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Waking up on a weekend morning and having fun.

Eventually my hard-on will soften but as she sleeps, her hand will occasionally twitch while still cupping my balls and then my cock will instantly think it's needed and pop back up. Needless to say, it takes awhile to go back to sleep on those mornings.

Some mornings she's tired but still horny so instead of drifting off to sleep or getting more energetic, she'll keep rubbing my balls until my cock is throbbing and then she'll start softly stroking my cock. Usually I'll lay there like a dog begging to have it's belly rubbed.

As I start moaning, she'll start to squeeze my cock harder and make longer and faster strokes. As she starts to milk my pre-cum, she'll make sure to slide that up and down on my cock making her hand as wet as her pussy. Then she'll either start telling me some hot story about something at the hospital or my favorite, something that her lesbian lover did to her in college. Obviously, this will only last so long until I shoot hot come up onto my stomach. After either licking up her cum or slowing rubbing it all over my chest, she'll fall asleep.

Some mornings, she just has to have my cock. She'll rub and play with it until it's as hard as she wants and when she's ready (of course meanwhile I'm rubbing and playing with anything of her's that I can reach) she'll climb on top of me and slide my cock deep into her pussy. I try my best to latch onto one of her beautiful tits as she does this. The moan that always comes from her makes my cock a little harder.

She'll slowly ride up and down on my cock while she tells me how much she loves to have her tits sucked and her nipples bitten. Since she's just worked a 12 hr. shift, she's usually too tired to cum while she's riding me. She'll reach a point where she runs out of gas and then we'll roll over with my cock still in her. She loves to wrap her legs around my waist and I pound her tight little pussy as long as I can before pumping hot cum into her. Sometimes she doesn't cum and that always disappoints me but she still gets a pussy full of cum which was what she wanted when she crawled into bed.

Finally, we come to my favorite breakfast choice. Yeah, it's a little selfish but my horny little Nurse knows she can have whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

She'll slide into bed and immediately crawl down between my legs. She'll start licking up and down my cock and try to take all of it into her mouth. As I've mentioned in prior stories, I'm a normal guy with a 6-7" cock but it's still usually too big for her to take it all.

After getting my cock as hard as she wants, she'll grab it with one hand and cup my balls with the other. Then she'll start to gently suck on one ball at a time (here's where the shaved balls and cock really pay off), licking them like they're big scoops of ice cream. She'll carefully squeeze them together and try to get both into her mouth.

By now she's got me moaning and begging for more. As she does all this she's kneeling and her ass is sticking straight up into the air and I can't help but picture a guy pounding his cock into her as she sucks me or even better, a girl licking her tight little asshole and her pussy.

As she gets more serious about her efforts, she'll look up at me over my cock with lust filled eyes. Then she'll slide down further with her tongue while I lift up off the bed to give her what she wants. She'll lick down to my asshole and give me a hot rim job as she strokes my cock.

By now pre-cum will be soaking her hand and she'll come up to lick all that off.

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