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A student didn't realize what his professor had planned.

As Kirk's onslaught intensified further, Li Su started moaning in unison with his now man possessed pace. As she lowered her torso, the angle of her ass jutted further upward pointing toward the ceiling. Kirk spread her now crimson ass cheeks with his thumbs glimpsing her pink rosebud that winked at him with each stroke -- opening as he withdrew and snapping closed as he slammed into her.

He slid his thumbs into her winking ass as his cock bore into her fuck starved pussy. Knuckle deep in her ass, pumping man meat into her needy cunt, Kirk felt her tense up and cum again. Her already wobbly arms collapsed and she lost her precarious balance on her forearms. She slumped to the bed leaving only her flattened tits and the side of her head to support her upper body.

Feeling himself about to come, Kirk growled

"Is this what you wanted ... to be fucked hard by a real man?"

"Yes, I needed your big black dick in me!!!!!!!!!!

As he finally exploded into her coating her vagina with his thick hot white cream, she collapsed completely sprawling flat beneath him. As she slumped, Kirk moved downward to remain deep inside her. He lay flat on her back and sandwiched her between his sweaty chest and the damp bed.

He felt her trembling beneath him and gulping for air.

"Am I too heavy on you?"

Beginning to sob, Li Su said "No, I wanted and needed you so badly! I'm glad that I didn't touch myself all week waiting for you to fuck me. And I didn't let that Son of a Bitch husband even get close to YOUR pussy. You make me feel so good, so wanted that you're the only one that can touch me -- not just my body but my heart too!"

Kirk didn't respond but instead enjoyed the sensation of her beneath him as his cock began to slowly soften. He rose slightly and planted a soft kiss on her neck.

"You're an amazing lady Li Su and an incredible lover!"

Instead of replying, she wriggled her hips causing his cock to twitch in response which set her off into a giggling fit.

"What's so funny?"

"Your big cock, its wriggling in me like a snake -- a big black snake!"

"And that's funny?"

"Yes, because this is the Year of the Snake on the Chinese calendar and I've got my own black snake good luck charm buried inside of me!"

Kirk chuckled and said, "We'd better get something else inside of you -- some food because you're gonna need your strength!"

"Can we have Chinese food? It will give me even more good luck?"

"Of course, I'll take you to my favorite restaurant."

Kirk braced his hands against the bed and slowly pushed himself up withdrawing his cock from Li Su.

"I wish I could keep my new good luck charm inside of me, it makes me feel awesome!"

"We've got a few days so I promise to give you a lot of this thick black luck charm."

They arose and showered, taking turns washing each other's backs before dressing and making the short drive to the restaurant. The female proprietor greeted them as they entered with an energetic New Year's wish "Gung hay fat choy!" which Kirk knew translated roughly "May you become prosperous."

As they were seated, Kirk mused about Li Su's unfinished presentation earlier and wondered if the greeting was a harbinger of things to come. They ordered drinks and tea. Kirk mentioned her slide show and how he wanted to hear more.

"Not now my handsome lover! Now it has to wait until tomorrow. For now let's celebrate being together on the New Year!"

The proprietor returned to take their orders which Li Su requested in Chinese. While they waited, Li Su excused herself to visit the restroom. As she was returning to the table, she was intercepted by the proprietor and they chatted briefly with the owner covering her face to mask an obvious snicker. Seeing that Kirk had noticed the exchange Li Su explained "She wanted to know if we were business acquaintances or lovers. I told her BOTH!"

After a sumptuous meal, they headed to the counter to pay the tab.

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