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She pleases you completely.


Even as you scurried down the hallway, you registered that he seemed like a genuinely good kind of guy, and you turned back to see him unabashedly admiring your hot ass as you had no choice but to exit down the long hall. You blushed a little deeper even as the little slut inside you reasoned: this might not be the last time he is going to catch you like this, so thank god he's nice.

Blushing beet red as you slipped into a coffee shop washroom to compose yourself and clean up. Every cool breeze drafting up under your skirt, sending a tingle through your abused little pussy. The entire trip home, the taste of my cum in your mouth, your used cunt gently throbbing.

The ding of your stop pulled you back to reality, you had seven minutes to be in my office, on your knees sucking my cock...

The doors opened and you ran. Panting as you exited the tube station and headed down the block. Fumbling for the key in your purse as you exited the elevator and hurried down the hall past the few bleary eyed employees that came in early. You tested my doorknob to see if I had locked you out: I had. You enjoyed your little thrill of victory as you plunged your key in the lock and let yourself in, locking the door behind you before scurrying over to my desk as I watched with a possessive grin on my face.

As you rounded my desk dropping your bag as you went, you saw I was generous enough to be ready for you, lazily stroking my thick erection. You dropped to your knees and felt the familiar stab of pleasure in your empty pussy, the same one that you'd been feeling all weekend, when ever your mind wandered to your interview.

The look of hunger in your eyes as you desperately rushed to wrap your lips around me hardening my cock. The gentle electronic bleat of an alarm went off on my phone, eight o'clock. Why was your pussy throbbing so hard already?

I pulled my hand away as you started daintily bobbing up and down on the crown of my proud member, "Perfect, young lady." I said, locking eyes as you slowly and sensually stroked your lips up and down my heavy shaft, "I believe the best way to establish a good working relationship between us is to make sure we are completely clear on our rolls." I paused reflectively as your luxuriously soft lips glided gently back and forth over my crown ridge. Feeling me thicken and harden under your slow dainty strokes.

"You are my property." snapping my fingers as your eyelids drooped while you enjoyed the stretch of your lips, pointing your eyes back at my own. Feeling my hips begin to quiver as my cock throbbed, your tongue dancing beneath me.

"Your mouth is mine," I emphasized each word with a hip twitch to kiss the back of your throat ever so deftly. Your hand coming up reflexively, grasping the base of my proud member, your lips not reaching your fingers, stretched around my girth.

"Your pussy is mine," your empty cunt ached to be filled completely full again, as I stared into your eyes and fucked your mouth.

"And so is your tight little ass." Your stretched lips tingled and your sphincter puckered while every word I spoke sent shivers of pleasure to your ignored little cunt.

"And to be clear on who has the power here: Angel, stand up and strip," your heart skipped as you pulled your lips from my cock and stepped back, trying quickly to think of how to do a striptease as you slowly peeled off every stitch of clothing while I watched, smile quirking one side of my face.

Once you were naked, your deep blush going all the way down to the top of your pert breasts, I silently pointed back at my thick cock, and you knelt back down, filling your mouth once more.

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