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Young couple turns cuckold fantasy to reality.

was this the way he fucked himself with the cock?

Then, as if I was some kind of two-bit whore, I bent over and put my fingers between my legs and began rubbing my clitoris. With each push of my hips, the cock fucked me in time with the action from my fingers, and just as before, I had a thundering orgasm that racked my body and eventually sent me to my knees.

I can't express the sensations and feelings that I felt. In the matter of a few minutes, I'd had two wonderful orgasms - better than any I ever got from my husband. I felt spent - totally exhausted and satisfied in a way I couldn't explain. Part of it, I'm sure, was the knowledge I'd used Danny's toy...... Danny's cock...... to fuck myself - and not just in my pussy, but in my ass, too. The feeling of being so naughty and so nasty was delicious, and I didn't regret what I'd done for one instant.

I didn't have the strength for anything else - not even to continue my shower. So, with the last bit of energy I had, I stood up in the water, rinsed myself down and turned the water off. Opening the doors and reaching for a towel, I did an absolutely terrible job of drying my body, then wrapped a towel around my hair and without bothering to put one stitch of clothes on, I fell across Danny's bed in total exhaustion.

I didn't know an orgasm could be that strong, or feel that good, or devour me in a way those two orgasms devoured me. I was literally drained of every ounce of strength in my body, but, lying there in the afterglow of those humongous orgasms, I wanted more. I just didn't have the energy to get back in the shower and fuck myself with my son's cock again.

Once I'd rested for several minutes, I dried my hair and picked up my clothes from the bathroom floor. In doing so, I held up the underwear I'd been wearing and briefly wondered if these were the kind of panties my son would want. I'm sure they weren't dainty and fresh - I'd worn them all day, been on my hands and knees scrubbing his kitchen floor and I was a sweaty mess when I took them off. I should have let the thought go, but something made me bring the panties to my face and I gave them a little sniff.

Surprisingly, they weren't that bad. I half expected to find them revolting and reeking of sweat, but they weren't. Instead, they smelled like me. When I opened them up to look inside, there was a clear smudge on the crotch panel and I imagined for a moment how my son would feel having these panties in his hands right now - this soon after I took them off. Would they turn him on?

Shaking the thought out of my head, I tossed the panties on the floor next to the bed. I decided to turn his TV on and check the cable news and weather before I went to sleep. The weather was boring, and the news was all crap, and I was just about to turn off the TV when I saw the porno DVDs laying on top of Danny's TV - the "Mommy's Panties" box set.

"I wonder what's so interesting about these?" I thought.

Then, deciding there was no harm in seeing one for myself, I selected the number 1 disk and put it in the DVD player. The intro and the previews were trash - absolutely sick filth that I couldn't believe anyone would want to see, much less pay for. But after that, the disk menu came up with a listing of all the individual vignettes and I studied the screen to pick one out.

Remarkably, the first segment was titled "Interview with a Panty Mom" and figuring this would probably be less gagging than the rest of the DVD, I selected that chapter and hit the play button.

I would have guessed the actress playing the mother would have been a porno actress - some young thing with oversized, fake boobs, but, I was wrong. The setting was like a conference room and the woman was probably about my age. She wasn't overly beautiful and she wasn't stacked, and, she didn't look like a slut. More than anything, she looked like someone I'd see at the grocery store.

There was a younger woman who was interviewing her from across the table, supposedly a sexologist and therapy counselor, with a lot of important sounding abbreviatio

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