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Her wet t-shirt hit the floor, followed by her bra. Davey watched her tits jiggle as she wiggled out of her tight little shorts and panties. She stepped into the shower with him and pulled the curtain closed. He stared at her body-big, round tits, long legs, smooth, shaved mound. Mandy's chestnut hair fell forward, almost covering her pink nipples. His sister was ridiculously hot. Davey wanted to grab her, but the moment was so surreal he was afraid she would disappear if he touched her.

Mandy wanted to fuck her brother but knew she couldn't give it to him yet. She had to keep his incestful lust boiling. Helping him get off was one thing, but if she started fucking him now, it might make him forget about the larger plan. But she wanted to. Her brother had a nice thick cock, and the depravity of the act was just what she needed. She moved closer and pushed his hand aside, taking his prick in her own.

"The other night was fun. You don't need to feel bad about it, Davey," she cooed.

"But you didn't..."

"I took care of myself, don't worry. And I came hard thinking about it. I've done it a few times since then. You've got a big cock, but I bet you know that, baby bro."

"Uh, yeah, I guess," he said. Davey stared down at Mandy stroking his cock. He still couldn't believe they were doing this.

"I bet Mom would love it."

"Fuck, Mandy..."

Davey grabbed his sister and kissed her. Their bodies crushed together and he filled his hands with her round ass. He liked that it had a little jiggle to it. Davey had been checking out her ass all week. Her arms went up around him and her tits mashed into his chest, while his shaft rubbed her flat belly. It was the hottest kiss Davey had ever had. Mandy was the best kisser in the world. Her tongue teased his and retreated, drawing his into her mouth. Davey pushed her back, pinning her against the tile.

Mandy struggled to maintain control. She was ready to throw the plan out the window and fuck her brother right there in the shower. His cock felt so good rubbing against her. She needed to be fucked. Her fingers weren't enough. If she didn't let Davey do it, or get her father into bed, she was going to have to let her manager at work into her panties. She knew he wanted it. He couldn't keep his eyes off her-just like her brother. If only their Dad looked at her like that. He would. She would make him. Thinking of their father stiffened her resolve.

"Whoa, Davey, slow down a little," she panted, between kisses.

"Come on, Mandy," Davey moaned. He was so excited, he was almost hyperventilating. He wanted her. He'd never wanted a girl more.

"You wanna fuck me?"

"Yeah, Mandy."

"Right here, with Mom downstairs?"

"Fuck... Dammit..."

Davey stepped back and the water hit his neck. Their mother was right downstairs, they couldn't do this. What would happen if they got caught? Their mother would be horrified. Davey didn't want her to see him that way-a sister fucker. He wanted Mandy, but he couldn't risk pushing his mother away. They couldn't be discovered.

Mandy stared at her brother. The conflict on his face almost made her feel bad. She really didn't want to torture him, but she needed him so desperate that he'd do anything. She needed him past his inhibitions. He would thank her later. In the meantime, she stared at his cock and her pussy ached. He had to appreciate she was sacrificing too.

"Or maybe we should," Mandy teased. She cupped her breasts, moaning when she pinched her own nipples. "Maybe we should make lots of noise so Mom comes up here."

"Mandy, stop it," Davey said, looking at the curtain, as if he could see their mother all the way downstairs.

"Maybe if she sees that nice big dick of yours she won't be able to control herself."


Taunting her brother was a huge turn on, and Mandy rubbed her pussy. He wanted it so bad. It was written all over him. Mandy knew she was depraved, but she wanted her brother to want her more. She spread her lips, showing Davey her pink, and rubbed her clit. She didn't even try to keep her moans quiet.

"She coul

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