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A train stop turns into a gang bang.

When she returned to the dinning room her mother-in-law was conspicuously missing and Jeanie assumed she was using the bathroom as Jeanie returned to the kitchen to take the pie out of the oven and get the plates for desert.

As soon as she had rested the pie on its rack to cool a bit, Jack called to her from the dinning room and Jeanie darted in to see what he needed. "Here I was telling my parents what a good wife you are and then you go and make me look bad." Jeanie was confused and noticed that Maria had not even returned to the table. That is when she noticed the look on her father-in-laws face. A nervous tingle ran down her spine and she instinctively dropped down to look under the table. There was Maria, naked, with her wide ass facing Jeanie servicing Vanni as Jeanie had done for Jack every night since they got back from their honeymoon. "Aren't you going to remove your dress first?" said Jack, assuming she had caught on sooner than she did. Jeanie was flabbergasted, was she expected to perform in the presents of her in-laws? She arose and looked at her husband with question in her eyes but his response was unyielding as he scooted his chair back from the table to reveal he had already removed his pants and was sporting an erection. Jeanie removed her clothes under the gaze of Jack and his father and quick dropped down, out of site, to give Jack his nightly oral pleasure.

At first she was upset and confused by it all. But as she performed the act she had learned that she loved doing for Jack she calmed down and gave it her all. Surprise was the next emotion to overtake Jeanie as she felt a hand, presumably Maria's, slide along the crack of her ass and stop to lodge the blade of an index finger along her vulva with a thumb pressing into her asshole. Jeanie almost knocked crystal off the table as she jumped up with surprise and her back struck the edge of the table pushing it backward to expose more of her to the room.

Marie was doing an excellent job of working her hand into Jeanie's vagina as her now naked father-in-law pulled the table back so he could see Maria in action. He moved behind his wife and shoved his tongue in her nether region, licking her from clit to crack and back again. Jeanie turned to see what was happening behind her. Marie took this as an opportunity to turn Jeanie around and feast on her vulva, Jeanie reached down to manipulate the nipples of Maria's large breasts. Soon Jack got up and moved around in front of Jeanie straddling his mothers back and leaning forward with his hands stretched out to support himself on the edge of the table. As Jack watched his father's talented tongue work on his sweet "Mama" Jeanie moved to hold Jacks hip and bury her tongue in his ass pushing her pussy tighter against Maria's busy mouth.

While erotic, this position was tiring and Jack pulled Jeanie to her feet.

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