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Two co-workers get together for the first time.

"Only if you want."

Mindy gulped. "Go ahead. You've made me curious."


Immediately, Dolores cupped the underside of Mindy's breasts and gave a squeeze and a pull. It was done a few times. She then pressed her fingers to the side of Mindy's breasts and moved her fingers in clockwise motions, as if performing a breast exam.

"The key is to prime everything," Dolores said, looking closely at Mindy's breasts while working her fingers. "When the breasts are ready to go, you'll spend less time pumping because the milk will flow faster and therefore your nipples won't hurt as much."

"You're really good at this. Oh my, your fingers are nice."

If this had been done with a romantic partner, Mindy would have flung her head back and moaned at the pleasure she was receiving. But because she was doing this in her place of employment and with the PTA president, she had to do her best to keep her sexually charged emotions in check.

"Your nipples are swollen," Dolores said, gently patting the sides of Mindy's breasts somewhat like a baker shaping dough.

"Your treatment is making them feel fuller, actually."

"That means it's time to extract the milk now. May I?"

Mindy smiled and shrugged. "At this point, do whatever you need. You're the best."

Mindy sat helplessly as Dolores lowered her head. It was like it was happening in slow motion. Lips touched Mindy's left nipple. Fingers squeezed the underside. The lips closed around the nipple with a vacuum-like effect.

After just one suck, milk shot from Mindy's swollen pink nipple. Then another. Then another. Milk came shooting out with each and every single suck.

Mindy resisted the urge to moan. She had never nursed another adult before, let alone a woman, and it felt fucking amazing. She felt almost euphoric. She could feel the contents of her breast being drained into Dolores's mouth, who swallowed each and every drop.

"Oh god," Mindy finally let out.

Dolores took that as a cue to start on the other breast, to even them out in size, as the right one now looked bigger than the left.

The process of handwork and oral suction was overwhelming, and Mindy found herself running her fingers through Dolores's jet black ponytail.

After just a few minutes, Dolores's work was done.

Dolores pulled her lips away and sat upright. "Well, what do you think?"

She smiled as she said that, using the back of her hand to wipe the white, milky substance off her lips.
"You don't want to know," Mindy said, blushing.

"After all I've done, we shouldn't have secrets. I literally have your bodily fluids inside me."

"I'm..." Mindy's voice trailed off. "Let's just say that the tips of my nipples aren't the only places that are wet."

Dolores pointed at Mindy's crotch. "Your pussy's wet."

"You don't seem surprised."

"It's very normal. Anyway, I have other errands to run. Thank you for the lovely beverage. It was tasty."

Mindy sat dumbfounded for a moment, breasts still exposed. "You're just going to leave? Aren't we going to clear the air or anything?"

"Clear the air? Your breasts had issues. I solved them."

It was clear that Dolores was a woman who was used to these sorts of taboo encounters. Which reminded her...

"Will you ever tell me about what you do with Ashley?"

Dolores smiled as she stood up. "I have a few more errands to run. How about tomorrow?"

"That... umm... sounds good."

"Have a great day, Mindy. I told you that I want to become good friends, looks like we're off to a great start."

There was a perk in Dolores's step as she left the classroom. Mindy was still dumbfounded at what had happened. Her breasts remained sensitive and drops of milk were still escaping her nipples.


The next day. Despite everything she had to handle both administratively and academically, Mindy's mind kept straying to her nipples and Dolores's mouth. In her world, what they did was an act of intimacy. To Dolores, it seemed to have been nothing, just another day at the office.

How could they be just friends after something like that?

She was too afraid to ask her bos

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