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Painters always did tie up loose ends.

It was a common fact that this land belonged to the Rovians.

Zyra was the lead hunter of the Rovians, and their strong all female tribe had several mouths to feed.

"My Chieftess," Zyra said grinning. "I have slain an exile. I ask that you take the meatiest portion to thank your devotion to our people."

"Thank you my dear," the High Chieftess hailed holding her face in greeting.

The High Chieftess' hands were soft and gentle as she brought her forehead to hers. "Though why has such a beast come forth?"

Zyra shrugged, "He is the first in much time. I doubt it is anything to worry about."

According to the treaty laws, the basic laws that humans would abide by, if a creature wandered on their land it was theirs for the plundering. This also applied to human disruption of the magical land. The creatures despite their barbaric natures had put rules in place. The creatures were united under their Dark Witch council, but all answered to the rare and few commands of the Pure Unicorns who were said to have knowledge from The Maker himself. When their rules were disobeyed the creatures were not killed but instead exiled. Exiles ate to survive and did not eat what they were assigned to eat for their health.

For example, a Bandersnatch was to eat only the food of the ground, but if he ate the food of the sky like a bird or an apple from an apple tree he would multiply in size and grow fat with meat. The creatures that stood on two legs like werewolves and vampires would be transformed into beasts before their exile.

Exiling meant becoming food for the humans and as a result their rules were rarely broken.

"How fares the land dearest? Did the beast disturb the crops?"

"The beast had meant to stake his claim upon our herbs, but he was halted."


"I stopped him."

The white hunter paint on Zyra's face crinkled as she smiled at her Chieftess' disbelief. "It is an honor my Chief."

The Chieftess rolled her eyes and sat on her mat. "Truly dear sister. You are a marvel."

Zyra laughed and sat as well. "Just because you are my sister Kyzu does not mean that I can allow myself privileges above the rest. I am your hunter is all."

Her sister Kyzu shook her head in irritation, her long hair flowing past her waist. Her skin was painted with the bright purple paint of leadership. Her smooth tan complexion and deep brown eyes made her one of the most prized beauties in the village. If this did not, her tall fluid body that dipped and flowed like a gentle river did.

It made Zyra slightly self-conscious when she thought of her tree bark-colored skin, overly generous curves and short black hair that rested above her shoulders. She consisted of lean muscle and hid her femininity for the hunt. She wrapped down her breasts to her chest so they would not slap at her. Long hair would get tangled in tree limbs. Smooth skin would tear at the slightest abrasion. Her sharp unfriendly green eyes could see where the prey rested and helped her provide.

Zyra thought of her practical choices for her role in the tribe and was reassured. It was by all means the best way.

"Well you shall have the meatiest portion," Kyzu said crossing her hands. "You and all who were with your in your hunting troop. You must rest."

Since the others were included Zyra did not struggle and nodded before she caught a mischievous glimmer in her eye.

"Do you know why you must rest Zyra?" her sister asked coyly.

At first she was filled with confusion then she remembered what tomorrow was. She hissed a curse and glared at her sister.

"The second nightmare, I mean...celebration of life."

That accursed celebration! Twice a year for 7 days' time their brother tribe the Ursies, which consisted of all males, would come to their village to celebrate life. The purest form of the celebration is the giving of life and so the strongest males and females of the villages would mix their sex in order to reproduce and preserve their livelihood.

If it was a female, the Rovians kept

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