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Is his new wife really a slut?

Pretending she was unaware of him still she pressed the lace underwear into her pussy, feeling the lace and leather gliding smoothly over her obviously wet flesh. Knowing that he was again watching her, she raised her gloved hand to her mouth and snaked out her tongue to lick her own juices from the warm leather that encased her fingers.

As though in a private place where no-one could see, she slipped the coat from her shoulders, leaving her naked for anyone to see. Returning her hand between her thighs she stroked herself through her panties until she was aching for a closer touch, so she reached down and removed them. Now clad merely in stockings, shoes and leather gloves. With a sigh she knew he would have heard, she replaced her hand between her thighs and pressing her leather encased fingers harder and harder against her clit and then slipping one and then two inside her. Stroking herself deep inside, she moaned deeply without realising it and even shocked her as she heard it slip by her lips, glancing to her side she saw that he was now not even pretending to watch the film on the screen, his eyes were transfixed on her and she glanced down his body to see that he was stroking his cock through his trousers.

Meeting his gaze their eyes locked and she smiled at him, and then stood quietly before walking between the rows of seats towards him. Not caring that had anyone else turned at that point they would have seen her walking through the cinema naked. Stepping between his legs she kept her eyes on his face and dropped silently to her knees between his thighs. He opened his mouth with a gasp and looked like he might speak, so she raised her gloved hand to his lips and whispered "sshhh..."

Knowing that he would he would be aware of the combination of warm leather and the sweet, musky, womanly scent of her juices. She placed her other hand on the bulge in his trousers and watched his face as the bulge grew beneath her touch. Using both hands she release his cock from within the confines of his clothing, and ran her gloved hand down the shaft of his cock and felt it twitch. Still looking into his eyes she lowered her head and flicked her tongue across the swollen tip. She saw his eyes cloud over and the muscles of his face twitch at this slight touch.

Placing her lips against the tip of his cock she ran her tongue around her lips to moisten them before slipping them down the length of his cock. Holding him deep within her mouth and massaging his erect member with her tongue as she held it captive between her lips.

Moving her head back and forth she created a fucking motion upon his manhood and increasing the suction holding him fast within her mouth. Hearing him moan above her she pushed her head further towards him and took his cock deeper into her mouth until she felt him against the back of her throat. Slipping one hand lower she cupped his taut balls gently in her palm. Glancing back up at him she saw him with his head thrown back, biting his lip trying desperately not to moan any louder, and drawing attention to them.

Sucking him harder and faster she watched his face as he struggled with the urge to cry out in lust and felt his cock twitch and swell deep in her mouth and knew his orgasm was close, so she stopped all movement abruptly and merely held him tight inside her motionless mouth. This time he could not hold back and she heard him groan, it was a deep guttural groan of lust and disappointment...

After a few seconds, which she knew must have been endless to him she ran her lips back up his shaft and released his throbbing, aching cock from her mouth and smiled wickedly at him, letting him know that it was no accident of timing her stopping at that moment, she had deliberately taken him to the edge and then denied him release.

Standing slowly again and gliding

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