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As she was making the coffee, I stood behind her and put both hands on her hips and pressed myself against her. She let me do this for about 10 seconds before moving away from me. I then walked over and without asking, started giving her a hug. I put both hands on her butt and squeezed her butt cheeks a few times. She then gently, but firmly pushed me away. I then quickly put my hands on her sides, telling her how much I liked her body. She smiled, but again moved away from me. She then walked back to the living room and sat down on the sofa. I followed and sat down right next to her. I quickly put my hand on her upper thigh. When I tried slipping my hand between her crossed thighs, she quickly grabbed my hand saying, "Please stop it." I told her I couldn't help it, and that I loved touching her body. She replied, yes I know, but now your getting too carried away." I admitted this to her, and again placed my hand on her thigh. She got up, and walked back into the kitchen. When I followed, she really got annoyed and asked why I was acting this way. I said, "Oh c'mon, you know I want you. I've been coming on to you for months." Karen acknowledged this, but denied ever encouraging my advances. I told her she always let me get away with far too much. "You may not have initiated anything, but you've certainly never stopped me either." I then blatantly told her she wasn't getting enough sex and attention from Rick, and welcomed my advances.

These words clearly effected her, because she didn't respond. I then walked over to her. I put my hands on her sides and told her I knew she wanted me. She just silently looked out the window as I told her how good a lover I was, and that we could be having great sex together. I then blatantly said, "You are sexually attracted to me, aren't you," After a few agonizing seconds, she simply nodded yes. I then kissed her on the lips. She briefly returned the kiss, but then pushed me away. Karen then said that she couldn't go any further with this. Although I was extremely disappointed, our relationship now entered yet another phase. Although we weren't having sex, she was now openly letting me touch her. I was now openly touching her legs and caressing her thighs. I was even lifting up her skirts to hold and squeeze her bare butt cheeks. She even let me cup her breast though her shirts and tops. Although I was getting sexual thrills touching her like this. Whenever I tried to initiate sex, she always told me she didn't want to risk our marriages. I just didn't understand why she wouldn't go all the way.

The day I finally had sex with Karen began quite innocently.

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