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People bred for immortality are treated like test subjects

"It all must seem so cruel to a simple girl like you. Yet it is the way that God had structured the world. You must not fight the natural order of things Ashlyn. Now, to discuss your place in this world. Obviously you have value and you have been chosen for a very special job. Your only task now will be to please and obey me. Your food, shelter, and clothing is thus dependant on your ability to please me. Do you understand this Ashyln?" Stephan had not moved his gaze from her body the whole time he spoke these words.

"Yes Mi' Lord." Ashyln agreed.

"Now before you are fed, you must do something to bring me pleasure." Stephan moved up the bed and from his pocket pulled a silver key. He swiftly freed her wrist from the manacle and remained pressed close to the shivering naked girl.

"Undo my britches Ashlyn." Stephan ordered as he firmly stroked his hand down the soft curve of her shoulder blades and back. Indeed her skin was soft and firm to his touch as Robert had promised.

Ashlyn immediately set to attempting to undo the buttons that fastened together the soft doe skin britches. Her complete lack of experience in doing this and her shaking fingers soon proved her awkward at this task and she fumbled with the buttons for some time with little result. She became aware of a growing hard bulge in the Lord's lap as her inept fingers pushed and brushed against him. Finally she got the buttons undone and she gasped and moved back as Stephan's ridged cock sprang free from it's confinement. She had never seen one so close before, and the time that she had seen one it had been soft and small, vulnerable looking. This was a proud and jutting massive cock. The soft pink skin was wrinkled over the thick shaft of it, and a large bulb of a head crowned the top. Ashlyn quickly averted her eyes and started to move away. Stephan increased his pressure on her lower back and forced her up against him so she was laying on her stomach, her head against his muscular thigh and her face inches from his terrifying member.

"Calm yourself Ashlyn. You had best get accustomed to seeing my cock as it will be your chief duty to worship and please it." Stephan ordered her in a firm voice that was thick with his lust. "Now I want you to lean forward and lick it. Then take it into your mouth and suckle it like a baby sucks on her mothers breast."

"My Lord! No! I couldn't do such a thing!" Ashlyn's mind swam at the very thought of using her mouth on a man's private part

Without any warning Stephan's hand was firmly entangled in the thick red mass of her hair and with a strong jerk he flipped her onto her back on his bed. His other hand went quickly to her right nipple and his large hard fingers cruelly pinched that soft pink nub as he held her there by her hair. Ashlyn screamed a howl of agony that was so piercing it must have been audible down the long corridors of the castle.

"Girl you will NEVER again tell me no! The slightest resistance from you to my wishes will be harshly punished! If you disobey me again I will hang you by your arms and beat you with a leather strap until you bleed!" Stephan growled these words out with his face centimeters from the girls screaming mouth and wide open eyes. Each word was punctuated by a severe jerk on her nipples and each time he did so she yelped.

"PLEASE, please ... I will be good and obedient. OH MY LORD! Please, oh please stop!!" Ashlyn howled begging desperately.

Stephan let go of Ashlyn abruptly and moved to sit away from her. "Come here and do as I told you Ashlyn."

For a moment Ashlyn laid there on her back her body violently shuddering. She sat up then and crawled forward into Lord Stephan's lap. Her breath came in quick gasps and her face was streaked with tears.

"Take a moment to calm yourself Ashlyn.

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