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Part 3 of The Dirty Old Man saga.

He had the feeling that his Monday blues were about to become a thing of the past!

Although usually quite withdrawn, Dawn was so horny and thirsty for human contact that her shyness disappeared at once. Dawn continued lightly running her hands up and down John's shins and calves. She could feel the muscles in them as she rubbed and that excited her. "Nice strong legs to grip me with," Dawn thought, feeling as another gush of liquid exited her hot pussy and drenched the thong. She eased her hands slowly up John's legs until she was caressing his thighs. She could feel his muscles tense and release as her hands teased him mercilessly and she laughed softly at the spasms. When she looked straight ahead she could see the bulge forming in John's pants, her mouth beginning to water at the sight, knowing what was underneath the material.

Dawn continued rubbing and squeezing John's legs from the ankles all the way up to his hips while avoiding the one area both of them wanted her fingers to touch the most. John could not concentrate on his work; all he could think about was the amazing and beautiful woman sitting between his legs. In all his life John had never had a woman surprise him. Until now, that is. John's dick literally ached from both the feeling of her hands on his legs and from being so tightly confined in his pants. "At least I didn't wear underwear today, that would have meant even more constriction for the poor fellow," John thought to himself.

He could feel her warm hands running up and down his legs, the nails tracing patterns through the material of his pants, teasing him by edging closer and closer to his hard cock but not touching it. Biting his lip John barely managed to stifle a groan of frustration at her refusal to alleviate the constriction his penis was under. Dawn's nipples were harder than they had ever been before, as she was teasing John and getting his blood flowing she was feeling the same need for release that he was. She reached into her purse sitting in the floor and withdrew her favorite companion, a 8" dark purple vibrator which she had earlier this morning loaded with fresh batteries. While stroking one of John's thighs she used the other hand to move aside her thong and insert her friend into her hot, wet pussy. She turned it on glad that she had paid extra for the silent model. The feeling of being filled was a relief in itself, but it wasn't enough--she needed the kind of pleasure that comes from being with and touching another human being. The vibrator was good, but there's no feeling quite as good as having a man's hard cock in your hands, mouth or pussy to make a woman feel like a woman. Knowing that she is bringing John pleasure increases Dawn's pleasure ten-fold and since she was conveniently sitting right in front of a hard cock the answer was obvious.

John breathed a sigh of relief as he felt Dawn's hands pulling down the zipper of his pants and freeing his engorged cock from its confines. "Finally," John thought, "the torture is over!" Dawn began rubbing her fingers lightly over the beautiful cock, relishing the sight and feel of a man's source of pleasure. She stroked him up on the top and down the bottom with one hand while the other hand reached into his pants and pulled his heavy balls into the open. Continuing stroking his shaft with one hand Dawn lightly pulled, squeezed and fondled his balls in the other. "This man is definitely well-endowed," was the thought running through her head. She was doubtful whether she could fit the entire cock into her mouth, but being the woman she was, Dawn was more than willing to try! A drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip so she rubbed it onto one finger then inserted that finger into her mouth. "Delicious," Dawn whispered so that John could hear her, smiling when she heard his muffled groan.

John felt her warm breath as she blew on his cock and it caused him to flinch with pleasure, biting on

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