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She learns to talk dirty.

"Were you trying to make a call, Dear?"

Kimmie whirled around. Lilian was standing at the other end of the couch, the unplugged phone wire swinging casually in her hand.

"Aunty Lilian! You're daughters! They're... they're-"

"Fucking?" Lilian interrupted.

Kimmie gaped. "You know?!?"

Lilian walked up to her niece. She took the receiver from her and placed it carefully back on the hook. "You didn't have permission to use the phone, Dear. I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you, now."

"Wha... What?" Before she could continue, Kimmie was forced swiftly back onto the couch and pinned down by her aunt. She struggled against the older woman, but Lilian was surprisingly strong. She climbed on top of her niece, sitting on her legs, and pinned her arms above her head with both hands.

"Get the fuck off of me!" Kimmie screamed. "I'll yell for help! You can't do this!"

Lilian silenced her with a hard slap across the face. "You listen to me, young lady. You've been a horrible little sister to Cassandra ever since your parents passed. She's done nothing but try to look out for you, and you've done nothing but be ungrateful."

Kimmie's eyes welled with tears. She stopped struggling, and she began to surge with guilt as she thought of her sister. "I... I know I haven't been the best person..." she admitted.

"Good. You're finally taking a bit of responsibility." Lilian replied. "Now, tell me what you saw upstairs a moment ago."

Kimmie's eyes flashed with the memory. The image of her cousins, naked and tangled together on the bed flooded her mind. "They were... they were fucking each other. Bree and Paige."

"Be specific, Dear. What were they doing."

"Bree was on top of Paige, and... they were... they were licking each other's p-pussies." Kimmie stammered.

"Did they seem to be enjoying themselves?" Lilian asked.

"Definitely. I mean... hard not to enjoy yourself when you're getting your pussy licked, isn't it?"

Lilian chuckled. "I suppose you have a point. How did seeing them make YOU feel?"

Kimmie grew quiet. She hesitated. "What do you mean?" she finally asked.

Lilian sighed. "You know what I mean." She slid down a bit, sitting on Kimmie's legs, and shoved her hand between the girl's thighs.

Kimmie gasped, and started to struggle again. "Hey! Stop that! What the fuck are you doing?!?"

"You feel wet, Dear. But I can't be sure through these pajamas." Lilian pushed her hand inside her niece's bottoms, cupping her naked cunt. Kimmie jerked her hips, trying in vain to pull herself away from her aunt's touch.

"Hmm... Definitely getting a little wet, Sweetie. Are you excited by the image of my daughters together? Are you a little dyke, like they are?" Lilian asked teasingly.

"N-no! I'm not! Stop it!" Kimmie whimpered.

Instead of stopping, Lilian continued, rubbing her fingers slowly through the younger girl's moistening folds. "Oh, I think you're lying, Kimberly. I think you like the thought of my girls fucking very much."

Kimmie whipped her head back and forth, tears streaming from her eyes as her aunt forced herself on her. Her pussy squelched as Lilian's fingers slid through it. She knew she was getting aroused, but couldn't bring herself to admit it.

Lilian's fingers moved expertly to her niece's clit, rubbing it enticingly, coaxing it out from under it's hood. She tweaked and twisted it, causing Kimmie to let out an involuntary moan.

"That's right, Dear. Just let the pleasure take over." Lilian cooed. She slid her fingers down again into Kimmie's swampy folds, plunging them deep inside the struggling girl. Kimmie sucked in her breath as she felt her aunt penetrate her. At the same time, Lilian's thumb strummed mercilessly against her throbbing clit.

"No! S-stop!! I... I..."

The pleasure was too much for the excited girl to resist, and she gave herself over to it, writhing slowly under her aunt's stroking fingers.

She closed her eyes, trying desperately to picture anything but her aunt and cousins.

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