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A recent grad finds a different sort of job.

"Oooh," I sat on the chair and rubbed my wet pussy on it while Daddy explained the situation to me. "You'll handle the money, daddy?" I asked, not really knowing what to charge for things. I just wanted to have fun. Also I really loved the idea of Daddy renting me out to other men. I loved being his and being his to rent or sell made my pussy tingle and I knew I was soaking the nice office chair the manager had brought me.

It was on wheels but he had locked them so it wouldn't move and it was set against a wall for a little extra support.

"Yeah, baby, I'll handle all that. You just enjoy yourself and let me know-"

"If I want to stop," I finished for him and smiled up at him, wicked thoughts going through my mind. Seeing all the nasty things on the video boxes was making me really horny. As I'd browsed I discovered that the front covers were very tame in comparison to what was on the back and I had looked at lot of back covers when I'd come in.

"Exactly," he said, slightly annoyed that i interrupted him. I kinda felt like I wanted him to punish me for that. I knew it was a stupid teenager thing and I knew I shouldn't do it but it just happened. I just said snarky things and couldn't stop myself.

I stopped rubbing my pussy on the chair and looked away, shyly. "I'm sorry, Daddy. I didn't mean to be a smart mouth."

"Yeah, we might have to do something about that," he said cryptically but then dropped the subject.

I was sitting in the chair now with my halter pulled between my breasts, showing them off and daddy stood next to the chair and reached over to fondle the closest one.

The man who had been watching me went back to browsing videos but he kept watching me from behind the shelves and I made sure to jiggle my tits or flash a little pussy at him from time to time. I got the feeling he wasn't going to pay for anything but I liked him. Something about older men always made me want to flirt with them and give them a thrill. They often teased me because they liked to make me blush and giggle. This guy seemed like he would be that kind of guy if we'd met somewhere other than a porno section of a video store.

Daddy reached back and undid the string on my halter top, letting the fabric fall. My breasts had already been bare but this was better. I felt free. I loved having my tits bare and wished I could walk around like that all the time.

It wasn't long before men started coming in the room. None of them came up to me at first, they just glanced at my tits as they browsed the movies. The manager came over after a few minutes and decided to get things started. He grabbed his wallet and handed Daddy a twenty saying, "I'd love to suck those tits and get a good look at that pussy."

Daddy took the money and I sat forward in the chair and jiggled my tits at the manager as he got down on his knees and looked me over. He reached for my tits and fondled them a moment. He lifted them in his hands like he was weighing them. I giggled because it seemed like guys always liked to do this. I wondered if they did it with all tits or just big ones, like they couldn't believe how much they weighed.

"You like that?" the manager asked and I giggled and nodded. He pulled a nipple into his mouth and sucked gently at first, then harder, while he rubbed the other with his thumb. I moaned in appreciation. His beard tickled me as he sucked.

He switched nipples and the thumb rubbing over my freshly sucked nipple sent ripples of pleasure through my body. I put my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

"Mr. Manager," I said.

"Tim," he corrected, his mouth full of tit and his voice muffled.

"Tim, you're really good at sucking my tits. That feels so nice. You've got me all wet."

I was rubbing my pussy on the chair again as I enjoyed the tit sucking and fondling.

"My pussy is dripping. Would you like to see it now?" I asked and he moaned sending ripples through the nipple he was sucking on.

Finally he gave it a few licks and sat back

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