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My Way or the Highway.

She then finished getting dressed wearing a flared mini skirt that just covered the tops of her stockings when she was standing up straight, as soon as she bent over or sat down her stocking tops and the suspender straps that held them in place were exposed. To complete the outfit she put on a pair of black thigh high stilettos.

Jack at this stage was finishing off his ensemble, he was wearing a bright red thong that barely contained his package, and blue denim jeans that hugged his firm legs and ass and made his package really stand out. He completed his outfit with a skintight polo shirt and a pair of "Johnny Rebs" boots.

Now that they were ready, they had a couple of warm up drinks at home. Jack loves to drink "Wild Turkey" and "Coke", while his wife Jill loves cocktails and made herself a "Cocksucking Cowboy". After having a couple of drinks each they called a taxi, which didn't take long to arrive and they went to the club. They paid the cover charge, went inside and found a table near the stage. About 2 minutes after they sat down a hunky waiter came over wearing nothing but a white sheer thong and muscles, lots of big hard muscles. The muscled bound waiter took their drink order while Jack and Jill ogled and fondled the large bulge contained in the little sheer thong the waiter was wearing.

Looking around the club Jack noticed that he was the only male there as a patron, all the other men present were either waiters, barmen or strippers. The waiter returned and handed them their drinks and Jill put the money for the drinks right into the waiters thong and gave the waiters cock a quick squeeze, just then the announcer introduced the dancers as they took to the stage and strutted their stuff. The dancers were made up off black men and white men, tall men and medium height men. They were dressed in different costumes, one was in a police uniform, another was dressed as a fireman, one as a cowboy, another as soldier, while another looked like a construction worker, another one was dressed as a doctor and the last guy dressed like a native north American Indian brave.

The dancers moved and gyrated to the music taking off an article of clothing every so often till they were completely naked and their rock hard cocks were on full display swinging and bouncing as they danced on and off the stage as they moved around the drunk and cheering audience allowing the horny female patrons to fondle and even suck on their cocks a bit before moving on to another patron. After they finished their first set the dancers all ran backstage while the announcer chose a lucky patron to pick all the discarded clothes from the dancers and take them backstage to the dancers and Jill was the lucky girl picked to do that. Jill quickly jumped up, ran around picking up their clothes before disappearing backstage.

Jack signalled to the waiter and ordered another drink and waited for his wife to return. After about 10 to 15 minutes Jack got to wondering why his wife hadn't returned yet. He got up and went to the men's room and when no one was looking he slipped backstage to look for his wife. As he was looking for Jill he heard some noises coming from one of the dressing rooms, it was the sound of some serious fucking. Jack went to investigate and when he opened the door his jaw hit the ground as in front of him was his sexy wife getting the fucking of a life time as she had one cock in her ass, one in her pussy and she was sucking on a third while the rest of the strippers were standing around her waiting for the turn to fuck her.

At the sight of this Jack immediately got hard and he undid his jeans and pulled his throbbing cock out of his thong and proceeded to jerk off.

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