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Interviews with Literotica authors, #7: KennaColrite.

I didn't get angry, realizing that Dani didn't see that much porn and said, "Yes Dani , I enjoy being a slut for your father, I love him very much and there is little to nothing I won't let him do to me."

"You love us too, right?" she asked.

"Yesss," I whispered, having a pretty good idea where this was heading. For some reason, I was still on my knees and apparently in no hurry to get up.

"Probably as much, if not more than you love dad, right?"

"Probably," I replied.

"So you wouldn't mind being a slut for us too, right?" she asked, reaching out and wrapping her delicate little hand around her brother's massive shaft, who was baffled and nearly came right then and there. As lewd and as disrespectful as Dani's proposal was, I couldn't help but think that I was the only one in the family who hadn't cum yet today; the men even twice. As I didn't see the point in putting my clothes back on, I gave in to my lust and decided this was one sure way to make this day more agreeable.

"And exactly what would you have me do then?" I asked, surprising everyone, including myself as I felt my hand grope my tit and squeeze it for everyone to see.

"Well, you're down on your knees anyway and you've already sucked one cock..." the little brat said, annoyingly confident with herself as she held out her brother's cock in my direction.

I looked up at her, then at Tyler and scooted closer on my knees, bending my head forward and sliding my hot mouth over his massively hard penis.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you're actually doing that!" Dani exclaimed with a huge smile on her face. I decided to shut her up and cupped her pussy, quickly sliding my index and middle finger into her twat. Although she didn't speak anymore after that, I sure didn't make her quiet.

"Oh god, oh fuck... oohh... ooooh yeah, fuck yeah," she shouted as I fingered her bratty twat. As my other hand, like my mouth was wrapped around my son's cock, I was once again not on the receiving or rewarding end of things.

"Oh fuck mom," Dani exclaimed.

"Good idea," I said, letting Tyler's cock slip out of my mouth.

"Fuck mommy," I whispered as I looked up at Tyler and maneuvered myself onto all fours.

As I grabbed Dani's hand and pulled her down, she seemed to understand and got on her back right in front of me, her pussy right under my head.

"Are you sure, mom... I..." Tyler asked, not having thought in a million years he'd be in this position. Normally I would have sympathized with him and eased him in slowly, but at this point I was so fucking horny, that I just looked over my shoulder and said, "I know this is weird Tyler, but mommy has had a rough and difficult day so far, and I am very, very horny... it would mean a lot to me if you could just shove that cock of yours up my cunt and bang me with it!"

"Jeez Tyler, just fuck her!" Dani shouted, clearly aching to get my tongue up her twat.

With two horny women begging him, Tyler had little other choice but to man up. He grabbed his dong, got on his knees behind me and clumsily prodded around for a moment. Unwilling to wait for him to find my cunt by himself, I quickly reached in between my legs and guided his cock towards my cunt. As my lips were already wrapping themselves around the very tip of his pulsating cock, I whispered, "Push."

He did, moaned and then pushed on in, until he was halfway in. Figuring he could take of things from there, I bent my head down to my daughter's pussy and passionately started eating her out. God, it had been well over 20 years that I had tasted pussy. God, I had missed this.

Meanwhile Tyler had shoved his whole dick inside of me for the first time and was now on his way back out.

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