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Brother and sister pick up where they left off years earlier.

Instead I typed the truth.

"If it's okay with you, I'll be fucking you until you come."

Her response was immediate.

"A welcome surprise."

I rushed out of the office as soon as I could and got home to that box.

I was naked and thigh deep into a harness when I heard the front door open. As I checked myself out in the mirror with this dick between my legs I heard a chuckle from behind. I was embarrassed, but I couldn't stop staring at myself.

"Does it...," he began to question before realizing he wasn't sure what the question should be. "...fit?"

I just stared in the mirror with a giant grin.

The next three days we teased each other but steered clear of sex. Our texts with our new partner became more descriptive of what she wanted and what we wanted. She was an event planner and was in the city to do research for some corporate event in 2 months. She was so polite and friendly and open and thoughtful.

"I hope not to disappoint you on your first time."

I melted.

At the hotel bar we met like old friends. We finished the first bottle of wine quite quickly. She told us her real name wasn't 'Rosa' but she liked to keep it that way because she felt like an escort. She was actually widowed young but didn't want another relationship beyond sex. She tried being a mistress, but that was just another type of relationship. She thought the only way she could have a man without having a relationship is if the other woman was there. Our new dynamic - dildo and all - was even more interesting because it was something she had never considered.

"Can I see it?" Rosa asked like a nervous teenager.

"It's already in the room," I answered knowing that was our cue to head upstairs.

As we walked and giggled together I recalled choosing her profile because of how much it matched mine - height, weight, build. It was clear then that my husband was simply trying to fuck me, but I had a flash of worry that this woman might be too much for me. For a second I wished she was smaller so I could properly fuck her. But as the elevator doors opened she leaned into my ear and said, "Please be gentle until I say not to be gentle."

My panties were drenched.

We had already set the mood in the room. We let Rosa freshen herself up in the bathroom while I perched on his lap on the couch. I could feel his dick begin to shift but I didn't acknowledge it. I just kept shifting my weight around like I was nervous.

I wasn't.

When Rosa reappeared into the room, she was wrapped in the oversized hotel robe and smelled of heaven. The robe was open so you could see her manicured pussy. I shifted my ass more, as she walked over to us.

Most people enjoy the spontaneity of sex. Not us. Our menu was preplanned and we acted accordingly.

As I took my place beside my husband, Rosa replaced me on his lap with her legs over my legs. My hand rested on her thighs while she recapped what was going to happen so we we're all happy. While she ran down the show I kept distracting myself with my hand on her pussy. As she talked her thighs spread until I could feel how wet she was. Had she changed the plan, I would have missed it.

We finally moved to the bed and began kissing Rosa's body from head to toe. She lay naked while we stripped to our underwear and caressed every inch of her magnificent skin. While I kneeled over her head and rubbed her petite breasts I saw my husband slide between her open legs. He looked up at me for approval and I nodded accordingly. Personally, I don't get turned on by his tongue. I definitely don't appreciate his magical skills because it's not my thing. Rosa, however, was trembling with excitement with every lick of her pussy. I thought I should be a little jealous at that moment, but I was far from it. He was enjoying ravaging her pussy and I was enjoying every lick.

I then had to do my part.

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