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Erotica writer finds her dream girl.

He wasn't there. It could very well be him behind her. Most likely it was.

So Eliza sat back and continued her scene.

The high elf character noticed her dark elf and asked if he could join her in the same tub. She grinned evilly at him and beckoned him over, not saying a word.

And as he climbed in, Eliza had her character float slowly over to greet him.

Before the other player had even sat down, Eliza's character was eagerly straddling his thighs.

The person behind Eliza gasped lightly, and the girl smiled. She had always been a good writer. Cybering and role-playing were natural for her, very easy. She loved being able to twist words to her whimsy.

She continued to type.

Now the high elf was slightly afraid by the bold dark elf female in his lap, but still, his member was erect and stiff. Eliza moved her character forward more, grinding over the high elf's cock with her privacy, rubbing him with her sex while she made her character grin 'deliciously' at her new victim.

Hands touched Eliza's shoulders just then, barely the touch of fingertips. For a moment, she wanted to turn around and ask him to stop. But the high elf was about to try and scramble out of the tub. The player behind the high elf likely expected a quick response. Men in cyber worlds loved to have their egos stroked, and who was Eliza to disappoint?

She continued typing, ignoring the now more firm feel of fingertips against her shoulders and neck. The man behind her was pulling her hair aside gently, so that he could touch over her neck.

Pretty bold, Eliza thought. She'd told the manager many times she would never have sex with him, that cyber was as far as he would ever get with her, and even that had passed.

But if he was that excited by what she was typing, that he would openly touch her like this, well! That was a compliment.

She continued to type.

The dark elf character now squeezed the high elf's thighs with her own, her hands on either side of his head and effectively pinning him to the side of the tub. Eliza's character was several levels higher than her new playmate's character, and so he had to concede and give in to her greater strength.

Slowly, Eliza began to rock her dark elf's sex over the high elf's cock, blatantly, until the full penis slipped inside.

She gasped, imagining the feel of it as if it were real.

And the man behind her gasped.

She could hear a chair now; the person behind her was dragging a chair over so that he could sit directly behind Eliza, watching the screen over her shoulder. As he sat down, his lips graced over her neck. Eliza scooted further into the cubicle. But the man followed with his chair. Now she was the one pinned.

She continued to type.

The high elf tried to help Eliza's character rock hard over his groin, but she was having none of that. Eliza liked to rule her scenarios, and she quickly reached for the coiled length of her whip on a nearby bench. She coiled it tightly around the high elf's wrist, holding his hands fast together and behind his head, tightly.

And then she began to move.

Eliza typed about how deep his cock was inside her, and how tight she felt to him. The player behind the high elf character sent her a personal message, saying how hot of a role-player she was and how glad he was he had come into the baths with her.

Eliza ignored it. She wasn't here to talk about role-play or cyber. She was here to do it!

The man behind her kissed Eliza's neck again, but she was so hot, it didn't really matter. She continued to type furiously, causing the high elf to cum twice before she was releasing him without her character being satisfied.

Hands slipped up Eliza's sides, swiftly coming to cup her breasts. She almost squealed out loud, but she had been having such a good time in the bathing room, it would be a shame to draw undo attention to her activities.

As the hands squeezed her generous breasts, Eliza got her character dressed and then walked back into the inn's common room.

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