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Pushing down, she started to rock back and forth. Aimee realizing what Michelle was doing shifted slightly and pushed her hips down, forcing Michelle's clit to ride against her own. Michelle, already so close from having eaten Aimee, was crying out for her own release. Aimee starting a rhythmic rotation of her hips had trapped Michelle's clit against her own and was using her body pressure to bring Michelle to climax. Meanwhile Michael, unable to do more than just watch was stroking his limp cock back to life. Michelle, feeling her climax coming started to moan pushing onto Aimee. Aimee, not believing that it was possible felt another climax starting to over take her. Soon both women were screaming, thrashing about on the bed as they came together. Michael, unable to hold his any longer let forth another flood of pearly white goo hitting both women on their breasts and stomachs.

Rolling into each other, the three fell asleep, each with a smile, dreaming their own wicked dreams.

After that interesting night of wonderful sexual exploration, the next morning Aimee awoke to the sounds of Michelle and Michael making love in the shower. Instead of paying attention to the growling in her stomach, Aimee walked over to the bathroom to watch the couple. The first thing that caught Aimee's eye was Michelle on her knees deep throating Michael. Michael in the heat of the moment was grunting and making primal sounds as Michelle's mouth slid up and down his cock, tongue wrapped around it as her hand jacked him off as well. Pulling Michelle by her hair Michael pulled her tight to his crotch, as he fired his hot load into her mouth and down her throat. Michelle swallowed all that her had to give and pulled him into the bottom of the shower. Standing she straddled his head squatting down forcing her sex on his face. Michelle's features changed as Michael started to lick and tease her with his tongue and lips. Her eyes became glazed and soon Michelle was rocking back and forth riding Michael's mouth and probing fingers striving to reach her climax.

Aimee, feeling herself getting wet again, reached and started to stroke her own pussy, fingering her clit as she stroked three fingers in and out. She moaned hoping that she would not be heard, wanting to experience this cum alone. Aimee was enjoying the feel of her fingers in her slit, stroking and bringing herself to climax. Just as she reached her peak she looks and Michelle's head was thrown back, her mouth in a silent scream as she came over and over. Aimee joined in the silent choir and felt her juices flowing across her hand and down her legs.

Silently crossing the room, Aimee gathered her clothes and was soon dressed and sitting in the living room when the two Mikes appeared. Within minutes there was a knock at the door and room service wheeled in three large trays of food. Aimee eyed the trays, remembering just how hungry she was. The three spent the next couple of hours eating and chatting about the nights events and what other events were scheduled at the convention. Aimee wrapped her arms about Michael and kissed him hard and long. She then turned to Michelle who caught her off guard and kissed her so that she almost melted in her arms. Walking away on wobbly legs and a devilish grim, Aimee just knew there would be more times together with the two Mikes.
After a quick bath and re-doing her make-up Aimee returned to the arena to look at some of the other demonstrations scheduled for the day.

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