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A boyfriend gets a glorious surprise for his birthday.

She lets out a soft sigh as I slowly move my dick back and forth to ensure complete coverage and then lower it just enough to make direct contact with her nipple.

Her sigh gets a little louder as I target her right tit and again work carefully to cover everything. I lower myself a little, one again, and she lets out a soft moan as my piss makes contact with her nipple. I give her everything I have to make the flow as strong as possible and she shudders at the result.

She lets out another moan, then says, "I can't believe how good your piss feels, Max."

I am ready to start working my way to her left tit again when she straightens up quickly and the yellow stream moves from her neck, to chin, to lips and smiles. She opens her mouth a little and lets my piss enter her mouth. It is the hottest thing I have seen and think my dick got even harder. She opens her mouth wider to take more inside and I wish my bladder wasn't far too close to being empty. My piss overflows from her open mouth and down her chin just as I start to drip. She closes her mouth and swallows everything, then takes the head of my dick into her mouth and starts to suck out everything she can get.

She releases the head of my dick and says, "Damn. I was really hoping I wouldn't like it. Your piss tastes wonderful. Damn you for starting this."

I move my eyes down and see some piss dripping from her nipples and say, "I'm glad you like, Brandy. And I don't care if you damn me or not. I would rather be in this shit with you than to suffer alone."

She smiles and says, "Well, Max, misery loves company. Neither of us can stop, so we might as well enjoy ourselves. Now I have a full bladder for you. Where do you want it?"

Without any hesitation, I say, "My mouth."

There is nothing on her face to indicate shock, nor did I expect there to be. The simple fact is, I want to have more on my tongue than just the last few drops and whatever I can find hidden within her pussy lips. I want her to relieve herself in my mouth more than I have ever wanted anything else.

She says, "Lay down on your back so I can give it to you. When I'm done, probe away with your tongue to get all of my piss into your mouth. Just don't go any further this time."

I have no problem with agreeing, since she can change her mind at any moment. However, I have no intention on stopping there. The feeling of her clit on my tongue is far too enjoyable for me to refrain and I want to feel that part of her almost as much as I want her piss in my mouth.

As if she is reading my mind, she says, "Be good, Max, and we can 69 later." This is another pleasant surprise and I am about to respond when she continues, "I don't want anything to interfere with taste of piss in our mouths. It tastes too good to mix it with your cum. And I know you feel the same."

How the hell did she get this good at reading my mind? I know she's right and no I could have enjoyed both of her releases a lot more had they not been quite so close together. I don't know how I could have missed it, but it just dawned on me that my sister said we will 69 if I'm good. That is definitely worth being very good and I will refrain from any further temptation for now.

In all sincerity, I say, "Absolutely, Brandy. I'm happy to hear my sister thinking these things through." I can't believe I let that slip out, as there is every chance that reminding her of our relation could kill everything.

Instead of revulsion, she smiles as she says, "You're damn right, Max. Now lay on your back already so you can have your sister's piss."

Relief washes over me as I lay down and feel the cold dampness that resulted from my pissing on her and I don't care. Sheets can always be washed and I put a plastic liner down when this nightmare started. I never thought I would get any use until a week ago and found the liner easily cleaned. Now I was getting to use it again and no longer think of this as a nightmare. A willing partner, even if she is my sister, easily turned darkness to light.

She spreads her legs over me

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