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An injury shows him how a friend can truly help heal.

The where and the when to explore her genitals with my tongue were to be determined.

About a week after the drive-in movie her parents weren't home one afternoon. I asked Lisa to go and strip from the waist down. When she returned with her beautiful pussy exposed, I asked her to lie on the floor and spread her legs. I kneeled between her legs and gently pushed my fingers into her pussy. With my other hand I spread the lips of her vagina and leaned forward pushing my tongue between her lips. Sliding my tongue from the top of her slit down to her hole was causing her to start to moan. I removed my fingers and pushed my tongue up her hole but realized I would never reach her spot. Her musky odor filled my nostrils and the juices from her pussy tasted like nothing I had ever tasted. Just running my tongue up and down her slit seemed to please her.

As I sat back to remove one of her pubic hairs from my mouth I saw her public hair was wet, parted and matted. Her vaginal lips were bright pink and spread so far apart I could see every detail of her genital area. Above her hole was a hard little nub that was fully erect but I had never noticed before. I asked her what it did and she told me that was where her pee came out. As I returned to licking her and every time I moved my tongue around that nub Lisa would moan. I returned my two fingers to her hole and continued licking. Her body tightened and then went limp as she had an orgasm but this time there was no juice gushing from her body. Her nub was much easier to reach with my tongue or fingers and appeared to give her a good orgasm in less time.

It was springtime heading into summer. I suggested that we go canoeing on our next date so we could take a "nature walk" through the woods. She agreed and I suggested that she wear the least amount of clothes as possible so they could be easily taken off. When I picked her up, Lisa got in my car in a dress and small platform sandals. I asked her what was under the dress and she said, "Just panties."

The canoe rental place was nothing more that a 6'X 6' shed with a door on it. There was a young boy about our age that manned the both and who showed us to our canoe and gave us the paddles. He stabilized the canoe while Lisa got in the front and I got in the back. Off we went. As we paddled I looked for a secluded spot on shore where we could get out. I found a good spot that afforded good cover but there was a slight embankment that made it difficult to get out of the canoe but we managed. As we walked through the woods to move away from the canal so we could get undressed I was so horny I could have almost cum in my pants. We found a tree where I asked Lisa to start to strip. As she removed her panties, I placed them in my pants pocket. I reached to loosen my belt but she stopped me saying, "One at a time just in case someone comes by." I agreed and allowed her to finish undressing first.

As she stood there completely naked in the woods I almost blew my load.

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