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He really didn't learn a damned thing

After a while, he settled into a stable pace, one which I knew he could maintain for half an hour, leaving us both in a sweaty heap before he finally climaxed. Though physically challenging, I loved the stamina Adam possessed, and revelled in testing the limits of my own oral cavity.

Adam looked down at me and made eye contact, and I shivered with arousal at the thought of him watching his meat pounding my lips and throat. I forced my eyes to stay open despite my repeated gagging, and felt the tears streaming down my cheeks as a result. Adam smiled down at me, and picked up the pace, forcing me to shut my eyes tightly as I struggled to retain my composure in the face of his oral onslaught. To distract myself, I let me hand drift between my kneeling legs, and up under my dress. I pressed the palm of my hand hard against my clit and ground myself against it slightly, moaning as he fucked me. I felt and heard saliva splattering on the floor in front of me, and coating my tits and front of my dress in thick soupy spit. I moaned again and pressed against myself harder.

I lost myself in the bliss and hypoxia of Adam's brutal face fucking, my mind drifting as I rubbed my clit and gagged away on his meat. I imagined the shock, dismay, and secret arousal of friends and co-workers if they could see me there on my knees, drooling like a true slut over a huge penis as I submitted to the oral pounding of a lifetime. I imagined the gloating grin I would give to my uptight sister as I pulled away from Adam, leaving a sloppy trail of saliva behind connecting my smile to his cock. I panted and moaned uncontrollably as I felt myself begin to climax.

My vibrations and gyrations must have pushed Adam over the edge as well, as I felt my mouth suddenly devoid of his thick shaft. I opened my eyes, still in the throes of orgasm, and watched as he stroked himself, pointing at my face before suddenly exploding a laser-beam shot of cum into my face. I felt his stream ricochet off of my nose and across my cheek under my right eye, and moaned loudly, opening my mouth wide and repositioning in an attempt to catch his next blast. His second and third slapped home in quick succession, hitting my forehead and falling downwards to leave a pair of matching vertical lines on either side of my nose. I moved closer and tilted my head back, opening my jaw as wide as I could, and groaned with pleasure as I was rewarded by two more heavy jets into the back of my throat, coating my tongue along the way.

I kept my lips open wide as Adam pushed the head of his cock into my mouth, his fist banging into my nose as he stroked the remaining beads of cum into my gaping maw. I lashed his head with the tip of my tongue, rolling his cum around in my mouth and savouring the taste. I kissed and sucked the head for the last few drops before he pulled out, slapping his three-quarter hard member onto my face lightly and smearing his cum into my skin. I whimpered as I swallowed down his copious sperm, licking my lips and sucking my teeth dry for every last drop. Adam patted my head as he absentmindedly rubbed his dick against my mouth.

"Great job cocksucker." he said. "Ready for round two?"

I grinned and nodded lustily up at him, dimly aware of his cum still slathering my face. This was my favourite attribute of Adam's, beyond even the size of his offerings or his stamina. I adored his ability to remain hard after cumming, and his constant desire to work towards a second hard-earned load immediately following the first. I stood on wobbly legs and beckoned him to follow me to the bedroom.

"Lets go lay down and get comfortable." I said, taking him by the hand and leading him while he held his pants about his waist.

When we got to my room I turned, and harried, spit, and cum-covered as I was, proceeded to sensually slip out of my dress, and shimmy out of my booty shorts.

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