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Kajira learns more, and gets her second lesson in the study.

Carrie's hands had slipped under my shirt, reached around, and were taking in my chest. Exploring every inch, every curve, and even gave both nipples a workout. She had moved her mouth up and around, and was exploring my right ear and neck with lips and tongue. Casey was giving my bubble butt a work out, slipping his hands in the back of my shorts. His tongue was relentless as he tried to check out each tooth. Each of my hands had an ass cheek of each twin in hand, one in front, the other in the back.

Then they switched without missing a beat. Carrie pulling my head around to hers as she forced her tongue down my throat. Casey was attacking my Adam's apple, moving his probing hands around to my crotch. Carrie grabbed my shirt, pulling it over my head, breaking contact just the briefest of moments. As she went back to her assault on my mouth, I could tell she was doing something else too, because she was moving a lot behind me. A few seconds later I realized what she had been up to, as I felt a naked pair of bare breasts against my bare back.

Casey was now running his tongue all over my chest, taking each of my nipples between his teeth. It was just painful enough to feel good! His hands were doing an excellent job on my cock and balls, I was getting so hard that the fabric of my boxers and shorts were straining. I now had my right hand over my head, behind Carrie's head messaging her hair, while my left hand was dong the same to the back of Casey's, as he was slowly making his way down to inspect my package.

Casey started running his mouth along the fabric of my shorts. He slipped his hand in the rim of my shorts and pulled them down to release my raging hardon, which quickly disappeared in his waiting mouth. He pulled the lip of my shorts under my nuts, pushing them out, straining them against my cock. It was almost painful, but that made what he was doing to my cock even more powerful.

Carrie's fingernails were bit forceful on my abs, as my fingers were now working in her pussy, rubbing my thumb on her magic button. Casey pulled my shorts the rest of the way off. Releasing my cock, he stood up in nothing but his tented boxers. Soon we were all naked as the twins moved around switching sides. Casey was now behind me, took my head back with him, exploring my tongue with his and his cock sliding between my legs and ass cheeks. Carrie was in front, with my right nipple in her mouth and giving my nuts a gentle message. I was giving both of her breasts a work out.

Carrie came up for air, "I think we should move this to a bedroom."

"How about mine, it's closer." Casey added, releasing my mouth.

That sounds like a great idea. I thought, finally taking a deep breath. They both laughed.

They must have taken to my suggestion of "experimenting" quickly as Carrie leaned in and kissed her brother. There was no tongue, but it was a bit more then the typical siblings kiss. It was just a second and Carrie ran off into the house naked. We followed giggling as Casey slapped my ass.

His room was clean with a large queen size bed against the far wall, with a window on either side. It was the typical teenage guy's room. The walls had posters of sports players, and half naked women in skimpy bathing suits. Carrie was already on the bed when we came running in. She hadn't bothered to remove the comforter and was rubbing its surface fabric invitingly. We made our way to the bed slowly.

"Wow Sis, you really have a nice body!" Carrie turned a bit red.

"Yea? And your not the boney-ass skinny kid anymore either, and your doodle has gotten much bigger then I remember!" she was just trying to embarrass him... it was working. It must have been the first time they had really seen each other naked since they were kids.

"I think your both hot as hell, so lets get this party started!" I said as I stalked on to the bed, and headed between her legs.

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