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Sheri finally beds Jenny.

.. and alarmingly effective. For better or worse, the western state situation needed to remained stabilized or they'd wake up some day to find that another hundred miles of borderline or so had suddenly changed into very unfriendly hands.
No one wanted a war right now. Particularly since no one had even certainty regarding who would win. Deseret and the GWA were just a bit too evenly matched and no one counted the US as being an especially helpful or useful military ally. Many even thought that with the USA as a war partner they would proof nearly worthless in battle, leaving the GWA to weaken themselves fatally to defend thousands of extra miles north on the American front, while our allies slowly collapsed. As far as my bosses in the BMA were concerned, the status quo was a lot safer than several other uncertainties. Unfortunately, we couldn't count at all on Deseret to make those same calculations. Creating anarchy in the American west might be sufficient to collapse the weak US government all on its own, allowing perhaps several entire states to be absorbed before the GWA could be enticed into reacting... and with less than favorable odds.

What a ratfuck! Bel's boss might not want those weapon smugglers found, but for the security of the GWA it really had to be done!


"So," I inquired while she drove, "assuming for amusement value only that if the big boss took a sudden and rather violent dislike for me and my consulting efforts, just what sort of top shelf magical disruption attempts would I be likely to face? If I can put it delicately. I know that's sort of a taboo subject up here. Down south, we're a bit more casual about it, and deciding what I can do, and who is liable to try and stop me, are definitely survival concerns for me."

"So I've heard. No, talking about it doesn't bother me. You're technically a very strong Adept, right? Or were? The briefing doc said that you might have had a burn out." This was technically true, or at least on paper. My last official test showed I had a Score of 0.0. Dead normal mundane -- powerless. On the other hand, I hadn't bothered to inform them that after a bit of rest, and internal reorganization and recovery, my magical skills were now significantly greater than they had been before. By a rather large order of magnitude greater.

Some of it was undoubtedly due to my new absorbed Incan artifact, but even more might be due to my old flame Henrietta and her sister, merged into some new composite uber-magical ethereal being, poking her fingers around into my brains and adjusting it for her amusement... and self-preservation. Also I had Sean, a very definite wild-card by my side. Did he have a finger fiddling around in my brain too? Now that was a scary thought!

In any case I was absolutely Wizard-class ability now, well into the 9+ Score at least I guessed, but the more people that thought I was still a harmless burnout, the safer I'd probably be.

"Was. Most definitely. I'm suspended and unrated for the moment, and probably for the better. Still, I don't think I'll be helpless and completely dependent upon your skills, and hopefully my visit will turn out to be useful for everyone... or mostly everyone. Yourself?"

"Weak Sorceress First Class, some offense, some defense, and I'm a halfway decent psychometric.

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