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The ending.

I wrapped my arms around her in a comforting embrace and let her weep. Well, until the feel of her face pressed against my boobs turned me on to the point where I felt a fantasy start to form within me. I tried to fight it, knowing how wrong it would be given the current situation. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep my perverse thoughts trapped inside my unconscious mind.

"Fuck..." was all I had time to think before the fantasy took hold of me. No longer bound by the laws of reality, I acted upon the incestuous urges that filled me. Unwrapping my arms from around Candy, I reached down with one hand. My fingers brushed against her thighs before I pressed my palm against her crotch. I felt her stiffen, but she soon relaxed when I started massaging her lower lips through the thin fabric of her pants. In fact, she relaxed so much that she soon stopped crying. Luckily, she still kept her face buried in my bosom. Realizing she would have rejected me by then if she did not appreciate my comforting touch, I decided to proceed with my plan. Removing my hand from between her thighs, I heard her whine softly-a whine which soon turned into a moan when I slipped my hand into her pants.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned, her voice muffled by my boobs, as I started moving my hand about, forcing my finger to massage her engorged labia. The wetness in her pants soon convinced me to escalate things. Less than a second later, I was slowly, sensually sliding two of my fingers in and out of her cunt.

"Mmmmm!" she moaned again as I started accelerating the rhythm. Before long, I was fervently finger-fucking her pre-cum-filled pussy. Thank god her face remained buried in my chest or everyone in the church would have heard her moan. I was particularly thankful for our current position when she climaxed, forcing wave after wave of hot orgasmilk flowing out of her poon. I smiled proudly as I imagined the gooey nectar creating an increasingly voluminous wet spot in her pants.

"MMMMM!" she moaned loudly. I cringed as I saw the woman sitting in the row before us-I knew she was my aunt, but I could not recall which one-glanced back at us. Apparently, she assumed Candy was crying, because she gave me an understanding smile and turned back around. By then, Candy had finished cumming and was panting softly. Obviously short on breath, she pulled away and I could not help but feel disappointment fill me. Luckily, that was not to be the end of it; quite the opposite. As soon as Candy's breath returned, she pulled me in for a long, passionate kiss.

"Mmm?!" I moaned out of surprise as I felt her tongue dance around in my mouth. But I soon recovered and started reciprocating her eager tongue strokes. After the most intense make out session of my life, Candy pulled away, leaving me desperate for more. Luckily, I did not have to wait long as she slid off the bench, landing on the floor. Kneeling before me, she ripped my blouse open and, without a moment of hesitation, started expertly licking, sucking and teasing my nipples. A soft moan flowed past my lips and, in fear of anyone hearing it and glancing back at us, I slid forward on the bench and slumped down, hiding both my bare breasts and the young woman suckling on them. I managed to keep my moans contained for a bit, but I soon felt the arousal building within me. Just when I was about release a powerful moan, Candy pulled away.

"..." I started, but remained silent as I saw her unbutton and unzip my pants. Pulling them down, she revealed my panty-free pussy. Not wasting a second, she buried her face in my crotch. Less than a second later, I felt her tongue slither across my labia.

"Mmmmm!" I moaned in a voice I realized was much too powerful for our current situation.

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