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Chapter 2: Silk's training & tortures continue.

She treated him like a son.

He felt somewhat ashamed for not coming back to see her after the business had solidified. He was sure that she would have enjoyed some of his stories of failure and success.

That was what brought him now. If anyone should hear of his success it would be Ms. Reid.

Just inside the door was the hall directory which he quickly scanned. Ms. Reid was still teaching in room 117A.

The hallway brought back many fond memories of college.

The smells, the sounds, the tile flooring, the somewhat less than adequate lighting, all seemed to be the same as they had been twelve years before when he had graduated.

When he got to 117A, he knocked gently so as not to disturb Ms. Reid if any students might be in the room. He had been told at the Administration office that Ms. Reid would meet him at her classroom.

The door swung open almost immediately and there stood Ms. Reid.

Twelve years had changed her but not as much as Austin had expected. Her hair had grayed but she still kept it in a tight bun on top of her head.

Sam had to admit that she looked healthy and attractive for... What would she be now? 65?

She had always dressed well for her shape. She was always appealing but never stimulating. Probably a good choice as college student hormones probably couldn't have dealt with stimulation in class. They had enough outside of class.

"Sam Burke! How are you?" Ms. Reid exclaimed happily. "I am so glad to see you. I thought you had forgotten a boring old lady from your college days."

Sam knew that his face had reddened. He again felt that pang of guilt for not visiting sooner.

"I've been so busy trying to keep the business running." Sam wasn't telling a total lie. "I did always promise you that I'd come see you, and let you know when I made it big."

Beverly Reid had never once in her teaching career shown the slightest sexual interest in any of her students, with the only exception being Sam Burke.

Beverly was 51 years old when this broad-shouldered, muscular, well-developed 21-year-old had entered her senior Economics class. He was not the first, nor the last, good-looking young man to come before her. None of them had raised even the slightest blip in her sexual radar, except Sam.

Sam had been something special. He was unusually mature for his age. He knew what he wanted and where he was going. He was not afraid to work for it either.

He was always full of questions and loved to listen to her stories and advice. She knew a lot of men, and none of them listened the way Sam did. It made her feel needed and wanted.

She came to look forward to Sam's frequent visits and his constant barrage of questions. She would listen tirelessly to his description of his planned temporary employment service.

She was careful though not to attempt to seduce him or show any untoward emotions. Beverly Reid understood the concrete line between student and teacher. That didn't keep her from fantasizing though.

Now here she was, 65 years old and listening to Sam say to her "I would let you know when I made it big" had her creaming like a 19 year-old at a Chippendales club. She wanted to know just how big he could make it and what he'd do with it once it was in that state.

"Come on in Sam," Beverly said doing everything in her power to keep the lust out of her voice. "I can't wait to hear how you made it big."

Saying it herself made her pussy twitch.

Sam came into the room and sat down in a chair near Ms. Reid's desk.

He was actually excited to be back here again. Ms. Reid and he had innumerable conversations right here in this room.

"Ms. Reid," he started. "I..."

Beverly Reid put her hand up to stop him.

"Sam you're old enough to call me Beverly," she chastised. "You're not my student anymore."

"Beverly," he repeated. "I'd like that. I've always considered you a good friend and not just a teacher."

"Beverly it is then." Beverly smiled warmly. "Now tell me the story."

"It's a short story so far," he confided.

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