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Will Cameron steal Beth and Trish from Tyler's pack?

"You're enjoying this, aren't you whore?" I ask. "What do you think your husband would think?"

I jam three fingers into your snatch, causing you to suck in air heavily. I lean over you, letting you feel the hardness in my pants.

"I am going to fuck you like a whore. I am going to make you mine. You will want no other cock than mine," I whisper in your ear.

I pull my fingers out of your pussy, soaking from your aroused snatch. I place two fingers at the entrance of your ass and slowly push. You moan from the pain of my fingers filling your tight little fuck hole. I continue to hold you down with one hand as I stroke my fingers in and out of your ass, building the pace until the sound of my hand hitting your ass with each plunge fills the room.

You are wiggling yourself against my hand, trying to escape my fingers. Your moans alternate between those of pain and those of pleasure. You don't want to enjoy this right now, but I can tell you are. Finally, you sink into the bed, your sphincter spasming around my fingers as you orgasm. The tape over your mouth keeps you from releasing an orgasmic cry.

"How sad, you cum so easily for other men. I feel bad for your husband."

I quickly pull my fingers from your ass, leaving your hole gaping, feeling hollow and empty. I grab you by your hair and spin you around.

"I am going to take the tape off of your mouth. Remember what I said about screaming. The only sounds I want to hear will be those of pleasure," I tell you.

I grab a corner of the tape and rip it off. The pain causes tears to roll down your cheeks and you let a cry escape. With a hand on your shoulder, I force you onto your knees. I unzip my jeans and free my cock from its denim confines. You continue to look down, not wanting to meet my eyes, thinking that whoever I am, I am a monster. You hope that I come home to catch this bastard and hurt him.

I slap your mouth with my dick, leaving precum smeared on your lips.

"Lick your lips," I tell you.

You reluctantly clean the clear liquid from your lips with your tongue, swallowing it.

"Now open your mouth, you fucking slut. If you bite me, I am going to cause you all kinds of pain. Keep that in mind." I whisper.

You slowly open your mouth. As soon as it is wide enough, I grip the back of your head and slam my cock into your mouth. I pull your head into my crotch as I force myself down your throat. I shove in so far that you start to gag. I pull back and then slam in again. You try to catch your breath as I fuck your mouth hard.

The longer I go, the less problem you have with my cock entering your throat. This is going to be fun. I face fuck you until I can feel myself on the edge of cumming. I stop and pull my dick out of your mouth. I grab you by your hair and lift you onto your feet. I take you by your sides and toss you onto the bed, you landing on your bound hands painfully. Crossing your ankles, I roll you on to you stomach. You lay there, whimpering and yet gasping with arousal. You are a fucking slut. You are being used by someone you don't know. You are being forced to do something that you shouldn't want to do, but, as you lay there, you want to feel that big shaft in you., I think.

You are biting your lip to keep from begging to be fucked. You worry about how to tell me about this. Whether to tell me at all. You know I would go ballistic to hear you were forced to have sex, but be completely monstrous if you told me that you enjoyed it. I stand there and look at your form, partially clothed, and bound, lying on the bed. I climb onto the bed. My cock lays between your ass cheeks, my arms supporting the weight of my upper body.

"Tell me whore, what do you most often deny your husband sexually?" I quietly ask in your ear.

The passion and lust in my voice further to help disguise it. For a moment, you just lay there, panting, trying not to focus on the sensation of that cock so close to your holes.

" ass hole," you say.

"Ahh, so he wants to fuck your ass and you w

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