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The excitement continues as these two continue the vacation.


"But it was so embarrassing in front of her." Meeta fought back tears as the memories came back.

"That was part of the punishment. Sorry, if you did not like that. I will avoid punishing you in front of others."

Meeta nodded and shifted in his lap. She had worn a t-shirt and shorts when she came back from the bathroom.

"Is your bum hurting?"


"You sure? I can put lotion or oil if you want."

"No. I am fine."

"Don't be shy. You might like it considering the day you had."

Meeta did not answer but Dinesh decided to make the decision for her.

"Let's do this. You go to the bedroom and get fully naked on the bed. I will order some food and give you a good body rub."

He lifted her off his lap and set her on the way. She trotted obediently. Dinesh ordered food and picked some body oils from the bathroom. He was treated to a fully naked Meeta likely on the bed with her ass upturned. There were no marks on them from the spanking and in fact she did not feel anything from the spanking at all.

Dinesh sat next to her and placed his hand on her bareback. She twitched at the touch. He then poured the body oil on his hands and started massaging her shoulders and back. Dinesh worked his hands and varied his pressure on her back and Meeta started enjoying it. He slowly moved his hands lower and reached his ass. Meeta stiffened momentarily as his hands massaged her ass. Dinesh did not apply much pressure on her behind and was very gentle. He slowly kneaded her cheeks and squeezed them. Dinesh worked her whole body and also did her legs and thighs. This lasted for about half an hour and Meeta drifted into a sleepy state. She had forgotten the humiliation of the day and given in to his expert hands.

"I think that is it." Dinesh decided to end it.

"Unless you want more?"

Meeta opened her eyes and turned her head.


"Don't be afraid to ask for more."

Then out of the blue, Dinesh slipped his hands down her ass cheeks into her pubic area.

"Want some action here?"

Meeta was sill shy when it came to her pussy and sexuality. She nervously smiled.

Dinesh ran his fingers over her pussy lips and flicked them casually.

"Open your mouth and say something. Your mouth can do more than suck my cock. I'm not stopping till you tell me to stop."

"OK. Stop." Meeta stammered.

Dinesh immediately stopped.

"You need to shave there in the next few days. I can feel a stubble."

The doorbell interrupted their conversation.

"Go, open the door." Dinesh patted her legs.

"I'm not wearing anything." Meeta blurted. A fear ran through her mind on whether Dinesh would make her open the door like that.

Dinesh laughed and got up to get the door.

"I know. I was just joking. I will call you once I have set the dinner. Don't get dressed. Your shining body looks great."

Meeta lay on the bed, her body glistening in the oil. She did feel a lot more relaxed. After a few minutes, she heard Dinesh call her. She got up and went to the dining table.

"Take a seat." Dinesh was setting the table with the food.

Meeta lowered herself on the chair. She had been naked in the house before but it felt weirder every time and the oil made things a bit slippery. They ate and chatted like any other normal day.

'How was the massage?"

"Good. I liked it." Meeta smiled shyly.

"You still don't like being naked. Don't you?"

"Yes. It feels strange."

"It's not normal because we are not used to it."

"Then why do you make me?"

"Couple of reasons. 1. This gets you comfortable being naked around me."

"And 2...It is a good punishment for a naughty girl."

Meeta stayed quiet.

"Are you working out? We have a test for you in 3 weeks."


"When did you last workout?"

"2 days ago."

"Good. Keep that up."

They ate and went to bed. Meeta was tired from the day's activities. She was afraid that Dinesh would demand more sex. As they lay in bed Dinesh wrapped his one hand around her.

"Sleep well my hottie."

As he spoke, his other hand moved to her pussy and rubbed it.

"Don't forget to shave this tomorrow."

Next morning Meeta woke up ear

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