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Paul thinks back, Jenny forward.

She said that Jill and her had picked up 6 blokes from the local cricket team, and that they were going to give them a show in the park in a little while, and that I would enjoy the show, gave me a big kiss and disappeared back to Jill and their cricketers.

It was not long before Jill and Yvonne made their exit, closely followed by a group of lads and me. They headed for the play area, and were soon playing on the swings.

Jill then took Yvonne's hand and climbed onto the fort like building, she told the boys to wait down there, they looked disappointed at first. That was until the two girls started dancing. The evening was still very warm.

Jill then lifted Yvonne's top over her head, to a cheer from the boys, Yvonne then did the same to Jill, again another cheer. The girls then danced close, their naked breasts rubbing together. Jill was undoing Yvonne's skirt which fell to the floor, by this time the boys were really cheering. Yvonne danced around the top in her thong, while Jill took off her own skirt and thong, and danced naked.

The boys had split into two groups one either side of the platform, and the girls danced to each side in turn. The boys by now had all stripped to the waist the girls turn to shout "more", they did not take much persuading and soon all 6 were naked all more than ready for action.

Jill then noticed Yvonne still had her thong on, so she knelt in front of her and took it between her teeth and dragged it down her legs, again more cheering from the boys.

They then danced and kissed each other on the lips, fingers exploring each others butts, the boys started to climb on to the platform. Jill said "wait a minute we want some fun first, your turn will come, anyway we both need a piss first." At that one of the boys said "come on then, piss over the side", at that all the boys started chanting "come on babes piss for us".

With that the girls stopped dancing, one went to either side of the platform, with their backs to the boys put their butts over the safety rail, and both together sent a stream of piss towards the boys, I came almost immediately, without touching my cock, what a site. The boys were cheering and the distance they were able to send their piss was unbelievable.

Jill finished first, and went to Yvonne and stroked her butt as she was still pissing, then as she finished turned her round and licked the last few drops from her pussy.

There was no holding the boys now, and they all climbed naked onto the platform. They all pulled at the girls, passing them round, hands everywhere, their rampant cocks dancing, balls swinging. What a site I was already hard again.

The girls knelt down in the centre, back to back and the boys went round putting their cocks in the girls mouth (Yvonne is not a great lover of giving oral to blokes, but even she was sucking for England).

She eventually laid down on her back, and spread her legs wide inviting the blokes to lick her out, which they did without needing to be asked twice. Jill had found the one with the biggest cock, and had him lie down, sat astride him, and guided his cock into her. She bounced up and down while two others played with her tits and she sucked another off.

The other guy was behind her, with his fingers between the cheeks of her butt, soon he was pushing her forward, and was guiding his cock into her butt hole, she was screaming in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

The two guys that were playing with her tits decided to give Yvonne some attention, they pulled the bloke licking her out away, and one laid down they then picked Yvonne up and sat her astride him, with her back to him, she reached down and guided his cock into her pussy, the only black guy with them then pushed her back on him.

He then guided is big black cock right into her pussy alongside his mate.

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