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Getting a colleague out of her bikini on a business trip.

Gratefully she came to his side and sank down beside him. The smell of her sex mingled with sweat filled her nostrils as her legs parted.

If he noticed, he said nothing, only turn and stared at her with his fierce brown eyes. She was reminded suddenly of a bird of prey, so intently did he watch her.

It was some time before he released her, and only then when the sheer intensity of his scrutiny made her tremble. He knew then, she realized, as she forced herself to endure his gaze and yet not look him directly in the eyes -- that was forbidden under most circumstances -- that he was pleased with her.

She could see him trying to suppress a smirk. Saw him try and fail, and felt herself grin slightly, suddenly giddy that she pleased him.

Finally, though, he nodded slightly, and turned away. Release from his hold, she looked down.

And gasped with delight.

The very sight before her made her weak with desire.

And dizzy with fear.

Kami lay prostrate before, trussed and bound like a plaything, every part of her supple body presented for display and enjoyment.

After months of seeing the redhead only in positions of indulgence and power, to see her presented so was delightfully unexpected.

It was so wicked Jen felt a new heat surge into her despite the terrible fatigue that gripped her.

The redhead lay on her back, spread across a short half-bench made of leather and dark wood. Her feet were up in the air, spread wide to give Ethan all the access he could want. Thick bands of leather bound them to two stout steel poles that arched out and away from one another to form a crude 'V'.

Ethan stood between her legs, the hard length of his shaft buried in the steamy silk of her pussy. He had one hand on her vulva, as if to steady himself, and was slowly fucking her, clearly taking his time to savor the long bliss of withdrawal and renewal.

Jen watched the flex of his buttocks with a very hungry gaze.

Kami's arms were also bound, stretched out wide to either side, her small wrists tightly locked in bands of steel and leather as well.

Best of all, there were thin cords of stout nylon running from her ankles to each of her nipples, affixed to clover-leafed clips that held turgid punished buds in their steely grip. The cords were taut with the tension of her bonds, and even the slightest movement on Kami's part produced wonderful torment.

Kami moaned out her pleasurepain from beneath a bright red ballgag, and her green eyes were bright with pain, even as they glazed over with her delirium every time Ethan slid his thick cock into her.

Jen could see the redhead's pale thighs tremble with the strain of the forced pose ... the hashes of welts across her inner thighs, ample evidence of Ethan's displeasure.

Or perhaps they were marks of his pleasure?

She still wasn't sure.

Even after all this time.

Jen found her gaze drawn to the thin lines of raised flesh, each one a brilliant testament of Ethan's will, the redhead's pale skin was puffed and agitated from what could only have been Master Ethan's rattan cane. She knew it well, had felt the caress of it on more than one occasion, as its dark length flexed along her curves in a searing geometry of punishment and delight.

She knew some masters preferred nylon, but Ethan was more traditional in his appetites; his philosophy, he'd told her on one particularly terrifying Thursday evening, was that if the cane broke, then so be it.

He hadn't broken the cane on her that night.

But by the end she'd wished he had.

She'd begged him by the end.

Oh how she'd begged, keening out her desperation as he denied her everything.

So experience told her how very much those welts burned; the more so for their placement all along Kami's most delicate flesh. She knew well how the heat would be rising in each one, ranging from the searing sting of the newly adorned

Kami must have done something of some magnitude to warrant such attention.

Ethan stirred beside her, snapping her out of her reverie.

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