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She was using her hand, and spanking hard. For several minutes, I got spanked with just her hand, and I could feel my ass getting redder--and warmer. Alicia's hand was hard, but it did not seem to hurt as much as it used to. Instead, she usually used her bare hand to "warm me up" before moving on to some other implement. So it was tonight.

There was a brief pause, and then Alicia started with the leather strap. Now that stung. When I began to whimper a little, and move out of the way, Alicia snapped, "Get your ass back up there!" At the same time that my butt was starting to burn, however, my cock was getting harder and harder. By this time, the link between the pain I was receiving, and the pleasure I was feeling was firmly established. The harder she strapped me, the harder I got.

"That's enough for right now, slave. Sit back." I sat back on my calves. My cock jutted out arrogantly. "Yes, this is what I like to see," Alicia said, reaching up to fondle and pull my cock. I closed my eyes and tried to keep my excitement under control, but it was difficult. I loved for Alicia to touch my cock! "You like that, don't you, Phillip?" I nodded my head. "How do you like this?" she said, leaning forward to blow on the head a little. I felt the light warm wind of her breath on the head of my cock, and then a tiny drop of pre-come must had appeared, for Alicia leaned forward, and licked me lightly across the tip. "Very nice," she said, giving me a quick smile. "I love doing this to you, Phillip," she said, touching my cock with the strap. "You're so easily aroused. It's very gratifying."

Alicia had been reaching down to touch herself; squeeze and play with her pussy while she teased my cock. Now, she got up on the bed with me, facing away. She pulled down the leather panties, exposing her brown anus and just below it her moist pussy lips, and whispered hoarsely, "Eat my pussy and butthole, Phillip. Make me come now. I need to come now."

I leaned forward, my hands still bound behind my back, and put as much of my face as I could manage into the cleft between her buttocks. I licked and sucked ardently at Alicia's warm and musky pussy and butthole. I ran my tongue between her swollen pussy lips and tried to insert it inside. I placed an avid kiss on her puckered anus, rimmed her and tried to put my tongue in there too. Next, I moved down to her engorged little clitoris. I took it between my lips and sucked gently on it. I could feel Alicia tense, hear her lustful cries as I sucked and flicked at her clit. "Oh, don't stop. Right there, suck it right there! Oh, that's so good, Phillip! You know what mama wants! Oh, agh, ahhhhh!" she cried hoarsely as her climax rippled through her. She held herself against my mouth for as long as she could before finally collapsing on the bed.

For a minute or two, she rested on the bed in front of me. Then Alicia recovered herself and got up. "Very nicely done, Phillip," she said. She got off the bed and walked over to the table. She came back with a leather collar and leash. The leash went around my neck, the leash attached to the collar. "Get down off the bed, slave. Easy now, don't hurt yourself." I was allowed to walk as she led me into the bathroom. "Get into the tub and kneel. No, face the rear of the tub." I did as I was told. I had no idea what what going to happen next.

Alicia, I could see, had brought the large rubber butt plug with her. This she laid on the bathroom counter. Next, she reached under the counter and brought out a plastic enema bag, a tube of lubricating jelly, and a package of liquid soap.

"Phillip, I'm going to 'purify' you tonight. Have you ever been purified?" Alicia asked.

"No ma'am," I said.

"Well, this is how it works," she said, turning on the warm water. "I'm going to fill your rectum with warm soapy water, then insert the plug in your anus. You are to retain the enema until I tell you that it is permissible to let it go. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

"If you let go too early, or make a me

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