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Halloween blues.

I got so excited watching you I had to get myself off, so you see, we're even. I said. "So what's your name?"

"Amanda." she said. Amanda was a dirty blond, her hair cut in a shag, with brown eyes and a sexy mouth. She was tall and slim, almost titless. If it wasn't for the bra I was certain she might be flat chested but that turned me on because I hated big tits. I liked skinny girls with a small, tight ass and pretty feet that I could kiss. Looking at her more closely I saw that she was a beautiful girl, perhaps eighteen to my twenty six.

"You saw me do it." she said. "I didn't see you. That doesn't seem fair."

I unzipped my pants and took out my substantial cock, letting her look at it as I pulled my long foreskin back to expose my large, pink glans still shiny with semen. "Does that satisfy you?" I asked.

"That is some pecker." she said. "None of the boys around here have anything like that."

I put myself back together as she watched. "You must live close by if you walked." I said. "I'm staying at the trailer park. Please come back with me. I would like to talk to you, get to know you, Amanda. That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Are you free or do you belong to someone?

She laughed. "No, there are volunteers but no." she said.

Just like that we were in the Airstream. She had a beer while I had two fingers of Old Forester. We both smoked. My kind of girl. Her father was long gone, her mother on welfare. She had an older brother who worked in Brazil on an oilfield. I could see that her clothes were worn. Obviously there was no money in the family. I told her something about myself, just enough to say I did.

As we sat there she was barefoot, dirty feet but just amazingly beautiful, perfectly formed with stunning toes. She needed a pedicure in the worst way but one has to look past all that. A clean girl, fresh from her bath holds no interest for me. Their sex has no smell and no taste. That is the primary reason for eating pussy. Here I had a girl that had masturbated in the woods. She would probably never smell or taste better but I let it slide for the moment.

"Do you think you would enjoy spending time with me?" I asked. "We could get to know each other, do some things together. We have to start somewhere. I don't even know you yet."

"Sure that sounds good." she said. "Would we have sex?"

"I hope so." I said. "But it doesn't just have to be time in the sack. We can do stuff, go to the seashore, eat in good restaurants, movies, shopping, I don't know, whatever works."

"I'm already getting wet. Fuck me now." she said. We were both naked in seconds. She was even more beautiful than I thought, and her sex was rank. The only stumbling block was birth control. I brought her to orgasm first with my tongue. She loved it when I licked her not too clean anus. Once she had cum she took my glans into her mouth and began massaging it with her tongue. I quickly ejaculated.

This was such a sexy situation cumming was no problem. I went back to her sex to lick away the gray corona of vaginal debris she had pushed out reveling in it's sour taste and heavenly aroma.

She wanted me to fuck her so I resorted to a condom. Once I pushed into her she was stunned at my size and took a minute to get used to it. Then there was no problem. I fucked her hard and deep like she had never experienced it before. I licked her gaping vagina clean then kissed her for the first time.

The smell of sex was everywhere. I kissed her tiny breasts and sucked her nipples. Her underarms were not shaved and I could smell her sweat as I buried my nose into the hair. A $500 whore can't give you that experience. You have to go to Georgia for that, I guess.

Amanda slept with me that night.

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