch my hard cock to your breast, letting the head brush against your taut nipple, and then letting your nipple run along the underside of it, applying just the right amount of pressure to that sensitive area, causing me to let out a groan.

Your nipples are so hard and your breasts so lovely! As I continue stroking my cock and letting it touch your nipple, my other hand reaches for your other breast. I squeeze it gently, feeling its supple fullness. Taking your nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I tug it gently outward while leaning down to kiss you deeply.

Then using both hands, I roam your helpless body. As my hand moves between your legs, I delight in seeing how your legs start to thrash a little. You are very wet again and I know you want to cum, so I open your lips to expose your clit. Taking the nub in my fingers, I rub it gently and insert a couple of fingers from my other hand into your wet hole. "Oh, god, Gabbie, you're so wet! Are you horny or something?"

"Oh, my god, Joe. Stop torturing me! I want you to fuck me! I need it so badly!"

I laugh again and move down between your legs again, letting you watch me stroke my cock. "So you want it badly, huh? You want me to make you cum? You want me to lick your pussy until you explode?"

"Uh huh," you whimper. "Please!"

Leaning forward, I spread your pussy lips again and let my tongue come to rest on your swollen clit, engulfing it in my hot wet mouth, sucking it gently at first and then harder as I sense your body reacting to it. You cum very quickly, exploding in a spasm of pleasure, crying out so loudly I'm glad we have no neighbors to hear.

Now I'm the one that can no longer wait! I want you with a lust that has no bounds. I can only think of taking you right now, in your helpless state, with your legs spread wide, your pussy glistening with your own juices and my saliva.

You watch me as I move up between your legs. You see my hard cock in my hand as I press it into the opening of your pussy. The sensations of your hot pussy on the head of my cock nearly causes me to cum. You gasp as I enter you with one hard thrust. Holding myself up with my arms I begin fucking you with wild abandon. I want to fill you with my cum. I want to feel your body buck and flail under me. We, like two animals, succumb to our primal instincts. I see your face contorted with pleasure beneath me. The ecstasy is almost unbearable. Your body tenses as you cum. Your body thrashes uncontrollably. I growl fiercely as my body stiffens and my cock explodes inside you. As I continue pumping, the pleasure is overwhelming. I kiss you violently and you struggle against your tethers to take me into your arms.

Afterwards, I lay atop you, my flaccid cock slipping out of you.

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