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"Oh, fuck! What's going on, this time?!" he checked the system stats and became unnerved.

He was coming in hot, about to crash into an orange planet at high speed. Sweating beads on his forehead, he gripped the sticks of the ship, trying to maneuver it, so to slow down as he broke through the planet's atmosphere. He glided against the ground, graving the planet's surface for about 3-miles to decelerate the speed as it made impact against a hill.

Lifting his head up, the man was dizzy and disoriented, feeling the room spin around him. That's when everything around him became dark.


The evening sky came as the twin suns' light began to fade into the horizon. Everywhere the eye could see was covered in lush green grass as thick clouds began hovering above the sky. One the ground, there were streaks of rivers and streams that correspond with the grassy fields, along with bushels of an array of flowers scattered all over.

Crawling on the ground, a young woman began picking each flower and placing them in a basket. She only picked the purple ones while she ignored the others.

She had light-blue skin with a curvy figure, violet eyes, short silver-grayish hair with violet bangs, and also had long pointy ears. She was dressed in a long beige gown that was wrapped tightly around her well-endowed breasts with a short arbor vest-jacket over it and a pair of brown slip-on shoes on her feet.

There. Just five more violet tears to go, Altairea, and you're all set. She smiled while wiping the sweat from her brow. Suddenly, her ears picked up a loud humming sound. Altairea looked up and was astounded by the sight of a flaming ball descending from the sky. It flew by over her head and struck down, about three feet from where she was as it grazed across the fields. Taken aback, she fell against her rear, trembling as beads of sweat fell from her forehead.

Getting up, she walked over and stood in front of a large crater, leaning down to see a large spacecraft before her eyes.

"By the all-seeing eye of Alfar! Is this an invasion?! Are we being invaded?! I'm too young to die!" she said to herself, panicking even more so than before at its' presence. Fortunately, this didn't last long as her disarray was replaced with bewilderment.

As if by instinct, she proceeded to climb down into the hole and walked up to the ship. Her hand hesitantly hovered against the side, feeling the immense heat generating from the surface. This was the first time in Altairea's life to see a real-life ship. However, what really caught her attention was what was inside the construct that really tickled her fancy. She waited an hour and a half until the ship was cool enough for her to climb up and attempt to pry the hatch open. Unfortunately for her, it was shut tight but after a few pulls, she managed to open it and entered the ship.

Looking around, she was amazed by her surroundings. She remarked, "Whoever, or whatever, built this ship, they must be pretty advance to have such a machine."

However, her awestruck quickly faded when she forced the cockpits' door to open and was surprised at what she saw. Sitting at the console was a human pilot lying in his chair and was completely out cold.

He was a young man who looked to be in his 20s with short spikey hair and pale skin. He was dressed in a blue shirt with a thin black jacket over it, a pair of spandex trousers, and a pair of strapped black boots.

A human? What is a human doing on an Alfar-occupied planet? That's impossible! Humans aren't allowed anywhere into the Holy Alfar kingdom's territories!

Zachery opened his hazel eyes and groaned, rubbing his forehead and winced in pain. He murmured, "Ow, my head. I swear to God, I thought this was the last time I crash into a planet?" He drowsily looked around before getting startled by the alfar girl's presence.

He jumped out of his seat.

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