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There ought to be a high price to pay for cheating.

I could feel my cock rise as I began to caress young firm breasts. Drinking more fervently now, I could almost feel the lust in her. Running my hand down her front, I reached her soft folds to find a river of nectar. As odd as it seemed at the time, this young woman had orgasmed watching her husband being suckled so expertly. It was the first time that the erotic influence that vampires had on mortals became clear. Though she had just watched her partner killed, she found the experience....... what, erotic?

Confirming this, my fingers now traced the woman's body to her small but firm breasts. Her nipples protruded proudly. Firm and begging to be caressed. I ran my fingers over and over her erect buds. The woman moaned and shivered. Through her blood I could sense her excitement. Her moaning grew louder. As it did, my cock grew hard and I found myself reaching between us to release it. Lifting her into the air the woman actually reached back and grabbed my hips, pushing slightly to lift her hips up and away. I looked to Nicoletta, who now watched from across the room. Dragging the body of the man from the bed, she motioned to me to bring the young woman into the moonlight. That she might glimpse my capture of this mortal woman's need. I strode to the bed and, finally releasing my mouth from her neck, placed her on the bed face down. The blood ran freely from the wound at her throat and, while I had taken care not to puncture a main artery, her death was assured. With the speed acquired at my birth as a creature of the night, my hard cock found this young woman's wet pussy. She was ready and in need. My stiff tool split her perfectly. Stretching her hole as I drove in a single thrust. Driving my cock deep into her, I lifted her with all of my strength into the air and fucked her from behind while my vampire lover watched. The young woman's life would end with an orgasm that she'd not prepared for that night. Deeper and deeper I drove my cock into her.

Nicoletta approached and began licking and suckling her nipples. At one point the woman reached to cradle her succubus' head and grasping Nicoletta's face in both her hands, took my lover's lips to hers. Deep in a kiss whilst I continued to hammer my cock into her from behind. Her juices coated my entire shaft. A froth formed there, so intense were my strokes. I could feel her crescendo. Her skin bristled. Sweat flew from her hair. The woman's moans and whimpers grew louder. She was being fucked to death, yet she craved it. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, her climax exploded. Nicoletta took hold by her waist and, lifting slightly, leaned in as the woman climaxed and sunk her fangs into the woman's right breast. As her orgasm rolled over in wave after wave, my cock finally unleashed a stream of cum deep into her. So much so that it gushed from her pussy and ran down over my balls and thighs. She died as my cock filled her with preternatural spunk that she could not hold. My lover quickly threw the woman's corpse to the floor and launched herself at me. So filled with bloodlust were we that we took each other again and again. Nicoletta drank every drop of my cum. Feverishly. Begging for more. Filled with blood, I drove my hard cock into my lover's throat. Fucking her mouth, I came again and again. Her muted cries sated with each load of cum. Eventually, my Nicoletta would succumb to every position. Every hole I filled two, three times. I filed her ass with my cock. Stretched and filled, she wanted more. I drove my rod deep in her. Over and over. Still more. The night wore on, yet our passion would not wane.

So intense had our bloodlust been that it was nearly dawn before it was done.

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