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"These should drape wrinkle free over night."

Domestic full frontal nudity! Fabulous! I let her finish hanging our garments before I demanded that Diane return to my bed. A woman that looked that damn good needed to be embraced in the ultimate wrestling hold.

She padded back toward my bed. "I put away your clothes. You'd think I was your maid...or your mother."

"Bite your tongue!" I replied. That was a downer I refused to face. "I have every intention of slippin' Tab A into Slot B so that you and I can do our damnedest into making that woman a grandmother. There's no way in hell I could mistake you for my mother."

"Sorry," she whispered. "My bad..."

"Not for long. I have it on the best authority that you are a wonderful fuck."

"Oh, and what authority would that be?"

"Someone I trust implicitly..." I grabbed my own erection and pointed it directly at her. "A really good authority."

Diane and I slipped into silence as we came together on the bed. I rolled up on top of her and distributed my weight as carefully as could, balancing my hips and thighs atop her own. We didn't speak, although we said volumes with our eyes and lips. I wanted her blue eyes, brown hair, and pale flushing skin-once she guided my erection easily into position to nudge firmly up against her center slit, I let my enraptured soul spin out of control trying to absorb every modicum of her essence.

I pressed forward with my thighs and hips, while a long and sensitive part of me snaked deeply parting the cleft of her labia with my bulky cock. "Gotcha!"

She snickered and then moaned. "I know."

We didn't have enough room on the twin bed for us to switch positions while we made love. About ten minutes or so into our bout, Diane asked me if she could be on top for a while and I said yes. I had to withdraw my penetration completely from her loins in order to stand up and allow Diane to get up off the bed and wait for me to exchange places. Then after I lay down on my back we came together atop the bed again.

She squatted down over my hips and used her delicate fingers to guide my penis back into the warmth and excitement of her abdominal core. I let a loud gasp out from my throat as her pussy generously enveloped my dick once more. Oh yeah! This was the sort of place my cock wanted to spend the entire night. Or maybe eternity.

Soon Diane took over control of the rhythm as she ground her dripping cunt down against my erection. Her mouth opened and she moaned out a little girl's high muffled sigh as she forced her cunt to engage my cock.

"Oh, Tim!" She rode my penis like a bronco rider leaned into the saddle horn. "Do you know where your dick is now?" Her face began to flush increasingly red as she moved steadily up and down stimulating the nerve ends on my cock.

I grunted a small groan. The experience nearly over stimulated me.

"You wanted to explore the interior of a white woman's open, vulnerable loins--her Caucasian..." Diane grunted. Her breath became erratic. "...Her white, Caucasian cunt with your black cock..." Diane closed her eyes, grimaced and blushed. "The perfect delivery system to spew teeming African seed into a place that's supposed to be forbidden to such living seed."

The hypnotic sound of her voice began to spiral the pressure up from my spine into my brain and down from my brain into my testicles. I gasped, beginning to lose control. I picked up speed lifting my pelvis to lunge for Diane every time she pulled her pussy away from my midsection.

"Soon every one of your tiny sperm will spurt out carrying their African heritage as far from your body as you can propel them." She gasped again. "But they'll have no place to go once they leave your body, will they?"

I muffled a shriek deep down in my throat, as I held onto her tightly.

"No place to go, but inside me!" She panted uncontrollably now. "No p-place for your black seed to go, but inside your white lover." Suddenly, Diane choked back a squeal, as if she were fighting back an orgasm. "Omigawd!"

I couldn't help myself.

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