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A wife's understanding saves her marriage.

I rubbed my breasts with my hands in anticipation of his arrival. A tight black skirt and white fishnet socks completed the outfit, along with some white shoes I'd worn as a waitress.

Some mascara, blush, lipstick, and perfume were added as an extra touch.

I started on my way to pick him up outside of town. He was coming a long ways from Rochester on his bike, but didn't know his way around the Cortland streets. All along the way there, I reminded myself how I wanted to fool around with him, but wasn't sure about making love again. I didn't want to wind up used for someone else, so I decided that I would do just about anything he asked me to. I wanted to be his one and only.

I picked him up at the designated stop and brought him back to my place. We embraced and he laced his tongue around mine in a passionate embrace. He also kept his hand on my knee the entire trip, just beneath my skirt. Tim always made me feel special, and today was no different. He commented on my attire and I got hotter just thinking about what might happen with him. The teddy rode up my crack, which sort of turned me on during the entire trip.

We entered the house and he quickly went up to my room. I was disappointed because I wanted him to keep me company while I finished an Easter cake for my sister the next day, but he had other things in mind.

When I went upstairs, he was naked and waiting for me. A tool kit he brought along was lying next to the bed. We kissed and he moved me to the middle of the room. I could feel the moisture building in my teddy as I felt his body envelope me. He started to take off my shirt after feeling up my breasts and clitoris. I helped him by unzipping my skirt until it fell to the floor.

He kept me standing up and spent a lot of time concentrating on finger fucking me. Then he led me to the bed. Tim moved down to open the tool box, which was filled with foam, baby oil, a plastic sheet, and many bottles of massage oil. He told me that it was one of his last fantasies to pour baby oil on a girl, put a plastic sheet on the bed, and make love to her. That sounded messy to me and seemed to be something that we might do in the future, but not on the fourth date. Since he asked me about it instead of telling me, I declined.

I got on my back and moved my way up to the headboard. He entered me and pressed his weight down on me. I loved feeling trapped like this. With his warm cock throbbing in me and filling me up, he added to the experience by sucking on my nipples and caressing my breasts. I moaned and tried to be everything I thought he wanted me to be.

He got me all hot and bothered and then told me he was still seeing his ex-girlfriend. That only confirmed what my friend had already told me. I knew he fucked her the day after taking my virginity away. Instead of devastating me, the competition was on. I wanted to prove to him that I was a better choice than she was.

Tim asked me what I'd like to do and I told him to try doing it on the stairs. That was always a fantasy of mine, although I wasn't sure about the comfort factor. Instead, he said he'd rather show/teach me the positions of the bedroom first. That stung, but I kept up with my guise.

He stood me up in front of the mirror on top of my dresser. He started to tell me how hot I looked and started to talk dirty to me. I went along with it and put on a little bit of a show. He needed his hand to guide him in after missing the first time, but he quickly started to pump into me. I watched the two of us in the mirror. It was like our personal porno movie. He moved his hands onto my shoulders and then to my hips. I thrust back at him, as he kept my back arched downward. Eventually I moved my long hair over my face so I wouldn't have to see my breasts bouncing up and down.

Tim moved us away from the mirror and I moved back onto him standing fully erect. Between his 5 foot 8 frame and my 5 foot 2 frame, he fit perfectly. I also stood on my toes. His hands moved all over my body, spending a lot of time on my breasts and between my legs.

He fina

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