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A poet searches for a woman who is not entirely human...

"No need for that. We'll do it now."

" But you are very busy. There are lots of people in the waiting room. I'll come back some other day."

"No time like the present. Why don't you just go behind the screen, slip out of all your things, and hop up on the couch. Tell me when you are ready."

" You mean take all my clothes off?" squeaked Julia

" I most certainly do." said Dr Reynolds with a wolfish smile.

'How long will this check-up take? How thorough will it be? Do I really need to take my underwear off?' All these questions raced through Julia's brain.

"But I haven't come dressed for an examination." She pleaded, wishing that she had changed her knickers before leaving home.

"That's OK, I don't want you dressed. I need you undressed."

Julia couldn't think of another excuse, so picked up her handbag, and crossed the room to where a three section hospital screen hid a black leather examination couch. Sitting on the couch she proceeded to pull off her leather boots, then eased the silk smock over her head. It was only when she had removed it that she realised that there was no chair or stool on which to place her clothes.

"'I'll just have to put then over the screen just like in those 'Carry on ' films.' she thought with a giggle, and stood up to unzip her skirt.

Just as she stepped out of it Dr Reynolds appeared around the screen.

"Oh, my mistake. I thought I heard you say you were ready, my dear. Oh, and here is something to protect your modestly although it won't cover much." he added handing her a folded linen sheet.

"Er, no, but I'm almost ready as you can see."

" Never mind , we'll start as soon as you take the rest off." He gave Julia's pale blue lacy bra and panties an appreciative look and smiled. " You shop at Marks and Spencer I see ."

" Yes, actually I do." replied a surprised Julia .

" Don't worry, it's just professional interest. One sees plenty of fascinating lingerie in here."

"I'll bet you do." said Julia as she unhooked her bra , then slid her panties down her long smooth thighs and unfolded the modesty sheet. It was just big enough to reach from the top of her breasts down to her thighs.

"Right, "said the doctor even more appreciatively", let's get you on the scales and then measure you."

The scales proved a harmless experience, and Julia breathed a sigh of relief when she realised that Dr Reynolds didn't intend to use a tape measure for her vital statistics, just a chart on the wall to measure her height.

Next he had her sit on the couch while he took her blood pressure, which was slightly up -- white coat syndrome the doctor thought- then checked her eyes and ears before picking up his stethoscope.

"Now I need to listen to your chest." He said hooking the instrument into his ears, and with his free hand reached across to lower the sheet which Julia was clutching to her breasts.

"Just keep you arms at your sides." Said Dr Reynolds as Julia immediately used them to cover her now exposed breasts. As soon as the cup of his cold stethoscope touched her pale freckled chest Julia's nipples sprang up making her blush.

" Sorry, was that cold?" asked the doctor. "I should have warmed it."

"Now just breathe naturally." The stethoscope moved down between her breasts, then below as the doctor lifted the left one to make room for it.

"Deep breaths this time. Good. And again, once more. Thank you."

Dr Reynolds turned his attention to her back sounding it thoroughly but Julia noticed his eyes never left her breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing. Next he percussed her back and chest, in doing so his fingers gently brushed her erect nipples.

Later Julia realised that it was at the point the ambiance of the examination subtly changed. Up until this point the procedure had been clinical. Never before had Julia felt sexual tension with a doctor, probably because their family GP was far too old to be considered in this context. Dr Reynolds was quite different.

"Lay down, please."

Julia attempted to cover her breasts with the sheet, but the doctor

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