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She is fondled and learns to serve.

He smiled at her in the way a parent would look at a precious child. "See sweetheart, don't you feel better now?" he cooed to her as he began unchaining her. He hooked a short piece of rope, about 3 feet to the collar she was wearing, looked sternly at her and told her to remember what happens if she breaks the rules. She looked up at him fearfully as he removed her gag and led her to the front of the cab and opened the door.

He climbed out of the rig and pulled until she started climbing down, her knees wobbly after having been in the cramped compartment for so long. He pulled her to the side of the truck, grabbed the water hose and marched her to the side of the little shack in the service area where the old tires were kept. He reached down and turned the nozzle, releasing the water, and pointed the hose at her. Other than a slight squeak sound that escaped as the water first hit her, she made no noise.

He transferred the rope into the same hand he was using to hold the water hose and used his free hand to start shaking her hair. He ran the water over the top of her head, wetting her hair and streaming down her face and shoulders. He lowered it to her chest and turned her so that he could run the water over her back.

He told her to take off her diaper, which she did as her tears mingled with the cool water that continued to drip down her face. He grabbed her hair and used it to pull her forward, bending her body at the waist. He told her to open the cheeks of her ass, and she did. He moved the hose down her body to her rear entrance and sprayed away what remained from the contents of the diaper, after which he released her to stand and continued to spray the cool water over her, paying special attention to her new piercings. As he continued cleansing her, he rubbed his hands over her, enjoying the sensation of the cool wet skin. After a few minutes, Reggie turned off the water, dropped the hose and grabbed the discarded diaper. He tossed it into a nearby trashcan and pulled his toy back into the truck.

She was still looking at him with fear, when he reached into his bag and brought out a towel, which he used to dry her body and began rubbing over her hair. He brought out a brush and baby lotion from a cubby hole beside the bunk bed. He brushed her hair back and rubbed the baby lotion over her entire body, working his way down to her toes, and massaging her feet, kissing each toe as he finished. He grabbed the bottle of saline solution Amy had given him and poured it into a shot glass she had also supplied. He pulled Deidra into a sitting position and quickly put the saline filled shot glass over her nipple. She opened her mouth, but quickly closed it and began gritting her teeth as the saline burned her new piercing. "Sorry, but we have to take care of these. Can't have 'em getting infected now, can we?" He stated. After a few minutes, he removed the glass and repeated the process on her other nipple.

Many thoughts were running through Deidra's mind, not the least of which was the troubling realization that her clit was now erect and throbbing. He'd made her cum so hard the last time, that her body was now craving his attention. She knew that, to her great shame, if he were to touch her cunt, he would find a heated swamp, her juices literally overflowing. During the years of her marriage, she'd never felt this way - so hot and ready. Why? This man had taken her against her will, without her consent and had humiliated her. She couldn't understand this - she was a large woman - with too many curves and her breasts were so large! What man would want that? It was all too confusing. She couldn't think clearly, and the fact that he was now nibbling on her breast while squeezing the other wasn't helping. In fact, it was making her want him to ram him huge cock inside her right now. This wasn't normal, and it bothered her, but her body wanted it.

She moved her hands to his back, pulling him to her and encouraging him to continue.

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