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Has Poison Ivy finally won?

If he had any knowledge of the secret of Salmacis, he is bound to have left his mark, left us a clue somewhere."

"OK, but where?" Gabe was beginning to get hooked in by Saphy's excitement, beginning to get interested in the mystery at the expense of his caution, "We can't just turn over all the buttons on the mattress without attracting some suspicion."

"Hmmm, good point," she agreed, "Still, that's a good idea about the buttons. That's probably the best place to hide something. If we could just prize one up without the guard noticing."

"We could distract him somehow, but that would still only give us time to see one."

"Which one?" she bent over to get a closer look along the mattress, "Are there any that look different, that look loose somehow."

"Wait a minute," Gabe said, staring at the statue and replaying the number of times they had seen that pose over the last few days, "Just think, where did we first see this? What led us here in the first place? The painting. The Rokeby Venus."

"I see, that painting was painted at the same time as this mattress was made. You think that the painting gives a suggestion about where we can find our next clue here."

"Exactly. Didn't Professor Cavendish say something about the painting not being finished? Something that seemed like a deliberate case of leaving it, drawing attention to one particular spot."

"Yes," Saphy said, excitedly, "That's right. The area around the left foot."

Both of their eyes shot instantly down the bare left leg of the naked marble statue to where its left foot rested daintily on the soft looking mattress. Sure enough, one of the mattress buttons lay right there. Both began to look pretty excited about what they might discover beneath it. There was just one problem.

"So, how do we distract the guard long enough to look beneath it?" Gabe broke the excited moment to ask.

"I'll take care of that," Saphy replied with a little smirk on her face, "You just be ready to overturn that button and snap a photo with that ever present camera."

Saphy walked across the other side of the room and Gabe followed her with his eyes, wondering just what she was going to do. The gallery was quiet but not completely empty. A handful of other people were browsing around the various statues and the guard was pacing up and down. Saphy positioned herself on the opposite side of the gallery looking back over at Gabe. She smiled and winked at him in a way that was oddly suggestive given their relationship up to this point.

Gabe looked around the room once more. Suddenly all the eyes were turned away from him, the guard turned and hurried across the room to where Saphy was standing. Gabe knew that he may only have a few seconds and therefore resisted the urge to follow where everybody's attention was turned. Instead, he ducked under the barrier and quickly grabbed the button of the mattress.

Despite his expectations, Gabe was still a little surprised that the button was just loosely fitted inside and came up easily in his hand. There was certainly something scratched into the underside of the button, maybe letters or words, but over time they had worn down as to be almost invisible. Still, knowing he only had a moment, Gabe took his camera and snapped a quick picture before replacing the button and ducking back beneath the barrier.

As he breathed a sigh of relief to have managed all this quickly and smoothly without being caught, Gabe allowed himself a moment to glance up and see just what had caused such a distraction that let him do it.

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